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March 4, 2011

Bon Weekend!

Congratulations my dears!
You have successfully scraped by and have {finally} made it to the weekend! It is time for some relaxation and fun, and this girl is ready for it - hello weekend! Praise sweet little 8 lb. baby Jesus!

{ Can I get a Hallelujah? }

Like I said yesterday, it's been a rough week, but so many things have made my heart smile and I'm really looking forward to this mellow weekend!


BF recently got back from a work conference in Sedona. Well, last night he gave me the most beautiful pair of turquoise and opal earrings. He said he saw them and thought they would bring out my pretty blue eyes... *Melt my heart!!* Love him.

It is one mellow, awesome day in the office. There are a minimal amount of people in today, which just means I get to be very low-key and blast my Celine Dion power ballads throughout the hallway. You think I'm kidding...

I love my co-workers. I really do. I could not be more blessed to work with such wonderful, caring people. Working an event this afternoon and then we're all going out for a girly din-din tonight - can't wait!

Looking forward to movie/PJ pallooza later tonight! On the ballot of movie selections is The Romantics. Has anyone seen it? I'm dying to.

Thunderstorms all afternoon - my fave!

Bella Beast + our favorite walking friend, Karen, are planning to pick-up our beloved weekend tradition of a 3 mile walk to Starbucks, followed by gigging and girly chats. Weather, cooperate with me now!

I love Sundays. Lazy mornings, lots of reading and relaxing. Evening church with BF and date night!


It's going to be a sweet, sweet few days! Looking forward to a weekend full of the simplest joys. Perhaps a little Matt Wertz {Love him!} as my anthem? Oh-so-good for my soul!

What's on your list, dolls? I bet you have many adventures planned!

Wishing you a chocolate cake & puppy kisses
kind of weekend,


  1. I have to say, I'm glad for my weekend too! I get to pick up some of my favorite kids from school in a couple of hours, then this afternoon & tomorrow I just get to hang out and CHILL. I might actually get to sleep in, YAY! I need it. I'll probably go to Starbucks at some point to just sit, read, write, and have coffee. Take my dog for a walk. Then Sunday I have church, seeing a movie with a friend, then we are hosting a celebrity night for Jr. High youth group. I'm going to be Rachel from Glee! :)

  2. Oh, those earrings sound beautiful! That movie is in my Netflix queue and I can't wait to get it in! Enjoy your weekend sweet girl!

  3. I watched The Romantics last weekend. I was nervous because it has a decent cast, but I'd never heard of it until I saw it in the store, so I thought maybe it was a bomb, but I really enjoyed it. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Oh, no way!

    I'm going to a Matt Wertz concert on April 2...I die.

  5. Hallelujah!!! & luv me some turquoise jewelery :)

  6. Hallelujah, amen sista! ;)
    Your boyfriend is a doll!!! So sweet, you must post a pic of the earrings!
    Your weekend sounds fabulous! I hope you have fun.
    I'm actually meeting up with a fellow blogger in the area, I'm looking forward to having lots of fun, girly time :)

  7. sounds like a perfect weekend for you! I love when it's time to unwind :) my boyfriend is flying into town this weekend and I'm going to spend as much time as possible hugging him :)

  8. Matt Wertz is amazing! Love it! I love this post too! Just everything you talked about made me smile- so I have a crush on your blog now :) Hope your weekend is as fantastic as it sounds like it's going to be!

    Love and Hugs,

  9. Enjoy your weekend. No relaxing for us. We will be out playing hard!In germany it is Fasching (like mardi Gras)so we will be out at the parades and enjoying our first Fasching in Germany.

    On our play list is Olly Murs, Lady Antabellum, Katy Perry and Kid Rock.


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