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October 25, 2013

More Prayers + Update

As many of you know, it has been a crazy week for my family and I feel like I know live in a hospital! :)

Before my mom's scary hospital stint this week, my brother already had his back surgery scheduled for today. My mom was going to be the one to drive him to surgery and bring him home, but now that she is recovering, our family and friends have all stepped up to lend a hand. 

So thankful for the meals. 
The rides.
The texts.
The support.
And of course, your prayers.

We have been very optimistic about Kelly's surgery and supportive of his decision - we just want his quality of life to go back up. My brother originally injured his back while playing Division 1 soccer in South Carolina causing chronic pain and the end of his collegiate athletic career.

He's managed the pain until re-injuring his back about 6 months ago, this time his herniated disk had ruptured causing fragments to break off and press on a large nerve in his lower back.

Since then, he is unable to feel things in his left leg (hip to ankle), it fall asleep quickly, and he's in constant pain. Not to mention the back pain to add on to it.

UPDATE // Very happy to report that he made it out of surgery okay and is now in recovery at KU. The surgeon said they successfully removed all disc fragments and he should instantly regain feeling and have lessened pain in his legs. We'll keep you posted - he will soon be moved to the neuro care unit. He's in a lot of pain, so please pray for that specifically.

Kelly will have a 6+ week recovery for his back, but he will be in good hands! Thanks all for your continued support/prayers this week with all that's been going on with my mom and brother - we appreciate each one of you!

Meanwhile, I think I should've earned my RN by now, don't you think? Haha!
Just happy to be healthy enough to take care of my wonderful family - love them.

As of 10/26/13 - Both of them are home and recovering!!

Wishing you all a wonderful and healthy weekend!

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  1. hahah LOVE that picture!

  2. I am so happy to hear that your brother made it out of surgery OK! Here's to a speedy recovery. :)
    The Grass Skirt

  3. Here is to a speedy recovery and continued health. Enjoy your family and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Praying for your family!!

  5. So much happening in your family right now! I'm so glad his surgery went well. Still sending prayers your way!

  6. Glad he's on the road to recovery! Sending you guys lots of love and support from NYC <3333

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix


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