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August 24, 2010

Hello Social Butterfly!

Why hello there, lovelies! I have the most exciting news for you! Knowing that I have the most trendy blog friends who love shopping, spas and restaurants as much as I do, I have to tell you about the BEST thing ever...


Have you heard of it?
Perfect for a social butterfly like yourself!

How Groupon works:

- Click HERE to find your city and get the daily deal
- Each day sends an amazing deal at an unbeatable price!
- If you are interested in the deal, you click "buy".
- If enough people buy the daily deal, it's on and you win!

Groupon features awesome deals!

- Spa Packages
- Entertainment
- Boutiques
- Manis/Pedis
- Gourmet Restaurants
- Local Attractions
- Sports Tickets
- Coffee Shops
- Night Life
- Theatre
- Bakeries

...and so much more!


My favorite recent Groupon purchase:

- $25 for $50 worth of merchandise at the GAP!
(I totally love Groupon!)


You're totally jazzed now aren't you? You should be!

Click HERE to get your city's Groupon!

All I can say is morning is my favorite time of day because I look forward to waking up and seeing the fabulous Groupon deal daily deal!

Happy Bargain Shopping!


PS- Looking for new followers or fun new blogs? Don't forget that the Mingle Monday blog hop is open until tonight (Wednesday) at midnight. Stop by and get your blog some exposure!


  1. I love Groupon! I recently used it to get a massage and facial for less than 40 dollars. It's really fun to look and see what they offer every day!

  2. I love Groupon! Great idea to introduce this to your readers--I have used it often on restaurant deals in the city and their deals really are amazing!

  3. Ooh, I want to go back to the wonderful US of A! They know how to do shopping :)

  4. I love groupon but lately i havent been utilizing it because of budget concerns. Cant wait till i have more money!!

  5. Girlfriend you are just filling me up with GREAT ideas! Loooove your blog. You are TOO much fun :)

  6. such a blessing! i use another site similiar to this one and they have amazing deals as well.. usually the LA ones are better which is dissappointing but nonetheless valuable. THANKS!

  7. The hubby and I use groupon ALL THE TIME in OKC!!

  8. I'll have to show this to JT. He's the king of all things economical!

  9. Groupon is my favourite thing these days! I've got so many great deals...and blogged about my awesome white water rafting trip I got off Groupon...and tomorrow a brand new spa to try out with a Groupon. It. Is. Awesome. :)


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