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March 7, 2011

Mingle Monday - Let's Get Hoppin'!

Welcome to the most happenin' hop in town!
After such an amazing weekend full of quality relaxation time with my favorite people, I was dreading my Monday work day just a bit.

Luckily, we all have Mingle Monday to lift our spirits and add a little pizazz to our day! May your Mingle Monday send many new and excited followers your way!

{ Let's Mingle! }


Pretty please pay it forward by using the button below in one of your posts today! That would seriously make me smile today :)

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How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit 2 other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

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Please let me know what you would like to see more of or if you have any ideas you'd like me to post about. This blog is all about you!


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** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **

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Have a blessed day, lovelies!



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    Lots o' love!

  2. Happy Monday!!

    I stopped by Clean Sheets on Sunday. I'm so jealous of her weekend-- ice skating and laser tag!!

    And Love is Home whose house is spectacular. It makes me feel like I need to go home and clean/de-clutter.

    So glad Mingle Monday is back! :)

  3. I threw my vote in on the survey * enjoyed the dreamy pics @ cornflake dreams & the "loves & not so much" @ 25 before 25 * * both cute spots ;)

    thanx for hosting!

  4. Today I visited Clean Sheets, who talked about her fun weekend at the roller rink and playing lazer tag. Not gonna lie, kinda jealous...

    I also visited Michelle at VB Housewife, who made the most beautiful mirror. I'm definitely going to have to steal her idea.

    Thanks for hosting again today Meg. Have a fantastic week!


  5. Ahhhhhh, what is today's question????? kt

  6. You can answer today's question by doing the survey located at the top right of the sidebar! :)

  7. Just visited

    Wow, she has some great decorating ideas!

  8. just visited

    This gal gives us a wide variety of subjects. She is interesting, light, and a lawyer...(wonder if she gives free advise to fellow bloggers...just kidding).

  9. I stopped by Kimchee Chronicles and had fun reminiscing about NKOTB....we were both in the fan club....both very cool people ;)

  10. Survey taken? Check!

    I visited Joelle at Love is Home. Awesome decorating ideas & your blog layout is adorable! Good luck with your class at CSU :)

    I also visited Heather at Greer's Gossip. So refreshing to see the bible verse at the top of the page. I love seeing little things like that to encourage me throughout the day. Loved the blast from the past post on TGIF! That was like the epitome of my childhood weekend!

    love love love

  11. Also went to Clean Sheets on Sundays.....and had another reminiscent moment of going to the roller rink. Man, I am pretty sure I would leave in a body cast if I had to try that now!

    I really can't answer your question in the poll. I tried. I just have no preference :)

  12. Love is Home- So cute! I love your apartment. I want to decorate mine now.

    Life on a Stick- SO ADORABLE! You looked beautiful in that dress, even if it didn't fit you well. Just... beautiful. Love it. Then the dance class pictures, I can't get over how cute those are. I love it when little girls can start taking dance lessons. They look adorable in those little outfits!

  13. So far I have visited 25 Before 25 and A Love Worth Waiting For.

    25 Before 25 is such a GREAT idea and I have always loved the idea of "Bucket List" type goals. It motivates me to want to make a 25 Before 25 list.

    A Love Worth Waiting For is already bringing me to tears! This couple has such an amazing love story, and I can feel their love through the computer!

  14. I visited a Love Worth Waiting for, where they posted a delicious-sounding, glutten free recipe. I'm going to have to try it!

    I also visited Greer's Gossip, where she talked about her weekend happenings. I particularly liked the endorsement of the movie Hall Pass, and her desire to be someplace warm and tropical! I am with her on that one!

  15. Hi Meg,

    Thanks again for hosting. I voted in the poll and am anxious to see which category wins!

    I visited A Love Worth Waiting For (completely blown away by this couple's strength and everything they've been through!) as well as Every Mile a Memory (she ice-fishes!). Now I'm off to read more...

  16. This is my first time doing this and it is such a GREAT idea!

    I visited Laugh ( a sweet, pretty blog with great pictures!) and Greer's gossip (which is worth visiting just for the look on that baby's face in her first two pictures!)

  17. I am a new follower and loving "mingle monday." Thanks!

    I visited AOG Daily. Not only is her blog design adorable but she has great posts about her family, great nailpolish and more!

    I also stopped by Cornflake Dreams and immediately felt inspired by all of her great posts!

