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March 17, 2011

Top o' the Mornin' to Ya!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, lads and lassies!
I hope you've dawned your green for today, or else you may be pretty sore from all the pinching! And BTW, green underoos don't count. Trust me, I've argued it.

{ So, who loves this holiday? }

Green beer, green food, Irish accents and pinching anti-green folks! Totally a legit and amazing holiday!

Who has amazing St. Patty's plans?
I've been told there is a massive parade close to my office, but unfortunately I have meetings all morning long... boo. That being said, I think there may be a post-work green beer in my not too distant future!

BF and I have a little date night planned, consisting of dinner and thrift store shopping for my Trashy Bday Bash party this weekend. BF and two of our good friends have birthdays within a week of each other, so they decided to do a big birthday blow-out... I can't wait!

.:: Outfit Inspiration ::.

It's a total toss up... I can't choose.

Can you tell the boys chose the theme? It's going to be pretty fun!

After thrift store shopping tonight, I may talk BF into helping me make some pretty green velvet cupcakes to bring over to our March Madness kick-off game tonight - Go K-state!

Mmmm... looks yummy right?

Anyway, I hope your day is full of lucky charms and leprechauns! I'll leave you with a little Irish blessing to make your day happy! :)

{ How are you celebrating today? }


  1. Green velvet cupcakes yum! I made those last year!!

  2. Yum I've never heard of green velvet! Have fun shopping for your party! :)

  3. I love St Pattys day!! And sadly I dont have any greem work clothes so I will not be wearing green until I get off work.

    I have a party to go to and hopefully I willbe bringing green jello shots especially since Im not a big fan of beer (green or not).

    Ooooo your bday bash sounds awesome. I would go with the White Trash look ala Brittany...Awesome theme by the way, I have always wanted to go to a trashy party

    Hope you have a lot of fun tonight...Green velvet cupcakes sound delicious

  4. I'm wearing my green!!

    and let's be honest. Ke$ha wins for awesomeness (see: my halloween costume from this year on my ABOUT ME page!), but Brit is way trashier.

  5. I'm wearing green, no one's pinching me today! :)
    Green velvet cupcakes?! Sounds absolutely amazing.
    No plans here today.. gotta work early tomorrow. I celebrated with a parade and concert last weekend. :)

  6. I absolutely LOVE this holiday. I always have. My mum always made corned beef and cabbage (which I now make every year) and I loved wearing green. I spent one St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, which was incredible. And when I lived by myself for many years, I had a large city apartment so I threw a huge St. Patrick's Day bash every year.

    Sadly, I'm sick today so I probably won't be doing much celebrating. Booooo! But I'm still wearing green :-)


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