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August 22, 2010

Mingle Monday

Welcome to this week's Mingle Monday! For those of you who are new, the Mingle Monday blog hop is open from today until Wednesday at midnight.

I hope this brings some sunshine to your week, because I know you all certainly make my day!

{ Time to Mingle!! }

How to enter the party:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

**If not a follower yet, please click the follow button on the right hand side to be elligible!**

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!

How to play:

1) Click on other blogs' thumbnails and go visit their blog.

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave a short encouraging review of the 2 blogs you visited!

4) NEW THIS WEEK - please tell me how you found [Life of Meg] for an added chance to be featured on my Weekly Must Reads (see details below).


Be featured as my Weekly Must Read!

I pick 3 blogs a week (raffle style) and give an amazing recommendation of your blog and content - new follower for you!

1st entry: Write a blog post featuring Minge Monday and leave me the URL link via comment - so easy!

Special 2nd entry: Please tell me about how you found [Life of Meg] for a second entry to win!


{ Super easy, super fun! }

Remember, positivity comes back around! If you rave about somebody else's blog, there is a GREAT chance that somebody will give YOU an amazing recommendation!

You have a higher chance of someone seeing your blog if you visit several - so add to the fun and be a generous mingler!


** The linky is open until Wednesday at midnight (CST)... so get mingling! **

Happy Monday!


  1. I just visited Stars pink world, and it is a super cute blog! I would recommend you visit it asap!

  2. Simple little joys

    is a very cute blog about a women trying to figure out life as a "grown up"

    i really enjoyed reading her blog! :)

  3. I just visited Organized Chaos. I can't wait to see her Quick and Easy recipe page, because I am in dire need of some! Her photography is already super cute, so it'll be neat to see what happens after she reads "photography for dummies" {which I can't wait to find out how that book is!}. Very sweet blog--check it out!

  4. Oh yeah-I don't remember how I found Life of Meg, but I think it was either through 20SomethingBloggers or else from one of my fav. blogs to follow. Either way, I'm glad I found ya!

  5. Yay, Mingle Monday! :)

    First, I visited Puppy Love: she just posted a photo of the site where her wedding reception will be held, & it's gorgeous!

    Then, I visited Simple.Little.Joys: She recently posted photos of a beautiful Southern-Style home, & oh I would love to live in it! How pretty!

  6. I just visited Stars Pink World. Um can you say too-cute-for-school header? Love it! Her pink sunday gig is fun to follow, so go check it out!

  7. I just visited stars pink world! Absolutely loved it, so cute and perfect, will definitely be following along from now on.
    Amanda & Don, I <3 this blog. It is all at once fantastical, envy and awe-inspiring, and sad, which makes it very real, which is what I like.

    I found World of Meg through 20SB!

  8. Mingling. One of my fave new Monday rituals! Today I partook in the greatness that is...

    -Star's Pink World: funny, clever, great picks for glam fall coats and boots, loved it.

    -Sexyprettythings: also hilarious, can definitely relate to her need to kick my over-shopping habit, love her honesty and humor!

    I blogged about Mingle Monday:

    I can't remember how I found you....maybe 20 SB? That's probably it. Have a super week blog friend!

  9. I visited Simple Little Joys and Star's Pink World, both of which I plan to go back and read more. Simple Little Joys has a very pretty and pleasing layout and I loved reading through her most recent post, especially getting a kick out of the line regarding her mom and her looking like sisters! And Star's Pink World has just managed to make me even broke-er (LOL), cuz I'm SURE I need a new pair of boots now!

  10. I visited Poodlism. She's adorable and hilarious. A go-to for amusing commentary on the random goings-on of the world. Also she's got some precious dog pictures on there (as one would expect with a name like Poodlism)

    Then I went to visit Amanda + Don. She has a fairly unique story to begin with by being a an army wife overseas. On top of that, she seems like a sweetheart. Her posts are everything from cute bags that she finds to overcoming life's little hurdles (which we can all relate to!) with useful advice like "Keep calm and have a cupcake."

