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August 15, 2010

Mingle Monday

Bonjour, lovelies and happy Monday to you! It's that time again... Mingle Monday has arrived and I hope it adds some sunshine to your week! Are you ready to gain new followers and discover new fabulous blogs?

{ Let's get this party started! }

If you are new to [Life of Meg] or Mingle Monday... thank you for stopping by! So glad you found my humble little blog and I hope you'll stick around!

Feel free to click on the Mingle Monday tab loccated on the top of my blog for complete information, or keep on reading below for the abbreviated version! Glad you're here!

How to enter the party:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

**If not a follower yet, please click the follow button on the right hand side to be elligible!**

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this blog and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!

How to play:

1) Click on 2 other blogs' thumbnails and go visit their blog.

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave a short encouraging review of the 2 blogs you visited!

4) All "blog and run" perpetrators will be deleted from the party, so please be sure to leave your comment!


Just like a usual Mingle Monday, anyone who posts about the [Life of Meg] Mingle Monday will be in the running to be one of my Weekly Must Reads. Each week I choose up to 3 blogs at random and give an amazing recommendation to all of my lovely [Life of Meg] readers... meaning lots of new followers for YOU!


{ Super easy, super fun! }

Remember, positivity comes back around! If you rave about somebody else's blog, there is a GREAT chance that somebody will give YOU an amazing recommendation!

You have a higher chance of someone seeing your blog if you visit several - so add to the fun and be a generous mingler!


** The linky is open until Wednesday at midnight (CST)... so get mingling! **

Happy Monday!


  1. Wow! I'm the first one?! Here goes! :)

    First, I visited A Single Girl in the City: I've been to this blog before & I've always thought it was so cute! Her latest post is so true: we all want more followers. {Isn't that why I'm doing THIS?! Oh yes!}

    Second, I visited The Princess Diaries: Wow, these two blogs have the same background! The nerd in me notices these things :)

  2. I visited Amanda and Don and I loved her blog layout and all of the pictures of her and her hubby! They're adorable!

    I also visited Poodleism and I thought her most recent post was hilarious! Her commentary is so funny and spot on.

  3. Hello from a new follower!

  4. Happy MOnday all! Today I visited...

    - Amanda & Don: honest, funny, great travel stories. Love it! She's great at writing about things that she's working on toughing out, but still is happy/upbeat!

    - Life of Leetid: sexy men + precious, cute furry things = recipe for success in my book! Love the quick-hitting posts, too!

    Have a super week, all!

  5. Hello and happy Monday. Where did the weekend go?!

    First, I'd like to say that I posted about Mingle Monday on my blog here,, so hopefully it brings some more people to the party.

    Second, I'd like to say that I found two awesome new blogs to read and I'm very excited. I visited:

    ~Kimchee Chronicles: I love that her blog is about a bunch of different things; fashion, books, exercise, cooking, etc etc. She writes very well and includes some great pictures in her blogs to spice things up.

    ~Faye'sbook: A girl after my own heart, she doesn't care if she's Shakespeare but will tell you her opinion and her experiences as true as can be. She's fun and I love her blog.

  6. According to The Kimchee Chronicles, the Shake Weight really works, and not just as teh inspiration for a really good SNL spoof.

    Faye's Book's current blog describes why I always pay attention to road signs while driving. Well, usually.

  7. Hey!

    First I visited Amanda and Don. I totally feel for her right now. My brother is stationed in Germany away from all family and friends and it can definitely be difficult. I hope she hangs in there!!

    Second I visited Poodleism. She really makes me laugh. All of her posts have such a great flare to them. I will definitely stop back by.

    I made a comment about your Mingle Monday on my post today...I will be back next week. Thanks!!!

  8. Hi everyone! Such great blogs out there!
    I've visited three blogs so far...
    *You Me & Baby Makes 3: Cute blog that shows off a very happy family with an adorable baby!
    *Amanda & Don: Great post on tea...her pictures made me want to go out and buy some!
    *Poodleism: She had a fantastic post called Newsflash Fridays where she put up some unique and quirky "news" stories...very funny!

  9. Hi!

    I visited Amanda and Don and totally get her as a Navy wife, myself! LOVE her pics!

    I also visited A Lily Life and am having the same feelings of entering my late 20's, yikes!!!

  10. O is Me - Really cute blog! Love the layout and the recent makeup post. I will definitely go back for more!

    Simple Sweet Life - Adorable adorable adorable! Love her cute little puppy and the variety of post topics! :)


  11. Hi! I blogged about the party!

  12. Hi!

    Now following:

    Throw the Starfish Back - LOVE the starfish story on her first post

    You Me and Baby Makes 3 - That baby is adorable!

    Thanks Meg!

  13. Hello all!

    I stopped by - what a relaxing read! She has THE cutest dog and totally delicious looking recipes!

    I also stopped by You Me and Baby Makes 3 - what a cute baby and I love that all the posts reflect how happy their cute little family is :)

    I love mingle mondays!

  14. Eat, Love, Laugh has very nice photos. I really love the recipes too! I can't wait to try those key lime cupcakes! The little puppy, Brinkley, is so adorable too! I look forward to reading more on this blog! :)

    A Lilly Life is a great blog! I love the writing style. I really like this blog because you can tell she is passionate about her life. These are my favorite kind of blogs!!

    Thanks for including me into Mingle Monday!!

  15. Today I visited...
    The Bellini Bunny and Simple Sweet Life.
    Two wonderful blogs with sweet girls and I'm now following BOTH! Can't wait to keep reading them.

