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August 31, 2012

Major Additional Markdowns + Happy Weekend!!

Happy Friday y'all!!
I'm sure you are all excited for a long, relaxing weekend just like I am! Work surprised us and dismissed us at noon today for an extra treat (have I mentioned how much I LOVE my job?)!

First and foremost...

If you haven't checked out my rarely been worn Name Brand Clothing SALE, it's happening through Monday!!

I just went in and marked everything down AGAIN, so you could score an amazing silk Ann Taylor LOFT dress (never been worn!) for CHEAP! Check it out - everything must go!!

As for my extra long weekend... I have some super fun plans!!

{ The List }

+ hit up the gym after we were dismissed (bye bye 1,000 cals!)
+ double date with Adam's parents tonight to test out a potential rehearsal dinner spot
+ yummy wedding cake tasting in the a.m. w/ the mister
+ tux try on date following (he'll look dashing!)
+ redbox and sweatpants for a rainy night date
+ royals game sunday
+ trying the new evening church time
+ crocheting and puppy snuggles
+ girly movie
+ sleeping in everyday
+ perhaps a Starbucks treat too - yum!

What are you up to this weekend, lovelies?
Make it a good one!

August 30, 2012

Date Night + Dear Future Hubs

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face. We're not talking a little side smirk... a full blown ear-to-ear grin. Today is Thursday, and Thursday means date night.

With my whole surgery fiasco and Adam having a few out of town trips, we've been hard pressed to find a date night that includes more than Redbox, pizza, and couch snuggles.

But tonight, we're going on an adventure.

My heartbeat speeds up just thinking about a lovely night on the town, but not just any night. Tonight we're going to explore Parkville, MO... the teeny tiny town right outside of Kansas City where we are getting married in just 6 months, 1 week, and 1 day... not that I'm counting or anything.

{ Date Night Snapshot }

We're planning to make a special trip to drive past our wedding venue. The photos don't do it justice... think southern plantation surrounded by woods, a gorgeous bridge, and the cutest white chapel ever.

Enjoy the gorgeous views from Piropos, a fancy restaurant at the top of the hill overlooking downtown Parkville. We hear the food is to die for!

Main Street View - Parkville, Missouri

I'm looking forward to strolling around downtown, stopping in the cutest coffee shop to grab a nightcap, and see the gorgeous Park University castle on our way back to Kansas City.

Such a quaint and lovely date with this guy... him so much it hurts.


I promise to take some great photos tonight and we're exploring!! We're both excited to get butterflies in our tummies as we drive by our venue. Sometimes in the midst of wedding planning, you have to remember that at the end of the day, you're marrying your best friend... and that's what we're enjoying tonight.

Dear Future Hubs,

You are incredible. Everything you do is out of complete selflessness. The way you unconditionally love me and take care of others inspires me to be better each and every day. I can't wait to take a mini roadtrip tonight hand-in-hand. Walk by the chapel we get to say "I Do" at, and share dessert while we take in the city. You are super fun to do life with, and I'm lucky you're mine. You're rugged good looks and muscles aren't too bad either... ;)


The Future Mrs.

Happy Thursday, friends...

Several beautiful dresses/tops/jeans/shoes left for CHEAP! Most have never been worn or worn 1-2 times! I NEED to find someone to take this never been worn LOFT silk maroon dress! It was $89 full price, is part of the 2012 fall line, and is now more than 60% off!

Surgery Fiasco

Finally getting around to sharing my crazy surgery recovery! What started out to be an easy wisdom teeth surgery, turned into a week and a half long, painful, miserable experience.

Started off almost two weeks ago Friday. Adam picked me up early in the morning (after I popped the Vicodin the dr. gave me) and I was already feeling pretty good. I don't remember much of what happened on the way there... or after for that matter.

All I remember is my surgeon talking to me about donuts (mmmm! My fave!), and telling the nurse they should go get some that morning. I told him I wanted one too, and then I was OUT!

I have zero recollection of waking up in recovery or seeing Adam. He told me that I apparently quizzed the nurse on all the things he was supposed to do to take care of me as she helped me to the car. He thought it was pretty fun how responsible I was being when I didn't even know my own name.

Friday was way better than I expected. Adam brought me over to his parents house to take care of me while he worked on and off. I actually didn't sleep much, we watched movies, snuggled, and he spoon fed me yogurt. God bless that wonderful man! Haha.