  11. Hello!! Yay for another mingle monday.

    This week I visited

    -SexyPrettyThings: I really loved her header thats what drew me in. I totally related to her blog post about her shopping issue and "giving it up cold turkey". I really liked her blog layout and the way she writes. Definitely a blog I will be reading often

    -Just another Smith: I really liked the name of her blog...I felt it was really unique. She is also really relatable as she is going through her last semester as an undergrad. I know I am excited to read more about her adventures as I graduated college 1.5 years ago. I also decided to follow her wedding blog (Puppy Love) because I love wedding planning. Both blogs have a great and well organized layout complete with tabs. Im excited to explore.

    :) Thanks forbeing a great host...Oh and I have no idea where I found you. It was either though 20something bloggers or through one of my other blogs I follow... Im glad I found you wherever it did come from

  12. I just visited A Moment With Megan, what an adorable blog!! The quote of the week idea is fabulous! I absolutely love it and recommend you all check it out!
    I also visited Simple Little Joys, and I think it is great! Definitely my kind of blog. And she just got the Versatile Blogger Award so congratulations!!! I can understand why she got it. Her blog is fabulous :)

    I love mingle Mondays! I discovered Life of Meg through 20something bloggers and am so glad I found it!

  13. This weeks Mingle Monday I got to visit:

    -Northwest Betty. Awesome! I love her new idea of Try It Tuesdays. I can't wait to see the first Try It Tuesday tomorrow.

    -Thanks for that Info Aimee. Another theme day blogger. I can't wait to follow more to also participate in the themed blogs.

  14. Just visited "Northwest Betty" and "A Beautiful Ride". Both are beautiful blogs. I have something in common with Betty as I too reside in the Northwest. And I can definitely relate to "A Beautiful Ride" when it comes to dating and how men go about it in today's world.

  15. HAPPY MONDAY! it is my first day of school and I rode my bike :). I felt so free it was an amazing start to my day. Releasing those endorphins :)


    Adorable read. I can't wait to have a home college or a University rather than attending my JC. It doesn't have that home feeling and I feel that it's because it is just an extension of highschool before I'm apart of something bigger. *(AND MORE EXPENSIVE) she really loves her school and I felt very inspired to carefully pick where I want to apply and to also VISIT THE CAMPUS if possible. THanks for opening up hun!



    So cute! She really loves her husband and seems to be enjoying the life of a military wife. Her cute little cupcakes in her second post got my stomach turning and grumbling because they looked so edible and delicious. I also love love love seeing women in positive relationships and in love. I am romantic and I love reading about LOVE what can I say. THANKS FOR SHARING GIRL!


  16. Aww, I just wanted to say a big Thank You to all you lovely ladies who wrote SUCH sweet comments about my blog! Oh, how you brightened my evening, made me smile, & raised my spirits! ♥ ♥ ♥

    Meg, you host the best Mingle Parties ;)

  17. Just Read...

    Pink Star World: I love the Pink Eye Candy Sundays...Pink Halloween is so awesome!

    Down Time: I'm totally in love with Slim Aaron's photography, so I loved your post! Your Backyard Beauty post is wonderful too. I can't wait to read more of this blog!

    I found Life of Meg through 20 Something Bloggers!


  18. I love Mingle Mondays! So many fun and fantastic blogs!

    This week I checked out:
    -Smitty @Just another Smith...her post about undergraduate life made me want to relive college all over again!
    -Db @ Forever Young...adorable blog with cute teaching ideas.

    And Meg,
    I found your blog through 20sb. Oooh, and I gave you a shout out on my blog today!
    Here's the link:

    Thanks so much for fun!

  19. it is fun isn't it?? all at the comfort of our own offices, schools, homes, libraries..etc. Such a great escape to a busy life!

  20. Happy Mingle Monday everyone!

    This week I visited Puppy Love (loved that cute pic of the basset hounds!) and A Beautiful Ride.

    I found Life of Meg through another blogger who was participating in Mingle Monday, but for the life of me can't remember who that was. Very glad I stumbled on this blog because Mingle Monday is probably one of my favorite blog hops.

