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August 13, 2010

Fairytale Weekend

Happy Friday, lovely readers! I don't know about all of you, but I have been anxious for this wonderful weekend to arrive. Alas... it's time to escape the office and let the fun commence!

I am definitely looking forward to my Saturday night adventure. My partner-in-crime and I are headed out to the magical Starlight Theatre for date night to see Beauty & The Beast the musical.

The theatre itself looks like a beautiful castle! By the time the show starts we'll be enjoying the best of Broadway under the twinkly stars!

I have a cousin date tonight, which will be a blast! We're planning to grab tapas at one of our favorite restaurants and then planning to see "Eat, Pray, Love"... so pumped!!

Later on in the evening it's expected to be full of thunderstorms {my fave!}, which will make for a relaxing & cozy night's rest! Mmmm....

{ What's on your fabulous agenda? }

Wishing you a magical weekend!

PS- For all of you who asked... last night's meteor shower was gorgeous! I could have laid out there all night!

PPS- Don't forget to check out my Weekly Must Read blog list... they are amazing!!


  1. First of all, THANK you for you sweet words about my blog! Totally made my day!

    And second, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE Beauty & the Beast. I saw it in New York before it closed on Broadway and it was so sweet! Be sure to sing along for me!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Hey there! Visiting from the Friday Follows! I hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are anticipating it to be!

    (Priester's Peace)

  3. Hi there! I'm your newest follower!

  4. Following you from Boost My Blog. Would appreciate it if you could come over and follow me back. Terry

    My Journey With Candida

  5. Oh, that sounds like a fairy tale indeed! Don took me to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway & it was so much fun! There's something really happy about seeing kids shows together, isn't there?! So sweet & simple & harmless. Pure fun! I hope that you had a wonderful time, dear!

    I ♥ your blog! You are so popular, Queen of the Blogosphere! :)

  6. Ohh! Psst. PS! I haven't forgotten about a guest blog post. I've just been, well, a bit preoccupied mentally. I have NO idea what to write about. Tell me :)

  7. Wow sounds like you have a great wknd planned! How fun. That theater looks gorgeous.

    We have our couples date night tonight ten hopefully some girly time tomorrow and dog beach on sunday. Enjoy the thunderstorms!

  8. I AM SO JEALOUS!! you always do the funnest things WITHOUT me!!

  9. That sounds like so much fun! I shopped tonight, fun, got new clothes. Tomorrow night is date night I'm cooking dinner and we're staying in to catch up on "us time". Then Sunday will be family time, movie time and eating out time - Yay!

  10. I've hear great reviews of Eat, Pray, Love! Hope you enjoyed it!!!

    Visiting from LBS Tea Social!

  11. I hope some tstorms come our way soon as well. I didn't see the meteor shower but oh well. I hope to see Eat, Pray Love soon. I adored the book! Visiting from LBS and will be back soon!

  12. wow sounds like a good weekend. please let us know how beauty and the beast wnet, i'd love to see it myself!!

  13. Your weekend sounds magical!
    Stopping by from The Lady Bloggers Tea Social :)

  14. Hello! Stopping by from the Lady Blogger's Tea Party. I must say that your blog is one of the most enjoyable I have come across. It's absolutely gorgeous in layout and the content is very interesting (I love how I can *feel* your happy attitude through it)! I look forward to following along on your adventures!

  15. Definitely magical!

    I spent some time swimming with my pooches at the lake. The water was warm, the day was sunny, we found black berries in the forest (delicious), and we had a wonderful relaxing day.

    Found you through the LBS tea party, and am definitely following. Nice to meet you!

  16. Just found you thru Lady Bloggers. Your blog looks like so much fun. What a fun night at the Starlight!!!!

  17. Hi Meg,

    I grew up in KC. I miss Starlight (and the Plaza). I don't think I've been to Starlight since 1982. Seems like the only time I get to KC is wintertime and then am lucky if I get to the Plaza.

    I hope you had a great time!


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