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August 6, 2012

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

Good morning, lovelies!
I am so glad you decided to pop by for a little Mingle Monday action. So, here's the deal... I need your help.

In order to keep adding fresh new blogs to the MM blog hop, we need to get the word out!! If you could possibly find it in your heart to send a a little tweet/blog post mention/smoke signals (wait... what?), that would quite simply make my entire day!

Can you do that? Let's get the word out!


A Huge Thank You...

I truly appreciate each one of you who take a minute minute to go the extra mile each week to spread the word! I cannot thank you for your sweet generosity enough! Let's add to this party!

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4) Answer the weekly question...

** What is your must have item when packing? **



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Happy Monday, pretties!


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  1. I cannot go on any trip, no matter the season, without my Sanuk yoga mat flip flops. They are a must have.

  2. Good Morning!
    My go to packing item is always my hairbrush. Since I have long curly hair, I loose my mind when I can't get the tangles out....

  3. dry shampoo!

  4. My curling iron and hair spray. Every trip. Plus I am rather attached to my the laptop and ipod are a must as well. :)

  5. My glasses and contacts are probably the most important, because I can run to the store to replace almost anything else I might forget. If I forget my contacts, I'm pretty much blind!

  6. Dental floss! I can NOT have anything stuck in my teeth - drives me crazy! :P

  7. Happy Monday to you sweet friend! The things I MUST HAVE when packing are contacts/solution, dry shampoo, a curling iron, and my iPhone/iPad. Priorities :)

  8. Good Morning! My must haves while traveling would be: my chapstick! curling iron and all the hair product I need for where I'm going and my chargers for my phone and Kindle. At the end of packing, I still feel like I'm forgetting something. :o) Have a great day and thank you for this Mingle Monday!

  9. Definitely extra contacts/solution! And plenty of hairbands. Not having a hairband isn't any fun when you need one.

  10. lots of dresses! they don't take up much space and can be dressy or casual!

  11. My must have item when packing are [believe or not] Spacebags!!!

    I use them when I am packing to go somewhere just to make sure things fit and also if you fold your clothes well when putting them in, the "vacuum effects" keeps them neatly folded. Or I bring the bags empty in case I decide to go on a shopping spree and I want to make sure everything fits on the way back ;)

    I usually buy them at Bed, Bath and Beyond, but I am sure other places sell them too, otherwise this is the website

    Have a great week! :)

  12. I MUST have bobby pins, my straightener and I'm attached at the hip with my iPhone!!

    Happy Monday Meg!! Have a wonderful week!!

    xoxo Amber

  13. I pretty much pack my fleece blanket for every trip--I even roll it really tight and stuff it into my backpack for an airplane trip. You never know if the blankets at the new place will be as perfect as your own... :P

  14. Happy Monday!!!!!! My must pack are my Toms shoes. Especially on plane rides. They are my favorite travel shoes because they are comfortable for walking and flying on a plane, but super stylish too!

  15. Happy Monday :D

    I could not go away for even 24 hours without my hair straighteners. I wish I had something less vain to say, but seriously, my natural hair is frightening. Think Monica from Friends when they go to Barbados...

    Off to read lots of lovely blogs now :)

    Summer x

  16. Must. Have. Make up. ahhh

    I cannot go anywhere without it. :)

  17. My must have item is my tigi curls rock gel. It's a lifesaver for gals with wavy and curly hair and varying humidity levels!

  18. I love this mingle monday because I am going to Hawaii on Wednesday and this is exactly what I needed! I also agree with people on hair products good for all weather- ie. dry shampoo.

    Always need a good book or a movie downloaded on my iPad. Cords for electronics and headphones for sure! I am an absolute music junkie :)

    Anyways, Happy Monday darlin!

  19. Credit cards! That's all I need. And if I can have a couple of items, then the photo gear too.

    In all seriousness, I travel very light.

  20. Must have item when packing is easy now that I am packing to go to Michigan in a few days. the biggest thing I am packing is wallet and of course Nook.

  21. Wallet and phone. Everything else can be replaced


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