  21. I read the following:

    A Moment with Megan- I mainly chose this one because we have the same name. Her blog is precious, as is her little boy! I'm really wanting to try that breakfast casserole that she posted about (twice actually). I'm a new follower. I was unable to comment on her's because only team members of her blog are allowed to comment.

    Just Another Smith/Puppy Love- I am in LOVE with both of Smitty's blogs! We are so similar in our relationships with our handsome men. We both have long lasting relationships, both 6+ years. I can't wait to follow her through all the wedding planning ! I also love the fact that she is loves animals and goes as far as volunteering at the Humane Society. The story about she and hubs-to-be fostering the sick puppies was bittersweet. :'(

    She just gained a new follower!

  22. Thanks so much for the kind words about my blog! I am thrilled you like it!

    I found so many amazing blogs!

    2 ramdom fab blogs I followed:

    Puppy Love: She is planning her wedding, how fun! I will enjoy reading about that, I loved planning mine! Her puppy Bear is adorable!

    Bellini Bunny: Her blog is so cute and pink! Lots of great content, I look forward to reading more! She just won a fabulous prize, I am so jealous!

  23. Happy Monday! This week, I visited Northwest Betty and A Beautiful Ride! Northwest Betty just did a fun post about her summer and a collage with all of her pics...makes me wish I had 3 more months of summer now :) A Beautiful Ride's latest post is super sweet and romantic...I'll definitely be reading more of both of these!

  24. ok so i checked out:

    Sexy pretty things - really opinionated girl (which i love)but funny with it. This is def a blog i can relate to.

    one sassy vixen - cute layout, love her funny drawings, made me laugh too

  25. i checked out one sassy vixen.. and um im in love!!! and i checked out Poodleism and again amazing! cute fun and engaging!

  26. #1 Visited Simple Little Joys---She is witty and fun!

    #2 Visited A Moment with Megan---She shares my irrational enjoyment of reality TV!

    -ELizabeth @ Permanently at Lunch

  27. annndd...I have no idea how I found Life of Meg...!:( Just stumbled upon it one day and loved it!

    -Elizabeth @ Permanently At Lunch

  28. To everyone who tried to leave a comment on A moment with Megan, I got the comment situation figured out! Sorry for the inconvenience!

  29. I visited A Beautiful Ride and loved it! I love the song her blog name is based on and her post from yesterday was precious!

    I also visited A Moment With Megan and loved that she's a fellow KS blogger and etsy seller! Her blog is just adorable!

  30. i just checked out One Sassy Vixen. i absolutely loved her writing style and humor. she has a way of putting her inner dialogue into words and it works perfectly.

    the second blog i visited was Poodleism. i like her layout and the way she mixes in text and photos. they balance and compliment each other well. i also relate to her stories.

    this was my first mingle monday and i loved it! i'll be returning!

  31. oh and i found life of meg by surfing through the blogrolls of some other blogs i like. i can't remember which one led me to you! but several of my favorite blogs have you on their blog rolls. you are loved :)

  32. OK so this is officially my first Mingle Monday!! Well, first I visited "Just Another Smith" and after I read her 'About Me' section, I understood the name of her blog and I think it's super adorable and really creative. And lucky for me, both blogs I visited had some dog theme related post as their last posts and I am completely dog obsessed so I was so pleasantly surprised. But yeah, I love this blog and there's some funny postings (re: George Bush in a snuggie). I am definitely a follower now!!

    Okay, and then I visited "Classic Puppy Love" (told you I was obsessed).. and she seems like such a sweetheart. And she has a wedding countdown on her sidebar and I found that adorabloe! She also has a nice diversity of posting topics so she was a fun read and has a nice variety.

    Going off to find some more blogs now!!

  33. Oh and I'm pretty sure that I also found you through 20sb!!

  34. I stopped by to visit Jen at Bird in boots ( I liked her Office Jargon post. She talks about some of the things we hear around the office.

    I also visited Starspinkworld ( I love pink!!! She also had a"Top 2 Tuesday" where she lists Top 2 Characters You Would Want To Play on a TV Show or Movie.

    I found Meg's blog from another blog, but can't remember whose.

    Stef @


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