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August 2, 2010

Mingle Monday

Welcome to Mingle Monday! Are you ready to gain new followers and discover several new blogs? Well, hopefully Mingle Monday adds some sweetness to your day!

If you are new to [Life of Meg] or Mingle Monday... thank you for stopping by! I am always so happy to have such wonderful blog friends! Feel free to click on the Mingle Monday tab loccated on the top of my blog for complete information, or keep on reading below for the abbreviated version! Glad you're here!

How to enter the party:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

**If not a follower yet, please click the follow button on the right hand side to be elligible!**

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!

How to play:

1) Click on 2 other blogs' thumbnails and go visit their blog.

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave a short encouraging review of the 2 blogs you visited!

4) All "blog and run" perpetrators will be deleted from the party, so please be sure to leave your comment!


Just like a usual Mingle Monday, anyone who posts about the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday will be in the running to be one of my top weekly reads. I will choose up to 3 blogs at random and give an amazing recommendation to all of my lovely [Life of Meg] readers... meaning lots of new followers for YOU!


{ Super easy, super fun! }

Remember, positivity comes back around! If you rave about somebody else's blog, there is a GREAT chance that somebody will give YOU an amazing recommendation!

You have a higher chance of someone seeing your blog if you visit several - so add to the fun and be a generous mingler!


** The linky is open until Wednesday at midnight (CST)... so get mingling! **

Can't wait to read your recommendations and visit your blogs!


  1. I will do this correctly later lol but so far -

    If you are not following Meg (aka the blog you are currently reading) then you are seriously missing out. Her posts are amazing and always leave a smile on my face. Also as you can see, she interacts with her followers and you can tell that she is grateful for each and every one of us.

  2. I'm new to Mingle Mondays. What a good idea.

    So far I visited Nikki Jo's blog ( and it's a great find. She's got a cute layout and her posts are clever as well. Great blog! <3

  3. Thanks for another great mingle party!

  4. Oh yes, almost forgot, I mentioned Mingle Monday in today's post and I am glad I found O is Me's blog.

  5. I visited O. is Me and loved reading about her first anniversary! She has an adorable blog design and I love her videos!

    I also visited Creative Flair and totally want to make the recipe she featured today!

  6. I visited O. is Me and Lucky In Love and absolutely loved their blogs. So cute and I love that they make you feel like you've been where they have its awesome and definitely blogs worth reading!

  7. I visited 3 blogs and loved them all... Its always fun finding new blogs. Oh I also mentioned your mingle monday in my blog.

    I visited Single Girl in the city. I like it a lot and she seems like a cool girl. I liked reading about her new macbook buying adventures bc i am a bit of a machead. She is a great writer

    I also visited Juci Life which has a fantastic layout and it is a very easy read. She has a good variety of blog entries and is very unique.

    The last blog I visited was Lucky in Love. I enjoyed reading about all her honeymoon adventures. She did a great job detailing everything and she seems to take a lot of pcitures to share which is always fun. She also has a cute layout.


  8. Another newbie, but I definitely think I'll be mingling on a Monday again!
    The first blog I visited was O. is Me, and I thought it was really cute! I loved the blog's layout and writing style and thought her anniversary pictures were gorgeous.
    Then I visited Yolanda over at Creative Flair, and got hungry just looking at the picture she posted to go along wuth her recipe!! Another cute blog...I especially like it as I think it's original and a little quirky!!

  9. This week i checked out Thanks for That Info Aimee, who has pics of her totally rockin a cute outfit and her bf sporting a cowboy hat. Looked like a fun night.
    Also checked out A Lily Life, who cracked me up today with her tale of getting kicked out of a bar with style :)

  10. Helllllloo everyone! So far I've checked out The Juici Life! Super cute blog! Love reading about her accomplishing her bucket list. :)

    I also looked at Sweet Tea and a Soundtrack. I love the Song of the Day on their blog. Really great idea!!


  11. i thought i was already following you meg?... either way, i just re-followed and checked out "single girl in the city" and "the big show". single girl was great because... well, i'm a single girl in the city. always great to feel validated :) and the big show is hilarious! i've seen his name in the bloggosphere but am happy to say that i officially discovered him thru you. thanks!

