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March 8, 2011

Oh Lent.. You Frustrate Me

Caio Bellas! Salutations from soggy Kansas City!
I wanted to first thank all of you for being so wonderful. If you are a [Life of Meg] newbie, I am so thrilled that you're here!!

I truly feel so blessed and excited to have each and every one of you join me on my humble little blog everyday!

Now that everyone feels warm and fuzzy, let's get down to business!

{ Let's talk lent. }

For those of you who participate in the Lenten season every year, I must tell you that I am a little stumped as to what to give up this time. I truly want it to be something challenging to me. To give you an idea of what I have sacrificed before, let me give you a little recap...

Last year I gave up any and all desserts. And let me just tell you, I went nuts on Easter!

"Yes, as a matter of fact I will have a 17th cookie. Thanks for asking!"

Other past lent choices were no coffee, chocolate, meat, etc. So, I guess here I am wondering what to give up.

The more I have asked friends/family, the more I've realized that I don't necessarily have to give up something for lent, but I can actually take something on for lent.


So, I thought about it for quite awhile and have come up with a list of potential things to choose to take on for lent:

- Community volunteering once a week
- 25 push-ups and 60 sit ups every night
- Running 50 miles over lent
- Reading 30 minutes before bed
- Doing 2 loads of laundry during the week
- At least a 30 minute devotional before bed

...and so many more!


So my question is:

{ What are you giving up/taking on for Lent? }

Thanks in advance for your ideas/inspiration!! :)


  1. I never thought of taking something on for Lent! I love that idea! I was undecided on what to give up but now maybe I'll think about taking something up!

  2. Great! I love the taking up instead of giving up idea.

    The church I attend doesn't really address giving up anything for Lent but I always have, by choice, given up things I seemed to think I needed.

    But, taking that's a good idea...thanks!

  3. We're committing to pray together as a couple every night before bed.

  4. I was considering giving up soda (even though I've done that before, it was in middle school so I think it might be ok to repeat now!), but now I'm considering giving something up AND taking something on. Volunteering is such a great thing and I've been wanting to for awhile now, so maybe I will actually take it on!

  5. The last two years, I have gone to Mass every day instead of giving something up. I think you should take up volunteering...Lent is meant to reflect on sacrifice so sacrificing your time and doing something for others would be a great way to spend it!

  6. Last year I gave up thinking/talking poorly of others. Hardest 40 days ever...but so worth it. Wish I kept it up after Lent was over... =/

    Haven't decided what to do this year yet though. Tossed around the idea of giving up make-up, but that would actually be harder than being kind. Sad, but true!

  7. This is something I've been debating as well. I love the idea of taking up something for Lent. So I say you should go for that!

    As for me, there are a couple of things I'm considering. One, is something a friend suggested. Giving up Starbucks (not necessarily coffee) and giving the money I would spend there to a charity or organization. My organization of choice would be

    The other thing I've thought about came out of my small group Bible study that meets every week. Usually we have dinner together and right now we're going through a series on prayer, and fasting came up. We're thinking of maybe during Lent fasting the day we have our small group, and then breaking the fast together when we have dinner together.

    So.... should be an interesting season!

  8. this year is I have found it extra difficult to think of something to give up. I had already quit facebook about a month ago, I barely drink anymore now that I have returned to living with my parents, I don't watch a lot of TV, and I have been on a semi diet for about two months now. I feel like I'm already giving up so much! My mom also suggested to me that I take something up, so I'm going to be doing more spiritual reading. And then someone suggested giving up sugar. And I already kind of wanted to do that but I think maybe it will be easier to do it with a purpose for Lent. So I'm doing both!

  9. this is the first year i've actually PRAYED about what to do for Lent, and I think Christ revealed to me that to see Him more, I need to be of more humble service to others, so I'm giving up the word 'no' in situations where people need a favor or something extra from me.

  10. Ugh I'm in the same situation! I'm thinking of giving up cursing or Starbucks

  11. i like the idea of doing something extra nice for lent. last year i gave up swearing (i dont do it thhhat much but it does happen and i hate it) so i kept a tally and had to donate $1 per swear to a charity. xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  12. I am having a hard time too! I like your idea of 30 mins of Bible reading a day. I have done that before and given up chips, soda, ice cream, chocolate, etc. I guess I should decide huh?!

  13. I also love the idea of taking something on, rather than giving something up! I suppose I'm doing a little of fast food and I'm planning on giving money to a favorite charity, as well as trying to spend more time each day with a devotional!

  14. So I don't really participate in lent, but one of my friends has done something like the 25 before 25 list. She has done a 40 in 40, but they are of things she needs to do, but hasn't taken the time to do. She said things like cleaning out her car, keeping up with laundry, stuff like that.

    I wish you luck in your journey, whatever it may be, over lent.

  15. Hey, Meg....
    Stop by my post tomorrow and pick up the award that I am passing on to you.

    You don't have to accept it (or follow any rules)...I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your blog. kt

  16. I was raised Catholic and faithfully celebrated lent. Once I accepted Christ and became a Christian I continued to celebrate lent for a few years. Then I realized that for me, lent is just a test of how strong my will is, rather than my doing something to bring me closer to God. At that point is when I stopped. I am not saying I'll never celebrate lent again, but for me at this time, I choose not to.

    One thing a man I met in college gave up for lent that really impressed me is warm showers. He took a cold shower in the dorm every day - and living in northern Wisconsin that was a BIG DEAL. He felt it brought him closer to God and also more aware of the poor.

    Good luck! I hope lent is a season of real growth for you.

  17. In the Christian world Lent isn't something that we really do. If someone is waiting on the Lord whether for healing, for confirmation or just to get closer they do a fast and there isn't a time frame on fasting you can do it at anytime and end at anytime because it is something done personally between you and The Lord which is what makes our relationship with Christ so amazing. No more rituals to give the image of being HOLY all we have to do is love Him and communicate with Him through His written word and prayer :). Such a blessing.

    I pray that God reveals Himself more in your life no matter what you choose to give up and take on. I personally like the idea of a challenge... :)


  18. 60 push ups 5x week, drinking my coffee black (I love coffee cream, sometimes I ask for coffee with my cream)


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