    The Bellini Bunny's latest post made me soooo excited about my upcoming trip to NYC.

    Simple Sweet Life seems so cool and so real. I'm eager to hear about her final thoughts on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!

    Happy Monday friends!

  16. Found your blog through Jayme and I'd be happy to join in! :)

  17. The first blog I stopped off at was
    A lily life, from the start I was impressed by her page—very cute layout! I also love her writing style, very blunt, with some humors inserts. One thing I love about her blog is that the post are different, they are also thoughtful and fun. This is definitely a blog that I will be back to read.

    The second blog up was : simple sweet life
    This was another blog I will definitely be coming back to. Mostly because it seemed like she was writing about everything I love. :) (Reading,starbucks, a puppy—and that was all in one post!

  18. Hey! This is my first time for Mingle Monday! Such a fun idea! I'll def be blogging about this later today!

    I stopped by (couldn't stick to just 2!):
    Amanda + Don- love the photos! Love the perspective from an army wife and everything that comes with that!

    Lucky in Love- such a cute blog! I love reading about happy couples. Such gorgeous wedding pics!

    A Lily Life- WOW can I relate to this blog!!! It's like she was writing about me! Can't wait to keep reading and see how she handles the big 2-7!

    Northwest Betty- what fun updates on her roadtrip! I love seeing her family!

    Eat Well.Love Much.Laugh Often- I love this blog! So sweet and fun and laid back. I'm always looking for fun recipes, and I just always love reading blogs about people enjoying life with their loved ones!

    Thanks Meg!

  19. Mingle Mondays are the best!

    I visited:

    Lucky in Love. She has such great wedding photos!


    Eat Well. Love Much. Laugh Often. She has some great recipes on her blog and nice layout.

    Natasha from:

  20. Participating in my first Blog Hop! Woo hoo!

    I visited:

    Poodleism - I love her Friday Newsflash. What a great way to recap on the week. Plus, if you read it every Friday, you will always have interesting topics of conversation for the weekend.

    A Lily Life - who writes about exploring the world in her 20's. She writes what is on her mind at the moment (lately her upcoming birthday) and I appreciate her honesty. A lot of the same thoughts often go through my head.

  21. I visited:

    -A girl in the Sunshine: Super cute blog layout and I adored her post on all things leopard print!

    -A Lily Life: Very simple and cute layout and she seems really easy to relate to. I remember feeling the exact same way when I was about to turn 27!

  22. I just visited:

    Lucky in Love: it's so fun reading about another happy couple in love and I loved seeing her wedding pictures on her blog!

    The Simple, Sweet Life: Such a cute blog about daily life and things that happen in life. Love it!

  23. I stopped by:

    Simple Sweet Life - I would visit this blog every day just to look at the cute puppy. But then you also get cute blog posts, too!

    Monday Morning - love. it. i love to hear someone vent because there's always someone who feels the same way!

  24. I only had time for one quick visit this morning, but what a great visit it was! You definitely need to go visit Poodleism - what a hoot!

  25. Ok, so I lied...I sneaked in one more...Eat Love Laugh.... omg the pictures of the food (those key lime cupcakes look to die for!) - so YUM! And I love, love, love her 10 things that make her smile post - they made me smile, too!

  26. Woohoo!!! Love Mingle Mondays!!!

    This week I am following these two awesome blogs!!!

    The Bellini Bunny - She loves good a drink, good food and Etsy, a girl after my own heart!

    Enjoy Yourself - Great posts, great pictures and all about loving life!

  27. sorry for my late reponse as I know i was one of the first to enter mingle monday but it was Monday Madness for me yesterday.
    Anyway I took a look at:

    Jen @ The Bird in Boots - harmonizing layout and really good reviews. Looks like she travels which i love to hear peoples travel stories. visit this blog if you find something new to do, read, wear or maybe eat.

    Racheal @simple Little Joys :)- This is such a cute blog, i love it. really like her idea about top 2 tuesday, take a look and find out more. And she seems like the sweetest girl ever :)

    i also stopped by some more after reading comments really enjoyed:
    single girl in the city and
    simple sweet life

  28. First time participating and I visited.
    The Simple Sweet Life: Cute blog about her life just writing about everything that happens.
    I also visited This Life of Ours: another cute blog about an army wife who shares her life and cooking and decorating.

  29. Hey--I'm here from

    I visited Eat, Love, Laugh and LOVED her dog and dessert recipes. I will be back!

    Also visited A Lily Life and could so relate with getting closer and closer to 30!

  30. Hey everyone! I am slowly getting around to everyone's blogs, but the 2 I wanted to share this week were:

    Simple Little Joys -- totally agreed with her "Top 2 Characters You'd Want to Play on a TV Show or Movie."

    Enjoy Yourself -- loved the "Today's To Do List" post. I think I will post this up at work.

  31. okay so MEG it's Wednesday but I really enjoyed this concept and wanted to mingle as well :)

    I viewed two blogs Eat.LoVe.Laugh and LUCKY IN LOVE sooo amazing!! i immediately followed her blog after witnessing the display of her recent dessert recipe and the finished product made me cravveee something sweet and delicious. I'm excited to have found this one!!

    Lucky in lOVe: was very precious. It was exciting to share the special day with her through photos. I am in love with LOVE so I really am excited to read more about her adventures as she embarks on this new journey with the man of her dreams. How amazing!!! ughhh

    okay so yeah. Please don't be mad I messed up and did this wednesday but i kinda stumbled across and didnt really absorb the monday mingle part until i was done checking out the blogs. lol

    love you all<@


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