  18. I visited Every Mile a Memory and Laugh until your cheeks hurt. Both blogs were lovely!

    Thanks for hosting again my dear!

  19. Thanks for another edition of MM! Today I visited Bud & Leo and she posted about looking forward to Summer and some fab one piece suits.
    Also I visited Life in the Sunshine, and I loved her blog, I know she has visited mine before and I am glad I found hers today!

  20. Thank you for hosting, Meg!

    I visited Life With the Reigners...she says she has a recipe for Thin Mints, so I'm working on making her my bff. She had the cutest post on her kitties and I love her pregnancy updates.

    I also visited Going the Distance. Her stuffed peppers look delish!

  21. Hello we are a new follower :) Absolutely loving Mingle Monday & your blog! What a fabulous idea! Love Is Home is such a cute blog and made me want to start Spring cleaning! VB Housewife inspired me to attempt a DIY sunburst mirror! Thanks for the wonderful Monday inspiration & mingling! Looking forward to reading your blog! Oh and I voted for fashion posts :)

  22. I just linked up, what fun! I voted for personal / photos ... I love getting to know a blogger w/ real life photos!

    I haven't had a chance to visit other bloggers b/c my kid literally is waking up right now from his nap. Gotta run but will be back as soon as I can ... looking forward to making some new friends :)


  23. Stopped at Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls and I LOVED IT! She had all these pictures which are great for people with short attention spans like me and the picture of the swimming cat was funny. Who's a follower now? I so am!

    Then I headed over to Blonde... Undercover Blonde and had a chuckle there too with the thin mint story because who HASN'T had her moment with thin mints? But that was just too funny.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  24. I visited Going the Distance...her stuffed peppers look AMAZING AND she's in a long distance relationship, so I can definitely relate to her! I also visited A Love Worth Waiting For...her story is incredible and her blog is beautiful.

  25. I visited "Love Woke Me up this Morning" and "Living Aloha". I am so very encouraged to know that there are women out there that I can connect to.
    I am inspired!!!! xoxo

  26. MEG! Please delete me! I just want the porcupine one. It kept telling me that the file was too large so I kept doing it over and over and I am so sorry. I feel like a dumbass. Plase erase the other linkies. Thanks.

  27. I visited America the Strange, and Going the Distance. They are great! I love how Mingle Monday is growing, and there are lots more options. Thanks for hosting :)

  28. Mingle Monday couldn't have come at a better time with the craziness going on at my job today! Thank you for the brief break and shot of sanity!

    1. Every Mile A Memory: her little girl seriously could not be cuter or have a more beautiful, unique name! I'm always in awe of people with polar opposite lives of mine, so reading/viewing photos of an east coast family going ice fishing and battling snow storms is always interesting for a southern girl in Texas.

    2. Skinny On Me: I admire her drive and I wish her nothing but success, happiness and joy during this life transformation she is going through. Take time to reward yourself for the incredible feats you've overcome!!

  29. I stopped by 2 very cute blogs today: Bud and Leo, where I read about her new LV purchase. Then, by An Inner Voice where I read about the good old days. :)

  30. What a fun idea - I am always looking for a new blog to follow so It's been neat to look around. I checked out a bunch of blogs and made comments on the ones I visited.

    Of note:
    Love Is Home - Love her 101 in 1001 list
    Living Aloha - I love her blog and how cute it is. And of course the pictures are amazing.

  31. yay Meg!!! I lurv Mondays, can't wait to see what's hoppin' with all of you.

  32. Hi there! I'm a new follower, but healthy living posts are always a fave of mine :)

  33. I visited The Bird in Boots; Jen talked about some movies that are based on books she'd read. :)

    I then checked out Cornflake Dreams - Jillian posted some lovely inspiration photos for an outdoor space to dine, read, relax!

    Happy mingle monday! :)


    I visited chester-rific, who's son is absolutely adorable & I love the fact that she is donating some of her tax return to a charity (:

    I also visited Clean Sheets on Sunday, who had a lot of fun with her daughter at the roller rink, made me want to go to my local roller rink again!!

  35. very cool idea!

    I visited Love Woke Me Up and I was excited to randomly find another Chicago lady blogger!

    I also visited The Skinny On Me (which is listed as First Time Mingling) because its my first time too! Her blog is really inspirational for anyone trying to lose weight!

  36. Happy Monday!

    I visited Going the Distance and loved her stuffed pepper recipe...I can also relate to being in a long distance relationship!