  12. Just posted about Mingle Monday over at my blog :-)

  13. Hello, I'm glad the same format has stuck around from last week! Loved finding new blogs and followers then and hopefully this week will bring the same. Today I visited....

    ~Creative Flair: So who doesn't love a blog with pictures of dessert? Definitely not this girl! Delish. This blog is much like mine, sorta random just about life in general and I absolutely adore the pictures on the right column, gorgeous!

    ~Julie's Jottings: I found this blog very inspirational, about how to make your life better and more fulfilled. I love the idea of monthly goal setting as well as finding something good each day.

  14. Here are some blogs that I visited and really liked.

    Thanks for that info aimiee is super cute. She is very open with sharing her opinions and her life.

    The apple doesn't fall far is very cute. I love all of the finds that Tiffany shares.

    A Single Girl in the City is great! I love her writing. Very take me as I am.

    My mingle post:

  15. Really diggin on this new format! I checked out A Girl in the Sunshine and The Simple, Sweet Life. They were both super, super good.

    Girl in the Sunshine: gorgeous layout, love the quick-hitting little notes about products, random thoughts, movies...whatever!

    The Simple, Sweet Life: super cute, love the tales of her daily goings on and personal pics. Presh!

    Also, I blogged about Mingle Monday:

    Thanks for keeping up with this and letting us all mingle!

  16. Hi everyone! I am new to Mingle Monday, so this is my first week participating. I am trying to get to everyone's blogs, but the 3 I wanted to share are:

    -- Lucky in Love -- loved looking at her honeymoon pics.

    -- Apple Doesn't Fall From The Tree -- cute baby shower pics

    -- Simple Sweet Life -- check out her "Getting to Know You" post

  17. I visited "a single girl in the city." I although I am totally jealous that she just got a Macbook, I loved the tone of her writing. I love the dating chronicles format and I've subscribed to her!

    I also visited creative flair whose page layout is awesome! She currently has a guest post up with the best looking rice krispies treats I've ever seen!

  18. Loving Mingle Mondays :) I just looked at Julie's ( and it has such a peaceful auro about it and her blog is super welcoming so go check it out!

    I also looked at Sarah's ( and her about me just caught my eye. I am so excited to continue and read her blog.

  19. Visited O is Me, Lucky in Love and Creative Flair and enjoyed them all! Hard time sneaking these in though...busy day!

    Thanks for hosting, Meg! :]

  20. This is my first time participating!

    I've so far visited Juici Life and loved it at first glance. I always enjoy seeing other peoples' bucket lists and it's fun to see that she's been checking things off right and left!

    I also visited A Girl in the Sunshine and loved the layout. I saw her post about the running skirts and was drawn in! I love finding bloggers who share interests with me!

    Thanks for hosting this every week, Meg! Such a great idea!

  21. I love MIngle Mondays! I missed last week =(

    My blog recommendations are Holley at Sweet and a Soundtrack. I LOVE her 101 list and her blog is just refreshing and adorable and Tiffany at The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...her blog is just TOO adorable for words! =)

    And I posted about Mingle Monday here:

  22. AHHHH I just started typing this really long comment about all of the blogs I visitied and then I accidentally clicked on something and I lost it!!

    Anyway, I posted my link in the morning (I was only the third one) with the intent of coming back later in the day and reading blogs! Ugh, busy day in my classroom getting ready for the new school year.

    First of all - a BIG BIG Thank you to all the lovelies who left comments over at my blog and the nice words said here. You guys seriously made my day.

    Here are my blog visits:
    1. Single Girl in NYC - I actually started following Nikki this past weekend. Really love her up front and completely blunt writing style. She's also quite hilarious.
    2. Creative Flair - Love her blog layout (almost like camouflage)! Her post today almost made me go crazy because it looked so frigggggggin delicious!!!!
    3. Ayers Travel Adventures - She seems relatively new to blogging. I really like her straightforward and simple layout and simple posts. Easy to read and I like it!
    4. Lucky in Love - Super cute blog! Seems like we have a lot in common, being newlyweds and all! I absolutely loved reading about and seeing pictures from her honeymoon in Cancun!
    5. Julie's Jottings - Teacher, like me! And I really enjoyed reading her To-Do list bc I love lists!
    6. Trying to Throw my Arms Around the World - Very inspiring and uplifting. Like a breath of fresh air. LOVE.

