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August 8, 2012

Just Call Us VIP

Happy hump day! The weekend is in sight... and I'm SO ready!
Well, many of you have been reprimanding me for not remembering to take photos... and rightfully so! I've been forgetting to break out my camera. But don't you worry, hopefully today's weekend recap photos will more than make-up for it!

So, a few months back, I saw a Groupon for a VIP tour of Arrowhead Stadium (where the Kansas City Chiefs play). Instantly I knew I had to buy it in order to score extra points with the future hubs... the world's biggest Chiefs fan. ;)

This tour went above and beyond the standard one they offer to the public, so we got to see/learn some really neat things! After booking it several months ago, this past weekend was our super fun tour and we had an absolute blast!

We went out on the field, saw executive suites, the locker rooms, threw a football on the field, and had a good ol' time together. Life is always more fun when you share in each other's interests, and adventure side by side.

.:: Our VIP Tour ::.

1) Adam was having a good old time tossing the football around on the field. Woo, what a stud! 2) It was so nice to spend a beautiful morning outside at the stadium and adventure together. 3) The tunnel that the teams run out onto the field... pretty cool!

4) We got our photo on the field... after I scored a touchdown, of ocurse. 2) The old school locker rooms that have been around for decades. 3) Look at that happy man. Go Chiefs!


I hope you got your photo fill for a bit!

I'm headed to the Buzz Under the Stars concert tonight here in KC, so I will keep you all informed via Twitter on how awesome it is! I can't wait to see FUN perform live. I bet you $10 you recognize this song, but I am really hoping they play this doozy...

Full concert recap will be here tomorrow! Also tomorrow, Adam and I are heading on a roadtrip to Madison this weekend, so I'll have to share all of the fun mischief we plan on getting into... yikes!

Happy Wednesday, Chickadees!


  1. Fun is great live! I saw them in Omaha last April and it was fantastic! You will love it!

  2. I love the band Fun. and really love their new song! Hope it's a great show!

  3. Love it! Awesome pictures too!

  4. That is so awesome!! I know that was a blast.

  5. My brother is Pennsylvania's biggest KC Chiefs fan. I have no idea where he came from.
    But he woulda loved this!

  6. That is an AWESOME Groupon. I would love to see one of those for Citizens Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field here in Philly!

    Some Nights is one of my favorite songs right now.

  7. What a great tour! I hope the concert was fabulous...they seem like they would be great live!


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