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March 23, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in: Week 6

Yes, I am alive after battling the flu for the last few days.
Semi-unfortunately, it wasn't the gross barfy flu that would have aided my pounds lost on Weekly Weigh-in. That being said, I am super thankful it wasn't afterall, and I am happy to be feeling quite a bit better!

So I weighed myself this morning, and I was almost positive it would be more. My clothes are fitting differently and all, but sadly it was not.

I am not sure if the lack of weight loss is partially due to the fact that I've been eating a copius amount of sodium-laden soup and crackers for the last 2-3 days, but I am happy it was a loss of some kind.

{ Total Weight Loss = 1.1 lbs }

So of course, I am chugging my water today trying to get rid of all the sodium sitting in my system before my Weight Watchers meeting tonight. As soon as I can get myself all the way healthy in the next few days, I will be returning to the gym for more lunch time workouts!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! ;)


  1. A) Nothing tastes as good as thin feels = awesome slogan!
    B) I learned never to eat canned soup for lunch and dinner the day before an official weigh-in. I gained 2 lbs (I weigh myself daily, but it's only "official" once a week)

  2. 1 pound less and closer to your goal! Glad to read your feeling better!

  3. Hope i can also achieve that weight loss. What was your best secret on that achievement.

  4. I love the Weight Watchers slogan. Mostly because when I read Jen Lancaster's book "Such a Pretty Fat" (highly recommend, btw) her slogan is "Weight Watchers can kiss the fattest part of my ass." HAHAHA!! Congrats on the loss!!

  5. I wish I could lose one pound. I just keep putting them on. I am so anti soup after eating it for 3 days that I just ordered some pizza. That definitely isn't going to help me lose a pound. Happy Wednesday!

  6. are ahead of the game. I always gain weight when I have the flu.
    Don't get discouraged. Remember, it's the 300 pounders that loose a lot at first. Those not grossly over weight have a harder time of it. kt

  7. Congrats! All these weight loss posts are really motivating me to get off my lazy butt and start doing something. So, thanks!

    And about your smaller weight loss, I'd be thrilled with anything after being sick. Your body was probably retaining a lot of water to try to make itself feel better. So, I think you're good! You'll probably see a much bigger loss next week!

  8. i hope you feel better lady! try to do some pilates or less intensive workouts so you dont wear yourself out too much.. and drink tons of water!! xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams


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