    YAY! Great day!!!

  23. Hi! I love this Mingle Monday idea!
    I visited "25 before 25"...I really liked the header design and the 25 list...I've been thinking of doing something like this for a while!
    I also visited The Simple, Sweet Life and loved seeing the pictures of her adorable puppy!

    Thanks for hosting this Meg! (And by the way you have a very cute and unique blog yourself!)

  24. I visited Lucky in Love - it looked like a FANTASTIC Honeymoon - Congrats!

    An the Ayers Travel Adventures - I learned about perfume and cologne.

    Thanks for the mingle!

  25. This is my 2nd week of Meg's Monday Mingle. I love it!
    My two blogs for this week are
    1)Lucky in Love- I didn't realize I was already a follower until I tried to 'follow' and it informed me that I already was! Anyway, I love this blog because I am a sucker for anything having to do with weddings. Their honeymoon photos are gorgeous as well as their wedding photos. I can't wait to read about their new life together!

    2) Northwest Betty. I cannot wait to keep reading this blog! One of my dreams is to travel out west. Betty and Cowboy are such a precious couple! They look like they have a lot of fun together. And those spring rolls they made yesterday look amazing....

  26. Tried to comment on Northwest Betty's blog but it wouldn't work :-( I love finding other bloggers in my region!

  27. Hi! So, I just realized through participating in this that my comment section wasn't working..but I think it is now! Thanks for letting me know Stevie!

  28. My second week Mingling! :) I also remembered to post about it on my blog... ;)

    This week I visited:
    Creative Flair. There I found a divine looking Rice Krispie treat. Can I hear … YUMMMMM?!?

    The apple doesn’t fall far… and she had some really cute photos and ideas for a baby shower.

    Making the Most of Megan. She talked about her recent trip to a vineyard and asked a question which entices you to leave a comment. :)

  29. You are such a hit ;)

    Last week, I got distracted & forgot to make my post! Whoops! I'll be better this week!!

    The first blog I visited was The Simple, Sweet Life. Super cute blog, & she has a super cute Puppy!!

    The second blog I visited was A Girl in the Sunshine. Cute layout & fun photos!

    Mingle Monday sure is fun!

    * *

  30. I checked out 25 before 25. Love this concept, and great layout too! I also went over to Making the Most of Megan-very cute blog, great content.


  31. Lovin some Mingle Monday!!!! :)

    I am now following
    The Most of Megan - so cute!
    The Bird in Boots - had a picture of her beagle on the front page, had to follow STAT! :)

    Both are just so awesome! Can't wait to keep reading and following even more! :)

  32. i read 25 Before 25's blog about moving to NYC and training for a marathon. it was great, because i'm planning to do one of those, and it's NOT running.

    i also read In Better Hands having a great summer and becoming more of the person she wants to be. it was very encouraging, and might inspire me to blog about the same thing.

  33. I checked out:

    Too Much To Do, Too Little Time - Love Stef's posts and random thoughts of the day!

    The Kimchee Chronicles - I'm really looking forward to Karen's new Whatcha Reading? Wednesday posts. Super cute blog!

  34. I loved A Lily Life - her post about her dryer literally made me laugh out loud.

    I also encourage you to check out Lucky in Love - I've been following her blog for a while and she has such great wedding details! It's such an interesting blog to read!

  35. This week I'm loving Throw the Starfish Back and Amanda and Don's blog.

    Throw the Starfish Back - such a great first post for the blog - left me wanting to read more posts! An amazing story as inspiration for the title - one I had never heard before and am glad to now know!

    Amanda and Don - fabulous photos and who can't resist reading about anything European? I know I can't! When I'm not studying I'll be back to visit her blog and read about her two adopted great danes! I'm a sucker for great danes!


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