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June 27, 2014

Currently + Weekend Wishes

Thank sweet little eight pound baby Jesus, Friday is here in full fury.
Happy weekend, my friends. Let the wild rumpus commence!

Lots of new adventures lately, so I couldn't help but share what's been on the brain box lately. Here's the inside scoop.


thinking | That meeting besties for coffee + daydreaming before work is the shiz.
making | Cute patterned eye pillows full of rice and lavender for my coworkers to enjoy at our weekly yoga class. Namaste.
drinking | Quay spice latte with extra fancy latte art or green smoothies like they are going out of style.
reading | "Beautiful Ruins" by Jess Walter, but just finished "The Fault in Our Stars".
wanting |  Absolutely every piece of Americana inspired gear from this post.
looking |  Forward to next weekend's cabin weekend escape.
playing |  Sam Smith's amazing Whitney Houston cover. So much goodness.
eating |  Farm fresh eggs for the first time. Life changing.
remembering |  That one time when we went through Krispy Kreme's drive thru at 8:15 PM. Oh yeah, that was last night.
trying |  desperately to actually like greek yogurt.
watching |  So You Think You Can Dance. It's good for my dance loving soul and the fact that they used Ben Rector music last episode made me squeal.
deciding |  Whether or not to sell the Haskins House. #bigkidproblems
wishing |  I was sipping pina coladas at Galley Bay Antigua - take me back!
planning |  To attempt a strawberry rhubarb pie from scratch.
enjoying |  The World Cup games.
daydreaming |  About going back to San Francisco to explore my old stomping grounds and relive my urban adventures.
waiting |  For the clock to reach 5 o'clock - we're off to Theater in the Park tonight!
liking |  The fact that I have come across some amazing new Instagram feeds.
wondering |  If a DQ Blizzard is in my very near future.
needing |  Some Beast snuggles ASAP.
wearing |  My limited edition Charlie Hustle USA tee.
noticing |  That traffic into downtown was amazingly light this morning. #itsamiracle
smelling |  Like men's bodywash. Awkward. I was all out, so what's a girl to do?
buying |  A sweet USA turban to debut at 4th of July pallooza. I just hope I am cool enough to wear it... ha!
feeling |  Thankful for the news that after my dad's check-up he is still cancer free!


Oh how life changes month-to-month and year-to-year. One day I am going to look back on all of my "Currently" posts and laugh. What a trip down memory lane! {Thanks for the inspiration, Jess!}

// What things have you been eating, drinking, or doing lately? //


In case you missed it...

Have some wild weekend adventures, you party animals.

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  1. I so want to read The Fault in our Stars. Everyone is talking about how good it is. I'm a bit late but I hope to get on the bandwagon and read the book. I haven't had a DQ blizzard in such a long time. That sounds so good today since it is very humid where I live. It is really hard for me to eat Greek yogurt by itself. I usually get the vanilla flavored and add strawberries and granola. It tastes more like a treat.

  2. Those eye pillows sound great, and a weekly work yoga class!
    Happy Weekend!

  3. I loooove this post! What a fun idea. I think I may have to do one like this soon :) How about we go to San Fran together?!?! Happy weekend, sister!

  4. Ooh I hope a DQ blizzard is in my near future too, that would be great! I hope you had a good time at Theater in the Park last night--the weather was beautiful (once the sun started to set at least)!

  5. Sam Smith's cover is amazing!! Love San Fran and this post too! I think I might have to do one like it soon!

  6. I LOVE this list! I'm so glad I inspired you ;) Hope you got that DQ blizzard...or better yet, Murray's.


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