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March 30, 2011

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 7

Finally back on track!
After a week of being ridiculously ill, not working out, and eating whatever is convenient, processed and easy (gross)... I have my groove back!

I was a little concerned after BF and I spent time with our families out of town, the eating out and homecooked meals would catch up with me.

I was very pleased to see weight loss after the last few weeks of nothing. I've got my workout back on and it honestly feels so good... I've missed feeling this way!

After several weeks of hanging in there, I am glad that I am still sticking with it. I am right on track to go where I want to go, so I am celebrating a loss today!

{ Total Weight Loss = 1.2 lbs }

In order to make my weight loss goals more achievable, I have decided to break it down into a few mini goals so that I don't feel discouraged by being 20 lbs away. So only 5.6 lbs to my next goal - all I have to do is keep on keeping on!

I also want to thank all of you who have sent messages, e-mails or left comments - you are so encouraging and sweet, and that means the world to me!

Thanks for being awesome! :)
Time to crush this next goal!


  1. Congrats on the loss!!! I think mini goals are the way to go too!

  2. I like the mini goal idea. I am working on a weight loss goal myself and I think that idea is just fabulous!!! Good job :)

  3. I try to have mini goals too. That way it's easier to achieve them and it keeps me from getting frustrated. You're doing great!

  4. I like the idea of mini-goals. I may borrow that one!

  5. Congratulations!!! Mini goals really do help...weight loss is really like a game :)

  6. Congratulations!! Keep up the hard work! :)

  7. Congratulations, lady!

  8. Keep up the good work......Summer is just around the corner. Paste a picture of the swim suit you want to wear on your mirror. Also, posting your goals (or a mantra) there is a good motivator.


  9. Congrats on the lost...Slow and steady wins in the weight lost race!!!

    Mini goals will help you not lose your mind

  10. awesome, awesome, Meg! that's so impressive. rooting for ya over here.

  11. Way to go! Keep it up, and you will meet your goal in no time!
    Mini goals are what I've done as well. My goal is pretty massive (70 pounds!) so I've definitely had to break it down to keep my spirits up!
    PS- I'll be posting on my March weight loss tomorrow, so stop by and check it out!!

  12. Congrats!! Keep up the good work -- you have a great mindset about it!

  13. Good job!! Mini-goals definitely work for me, makes everything seem much more attainable!

  14. Congratulations! It is awesome to get back into it after being sick. I've been sick on and off again for 3 weeks straight, so I cannot wait to start up again!

  15. I hear you on the eating junk! Lol. I've been trying soooo hard to eat healthy but can't seem to make my lunch before I leave for work each day... so... that ends up meaning I eat out for lunch. Not easy to eat healthy at fast food, needless to say. :( Great job for you getting back on the healthy track, though! Keep up the good work!
    (PS: Found you via Books & Shoes with the Mingle Monday link!)

  16. Way to go! I've had an off few weeks too! Traveling & trying to eat right is so hard! Hoping to get back on track next week!

  17. Nice work chica! What are you doing to exercise?

  18. I'm trying to lose a few pounds after a weekend of eating everything in sight. Okay, a few months of eating everything in sight. It's not easy! Go you for sticking with it!


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