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March 2, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in: Week 3

Ihave been dreading this post all day!
From the beginning of this journey I knew I would have good weeks and bad weeks and I wanted to be completely honest with my weekly weigh-in... no matter what. This past week was not one of my better weeks. BUT the thing I have to remember is just to learn and keep moving forward! I know I can do this!

Well last weekend my girlfriends were in town for my bestie's birthday. Naturally we went out to eat for almost every meal, had drinks and desserts, and I didn't make time to workout. So today the scale reflects that. The good news is I didn't go completely overboard. With exercise thrown in the mix with all of my extra treats I could have done it, but I'm learning! :)

{ Total Weight Loss = 0 lbs }

I hit the gym hard at lunch and my eating has been substantially back on track. Tonight I am attending my first Weight Watchers meeting and I think that will be a great tool for accountability and helpful tips. So bummer there was no weight loss, but here's to a much better week!

29.2 lbs to go!


  1. I just started Weight Watchers also (and actually blogged about it today!), but I'm just doing the online program. I'm only trying to lose 20 lbs., but it seems so daunting right now. Wishing you the best of luck!

  2. Just don't forget, girl, that you may end up packing on some muscle in the next weeks. Although muscle burns more calories resting, it also weighs more than fat does.

    Lots of love and support from this direction!

  3. I think it's awesome that you are posting your results and being reasonable with your expections. And... that you're getting back on track and keeping it going even though you didn't get results this week. I'm on the diet and excercise train too and I know how discouraging it can be when the scale isn't going the right direction!

    Keep it up girl!

  4. While not a loss, be sure to give yourself credit that it wasn't a gain either!

  5. I had an awful week too. :( My weight did go down by .2, so I guess that's something! I was glad I didn't gain though. I'll take it! This next week I'll be much more diligent with tracking and excercise!

  6. Keep it up, Meg! You can do it :)

  7. Don't stress! You knew ahead of time it wouldn't be the highest of losses this week. Next week will be better!


  8. One guilty weekend can't get you down! I know you can do it!

    Rock it girl!

  9. Why is gaining weight so easy and losing so hard!?! Good for you for maintaining, and you deserve to indulge once in a while :)

  10. I joined Weight Watchers a week and a half ago and I feel the same way. I haven't lost any but I have been trying so hard. I know I need to go through a little hunger the first few weeks and then it will be okay but I love my food! Keep working! It will all be worth it!


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