Adam woke me up every 4 hours (even coming in to wake me up at 3 a.m.) to take my meds. I woke up in a little pain Saturday, but was doing okay. I made a crockpot skinny lasagna soup (recipe coming later!) and rested all day.

And then Sunday hit me like a freight train.

I woke up in extreme pain, we taped ice packs to my face, and I was miserable. Dry sockets had set in and I was definitely needing the heavy pain meds. Called in sick Monday morning, and on Tuesday I tried to work for the first time. I was still not feeling great, but wanted to give it a shot... lasted until I called the doctor at noon in extreme pain.

Dry sockets in 3 of 4 used-to-be teeth... and an infection due to it. Miserable doesn't begin to describe it.

I was slowly recovering, not able to eat much more than pure liquids all week. And then Friday night hit. As I was doing my assigned salt water rinse, liquid started coming out of my nose (yucky! It hurt!).

Yes, I freaked out.

Everything I drank/ate would come out my nose, which was a bad sign. Called the surgeon on call right away. Apparently the infection caused a perforation in the tissue between my oral cavity and sinus cavity.

This just means there was a small hole in my upper right socket, so when I drank/ate liquid it was going into my sinuses and out my shnoz. Ouchy.

Apparently, this is super rare - this hardly ever happens he said! It can lead to a very dangerous sinus cavity infection and other complications, so they wanted to do a second surgery to repair the hole.

Monday morning I went in for them to check me out, preparing myself for surgery, and he said they were going to let it heel on it's own since it was making progress! HURRAY!

Needless to say, for a week and a half I was on a liquid/super soft food diet. Definitely aided my Operation Wedding Dress plan with 6+ lbs down, but I am so thankful to be able to eat again! Last night I had chicken and hummus, and even tried to eat a rice krispie treat... hahaha, NEED sugar!


Thanks so much to all of you, my friends, and fam for caring for me, bringing me meals, keeping me company, and sending me sweet get well wishes! I'm on my way to being 100% myself again, and loving it!

Also, a HUGE thank you to all of you who have bought some of my barely worn brand name clothing at my blog sale this week! Definitely helps with the hefty medical bills I got slapped with! You are very much appreciated!! :)

Check it out, there are several nice dresses/tops/pants/heels left at super CHEAP prices!! Including a never worn before silk Ann Taylor LOFT dress for over 60% off what I bought it for!!

August 29, 2012

HUGE SALE! Name Brand Clothing Right Here!

Alrighty ladies, I hope you have your bargain shopping pants on!! Due to recent super pricey medical bills (breast cancer scare in March and that darn recent surgery!), I have decided to take all of my name brand nice clothing that no longer fits and have a SALE!

A few of these items I purchased when I was at my highest weight, so many have never been worn, or worn 1-2 times... and I paid a hefty price for them!!

So here's your chance to get nice clothes for CHEAP!

I am going to list a photo, the brand, size, and sale price on here. If you would like to purchase an item, I will mail it right to you once payment is received via Pay pal!

{ How This Works}


1) Please feel free to comment at the bottom of the post to stake your claim.

2) After that, please shoot me an e-mail ( so I can send you a secure Pay pal invoice for the item.

3) Shipping will only be a few dollars depending on the weight of the item! I will send as soon as payment is received!! YAY!


Banana Republic polka dot A-line dress.
Size 14, structured, has pockets. Worn twice, bought at $120.

Mossimo teal leopard print top, size Medium.
 SALE $3

Banana Republic pink ruffle dress. Size Petite Large.

Banana Republic geometric A-line dress, structured, has pockets.
Size 14, worn maybe 1-2 times, bought at $120.
SALE for $24

Boutique white eyelet lace skirt, size Large 10/12.
(sorry for the wrinkles - hasn't been ironed!)

Boutique floral print dress, buttons half way (top). Size Large.

F21 Plaid print v-neck dress, size Large.

Urban Outfitters Romantic black/cream dress (cool back/straps!).
Size Large, bought approx $58. 

New York and Company charcoal chunky knit shrug sweater.
Size Medium. Bought for approx $60.

New York & Company peach soft acrylic ruffle cardigan.
Size Large.
SALE for $7

Boutique black lace/floral print flowy top.
Size Large.
I snagged the side armpit on my ring when I was hanging it up! :(
It's tiny, but I took a photo and lowered the price so you would know!
SALE for $4

Boutique tan sequin sheer flowy tank.
Size Large (fits small - like a Medium).

Ann Taylor Loft maroon silk sheath dress (cute neckline!).
Size 12, never been worn, bought at $89.

