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August 9, 2010

Mingle Monday

Welcome to Mingle Monday! Are you ready to gain new followers and discover several new blogs? Well, hopefully Mingle Monday gets your day off to a GREAT start!

If you are new to [Life of Meg] or Mingle Monday... thank you for stopping by! So glad you found my humble little blog and I hope you'll stick around! Feel free to click on the Mingle Monday tab loccated on the top of my blog for complete information, or keep on reading below for the abbreviated version! Glad you're here!

How to enter the party:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

**If not a follower yet, please click the follow button on the right hand side to be elligible!**

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!

How to play:

1) Click on 2 other blogs' thumbnails and go visit their blog.

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave a short encouraging review of the 2 blogs you visited!

4) All "blog and run" perpetrators will be deleted from the party, so please be sure to leave your comment!


Just like a usual Mingle Monday, anyone who posts about the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday will be in the running to be one of my top weekly reads. I will choose up to 3 blogs at random and give an amazing recommendation to all of my lovely [Life of Meg] readers... meaning lots of new followers for YOU!


{ Super easy, super fun! }

Remember, positivity comes back around! If you rave about somebody else's blog, there is a GREAT chance that somebody will give YOU an amazing recommendation!

You have a higher chance of someone seeing your blog if you visit several - so add to the fun and be a generous mingler!


** The linky is open until Wednesday at midnight (CST)... so get mingling! **

Can't wait to read your recommendations and visit your blogs!

**Weekly Must Reads coming soon - be on the look out if you posted last week! :)


  1. Well, since I'm third on the list I visited your blog and Tiffany over at Apple Doesn't Fall Far.

    I feel silly writing about how awesome your blog is because everyone here already knows that or they wouldn't be here!

    Love, love, loved Tiffany's roundup of giveaways some of her favorite blogs are doing. Who doesn't like free stuff, right?

  2. Today I visited an Apple Doesn't Fall Far. The layout/theme is awesome. I love the chronicles of her life with her two little ones and hubby, they are an adorable family.

    I also visited Jessica at Mis Adventrues of an Army Wife. I really enjoyed her writing style, it's so personable. Although it was the first time visiting her site, I felt easily connected to her.

  3. I am working on visiting all of them but wanted to highlight 2 of them for now:

    -- Check out Poodleism's Friday News Flash for some hilarious newsworthy tidbits

    -- Loved Fayesbook's Hanson Hangover. Who knew they were still around, and looked like that! They totally look different.

    Thanks for hosting Meg!

  4. Happy Monday! I love when this day comes! I visited:

    The Bird in Boots - hilarious announcement about her excitement for the new Sweet Valley books, love the workout gear recommendations...generally great tone and variety!

    Faye's Book - So. Freaking. Funny. I wish I could count the number of times I've had a "Hanson Hangover." Love her humor and writing!

    I wrote about Mingle Monday here:

    Thanks for organizing again, love it!

  5. I visited Poodleism and O is me -- both very cute blogs!

    Poodleism has so funny stuff to say. Loved her Friday Newsflash and the Banana Republic pants picture -- hilarious!

    O is me has such a cute layout and shares great recipes including a yummy Fattoush Salad!

  6. Well I visited My Simple Everyday and thought she was so cute and LOVED her wedding pictures! And I love her name.

    Also visited Life. Blogged. and really liked her most recent post about hair. She seems like a really fun person, and made me want to stay away from my straightener!!

    Fayesbook was also a good read, and her about me page reminded me so much of my best friend! I think we would get along well. :)

    Thanks again, Meg!!

  7. Well hello!!

    Today I visited A Bird in Boots - Really cute layout..loved the post about the pink workout gear. :) And the 'bookshelf' of her fav books is really cool.

    Also went to Cameron - Really cute blog! Loved the background and adorable baby pics!!


  8. I visited...many of these blogs. (My first day of my first "real" job...not a lot to do.) But I'll stick with my first 2 visits:

    Apple Doesn't Fall Far - great layout, and though i don't have chilren...i think i'm gonna need a lot of blogs to help me out once i do, so why not get started early?? also, anyone from the dallas-ish area is fine with me!!

    Poodleism - I can already tell I'm gonna love everything that comes out of this girl's her keyboard.

  9. oh mahn!!!! those strawberries look good!

  10. i love mingle mondays. Woot!

    So I have checked put a Girl in the Sunshine. She has a super cute blog. I like her a lot though because she is easy to relate to.

    Bird in Boots has a super cute blog layour which I am jealous of. I also like her different themed days especially Tip Tuesdays.

    The last blog I visited was Faye'sbook. I mainly went to it because of the name. It was a nice blog... She writes about everyday stuff. Very well written and interesting

  11. This is my first time participating, fun times! :) I visited:
    -The Bird in Boots: I love her cute little header and it seems like she's got a great vibe to her blog!

    -You and Me and Baby Makes Three: LOVE that the first thing I saw on her blog was a picture of the Jersey Shore cast, ha! :)

    Happy Monday!