    I also visited Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls! What an inspiring blog! She is so upbeat and happy! I love it!

    Hope your week started off fabulously!


  37. Following you - thanks for hosting this hop!

    I checked out Books N Shoes because I love both of those things! Looks like a great place to kick back and enjoy the little things, like new manicures!

    I also stopped by Searching for Serendipity... she's 27 weeks pregnant and I just love reading mom blogs and mom-to-be blogs. She is just glowing!

  38. This week, I visited Bud and Leo...loved their post about supposed do's and don'ts, although clearly I am not a do in anyway...
    I also visited Freckles on the Nose. Really cute blog from a girl who seems to love lists (and the Teet) as much as I do!
    Thanks for hosting:)

  39. Love me some Mingle Monday!!!

    Today I visited Clean Sheets, loved that she went ice skating and referenced She-Ra!

    The Skinny on Me - very inspirational!

  40. I visited Bud and Leo and loved her fashion/entertainment posts. I'm always falling behind in both areas, so it's nice to have someone keep me updated.

    I also visited 25 before 25 and loved her bucket list-ish type theme. I'm a sucker for reading someone's bucket list. I love to see the goals and ambitions that others have and how everyone's is so different.

  41. thank you meg for hosting mingle mondays! this blog hop always seems to make my mondays a bit brighter.

    thank you to all of the sweet visitors today :)

    i stopped by 'thats the plan' where meredith put together a v cute green board just in time for st pattys day! love the little party poms.

    i also stopped by 'married in chicago' i just love finding other chicago bloggers :) she just posted about joining twitter..something im totally addicted to. and the post before that was all about spring.. which cant come soon enough to chicago.

    xoxo, jillian

  42. I voted: more recipes!!

    I checked out Chasing the Extraordinary--great name. She talked about how the change in weather is making her look forward to all things spring. I'm jealous that she can pull off flirty frocks :)

    After that I went to Freckle on the Nose. Another great name! She. is. serious. about her shopping. Very impressive!

  43. Thanks for hosting again! I voted for more recipes also!

    This week I visited:

    -- Freckle on the Nose of Life's Complexion

    -- Undercover Blonde

  44. New to Mingle Monday...I stopped by Kelsey's Page Bring the Rain and loved her inspiring stories of the fruit of the spirits

    and Searching for Serendipity and read about how she's loving pregnancy even with the 'down sides'. My favorite was that she loves her big belly when she laughs!

    Thanks for hosting, hope to see you next Monday!

  45. Okay, I'm back! I visited:

    an inner voice ... and was excited to stop in on her "I'm pregnant" announcement! What fun! And I love her photo collage header, very cool.

    Every Mile a Memory, a military spouse blog, and she posted about a friends baby shower.

    Guess I was meant to read about babies today, which is fine by me! :)

    Have a great week!
    Maegan :)

  46. Hey Meg, I'm finally linking back up with MM, I missed it so! I voted for more personal/picture blogs, I want to get to know more about YOU!! You do such a great job of incorporating a large variety of subjects that are all inspiring, interesting and keep me coming back for more :)

    This week I visited Chasing the Extraordinary- she had a great post about the warming weather and looking forward to spring an summer. It made me wish the cold would go away for good already!

    Also visited Synfully Delicious, and I loved her post on locker room and gym etiquette, I've so been there!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Oops, I accidentally posted twice, sorry! But I love the idea of Mingle Monday! :)

    I visited "Chasing the Extraordinary" and absolutely loved Michaela's sense of style - I'll definitely be checking back there for more ideas!

    I also visited "Living. Laughing. Loving. Playing." and completely agreed with Kelly's Love/Don't Love: warm weather and productive weekends are where it's at!


  49. Hello lovely Meg!

    I visited 25 before 25 and An Inner Voice!

    25 before 25 is actulaly one of the places that I got the idea from my 25 before 25 list! I love that she mentioned that she has learned alot from her list and won't be disappointed if she doesn't get to cross everything off, because she has learned so much from it!

    I am so glad that I found An Inner voice! We're both newly wed and I am looking forward to reading about her pregnancy and learning some "inside information" and things to expect when I do get pregnant!

    Overall, I love your Mingle Monday so I can find new blogs to follow and keep up with!

    <3 you Meg!

  50. I loved Kirsten's Random Utterances, I mean who can imagine using super powers to do chores.

    and i also enjoyed reading toby's adventure in out of my mind


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