Old Navy black lace a-line skirt.
Size 12.

Old Navy red and gray geometric dress.
Size Medium.

F21 Black crinkle v-neck tank w/ cream flower detailing.
Size Large.
SALE for $3

Ann Taylor Loft purple/pink/orange/cream striped a-line dress.
Size 14, worn once, super cute belted,  bought at $98.

Nine West nude/black lace heels.
Worn once (wedding), size 8, bought at $69.
SALE for $10

White House Black Market bootcut Blanc jeans.
Size 14 regular, wash is darker than photo.
SALE for $6

GAP denim capris.
Size 12 regular, worn a few times, much darker wash than photo.

Banana Republic light green romantic ruffle print top.
Size Large, includes light green silk undertank.
SALE for $5


So there you go... easy breezy, and someone is going to have gorgeous never worn/barely worn new duds that you love!!

Stay tuned - I have two other dresses that just got dry cleaned (they were super wrinkly after falling off my hangers), that I plan to post tonight!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance to all who find something you like! Your purchase really does personally help me with ginormous/unexpected medical bills.

ALSO, as an extra...

20% off all of my sponsorship ad spots through Friday for new sponsors!
Hurry hurry! Promo code: MEG

August 27, 2012

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

Holy smokes... I have been MIA!
As many of you Twitter followers know, I have had quite the ordeal this last week. I have had multiple (pretty serious) complications ever since my wisdom teeth surgery two Fridays ago, but I am posting the full blown ordeal later this week... so stay tuned!

Needless to say, super sorry you haven't heard from me, but thank you SO much for your super kind messages and get well soon e-mails. Do i have the best blog friends in the world, or what?

A little late in the day, but let's get this mingling party started!! It would make my poor, in pain little self SO much better if you spread the word. Seriously, that's my dose of supercalifragilisticexpealidotious!


A Huge Thank You...

I truly appreciate each one of you who take a minute minute to go the extra mile each week to spread the word! I cannot thank you for your sweet generosity enough! Let's add to this party!

{ Many thanks! }


** Still can't get the button URL fixed - there may be a new design coming soon!**


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Answer the weekly question...

** Favorite thing you did this weekend? Go! **



Don't Miss Out...

If you've never taken the opportunity to advertise your blog - here's your chance!! Sponsorship advertising is budget-friendly, with a monthly spot starting as low as $10!!

Look into becoming a Life of Meg sponsor today - I would love to work with YOU!! Select spots available!


You guys are great! I will slowly be catching up on my blog reading and definitely will be back to regular posting!
Coming up this week...

+ Surgery saga ordeal
+ A very special retail sale to kick-off the fall season (!!!)
+ Madion trip photos/recap
+ ... and a crockpot recipe that will knock your socks off

Hope you all behave this week! Or not?! ; )


PS - Are you on Twitter? Follow me on the go!! :)

August 22, 2012

Note a la Gratitude

These last few days have been a complete whirlwind. On Friday morning I had surgery to remove my impacted wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, I've been in quite a bit of pain and have had several complications, but my goodness, I have learned so much.

Where do I even begin to share my thankfulness?


{ Grateful for... }

     + the kind words of encouragement my future hubs speaks to me daily
     + calls from my mommy
     + any food that isn't soup, yogurt, or applesauce that I can suck down
     + an understanding boss
     + a snuggly puppy to make me feel better
     + Adam's patience/gentleness when I'm sad or hurting
     + blog friends' get well tweets
     + an extra sweet nurse to take care of me at emergency check-ups
     + vicodin
     + vicodin
     + vicodin. yup... thrice grateful.
     + the daily check-in text from my daddy
     + the super fresh donuts on my counter to surprise my love
     + august 22nd, our meet-iversary (3 years of love!)
     + thoughtful friends who bring you gatorade at 11 p.m.
     + antibiotics
     + future (wonderful) in-laws who let me crash after surgery
     + hugs from co-worker friends
     + DVR
     + losing 7+ lbs (gotta look at the brightside, right?)
     + people who embody the essence of love

You are deeply loved.
I am so thankful to each and every one of you whose selfless actions made me feel better. Although I'm not quite out of the woods yet, I can see the light in the distance! Hurray!!

First thing I plan on doing upon healing?
Find the world's crunchiest foods and have a massive crunch-tacular feast. Chomp chomp!
Oh! And kiss my redheaded wonder for taking such good care of me this last week. :)

May you also look for and find some sunshine amongst the rain today...

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