  12. I love Mingle Monday! I'm making my rounds through all of them, but here are the two that I "officially" visited:

    Tryin' to throw my arms around world. This girl has officially inspired me to get out and get running! I love her widgets and her "second" blog is just as neat!

    My Simple Everyday. Gorgeous layout and design--girl's got some skills! I just loved her wedding recap/anniversary post with pictures from the wedding, and her giveaways are great!

    Happy Monday everyone!

  13. So far I've stopped by Bird in Boots - Love the layout and enjoyed the posts that I read! I'm excited to see what she does with her new layout that she's working on.

    I also stopped by Apple Doesn't Fall Far...also enjoyed her posts! She seems so upbeat and has lots to write about.

  14. So far this week I've stopped by A Girl In The Sunshine, as Aimee said she's easy to relate to and her blog is just cute.

    I also visited O is Me and I love the layout and I lvoe any blogs that share recipes.

  15. I guess my comment didn't come up...

    I'm trying to visit all the blogs but these two are the "official" ones:

    {Mis}Adventures of an Army Wife. I really like her background and her blog is quite interesting!

    Bean Soup is the other blog I visited. I really like her writing style and her dog is just so adorable!

  16. Went to visit "Bean Soup." Gotta love those who dabble in photography. Also, I went to "Today's Gift." All I can say is, Natasha is absolutely awesome.

  17. I visited "A Girl in the Sunshine" and loved her style of writing. I also read a little about the current book she is reading, which happens to be the same book that I just purchased.

    I also visited "Faye's Book" and beyond loved what I saw! I feel that Faye and I might have a lot in common, judging from her post content and "about me" section.

  18. Going to go explore! I'm back!!!

  19. I visited Sexy Vixen and A girl in the sunshine. Both very cute blogs! Sexy Vixen has a bunch of funny stories that I will be heading back over to read. and A girl in sunshine has some inspiration to share with everyone! Highly recommend their blogs!

  20. I visited Natasha's Corner & A Girl In the Sunshine.

    I love both blog layouts.

    I like A Girl in Sunshine's list & favorite quotes pages.

    I love Natasha's Corner's past posts & she loves the little mermaid just like me.

    I like this Mingle Monday. Great for new bloggers like me =)

  21. I guess my first post didn't go through!

    I went to poodleism- love the Friday news flash and her cute "signature". I'm going to have to get me one.

    The bird in the boots- yay beagle, go hound doggie :)And her tip tuesday was much needed (workout motivation!)

    Also I blogged about mingle monday!

  22. Hey Meg! Lovin' this Mingle Monday! Super easy.

    My new blog friends this week:

    1. The Juici Life - Super cute layout and she posted a healthy recipe! I am so into that, as I post some myself frequently.

    2. My Simple Everyday - Gorgeous blog and gorgeous wedding photos! She's a newlywed like myself, which is fun!

    Great blogs! Great mingling!

  23. HI!!

    I visited Apple Doesn't Fall Far: such a cute blog. I am so glad I found it through your Mingle Monday. She is so open, honest, and funny about her life stories. I will definitely be keeping up with her blog.

    I also stopped by MisAdventures of an Army Wife: her post about not camping was exactly what I would be like. Such a cute layout too!

    Thanks...can't wait till next Monday!!

  24. I visited: {1} Today's Gift -- Very cute blog! Her background is so fun! {2} Just Another Smith -- What a great name! And she's taking up running, so you know I'm impressed!

  25. Here are my new bloggy girls:

    Cameron from You Me and Baby Makes Three - Her blog posts are so fun and she has a cutie little baby!

    Faye from Faye's Book - Love her posts and her about me section. I'm looking forward to following her blog, too!

  26. I stopped by O is Me - a fellow theatre nerd! Definitely check it out, it's worth the read!

    I also stopped by Bird in Boots. This is one of the cutest layouts I've ever seen and she posted about the new Sweet Valley series, which I for one am way too excited for :)

  27. I visited Forever Young and loved the teacher week series she's doing! I (hopefully) will be a first year teacher this year and I love hearing about other people's experiences!

  28. Oops! Posted too soon. I also visited One Sassy Vixen and loved her layout and sense of humor!

  29. LOVE Mingle Monday!

    I just started browsing through Natasha's Corner and a single girl in the city, and I'm loving both of them so far!

    Natasha's corner just posted about my FAV TV show, Friends, so I know I'm gonna love her blog!

    I am SO JEALOUS of a single girl in the city... How amazing would it be to live in NYC!? I am thrilled to keep reading about her adventures!

    Rachel @ Simple Little Joys

  30. This is so fun and I'm so glad I found you through 20 something bloggers! I visited Chloe at Trying to Throw My Arms Around the World--she was running an amazing giveaway, I love her style, and I'm totally following her blog now and left her comments.

    I then saw Sarah from A Girl in the Sunshine and loved her brief posts, that she mentioned Chloe's giveaway (bloggy love!), and that she's reading Eat, Pray, Love. Following her, too, and commented on Eat, Pray, Love and how I can't wait to see the movie! ;)


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