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October 9, 2013

Advice Needed - DSLR Camera Shopping

So, my birth month is rapidly approaching (yes, I said month!), and the hubs has been asking for my birthday/Christmas wish list. Of course there are a few trinkets and such on there, but I've really had my eye on a DSLR camera!

Or a puppy.
(but that got vetoed.)

Ever since I've started this humble little blog, I've been dying to learn how to capture beautiful photos of my own and share them. If I got a DSLR, I would have a blast learning the ins and outs of a big girl camera.

But first I have to know which one to go for.
This is where you come in...

1 //  What DSLR camera do you recommend and why?
2 //  Do I need to add specific lenses to my wish list too?
3 //  What about editing software? Any faves?
4 //  How did you learn to use it? Tips/tricks?

I would love to have a camera that could beautifully photograph food as well as everyday photos.
Any help, advice, or recommendation are gladly welcomed!


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  1. I would go with newest Canon Rebel, that is what another blogger suggested to me. Good luck with deciding!!

  2. I've got the Nikon D5100 and love it. It takes beautiful pictures with the kit lens, but the range is limited. I'm going to ask for a new 50mm lens this Christmas too. I don't use any special photo editing software-- just picasa and picmonkey usually. I have Photoshop Elements but don't really know how to use it. Haha.

  3. Hey lady! I wrote a whole blog post about why I went with a refurbished older Canon Rebel. I'd explain here, but you'll get a better picture if you read my post!

    Let me know if it's any help!

    Why I Bought a Refurbished Canon Rebel

  4. Hey lady!! I am a Canon lover over here. (I just posted about my two most recent sessions, both shot with a canon and a 50mm 1.4 lens)
    I definitely would recommend starting with their Rebel series. I started with the Rebel T3, but there are definitely more advanced ones now. And the 50mm 1.4 lens is AMAZING. its about $300. Or you can go with the 50mm 1.8 lens which is about half the price and its a fabulous lens too! Good luck lady! :)

  5. Definitely NIKON! I first started with a Nikon D3000 in March 2010 (the equivalent is D3200 I believe now). In January 2012, I upgraded to the more professional model D7000 (there's a newer version of that, that just came out).

    Definitely get a 50mm. It is a perfect portrait lens!

  6. 100% Canon Rebel. Keep in mind that it's not always about the camera body, the lens plays a huge role!

  7. I use a Canon Rebel T3i which I bought earlier this year and told the sales associate at Best Buy that I specifically wanted to photograph food. He said there was no need to upgrade to the newer model unless I was planning to do lots of videos. As far as the lens... I did purchase another one at the time, but have been super content with the original one that came with my camera (for now!).

  8. Yep, the Canon Rebel T3i is a perfect entry level camera. I'd suggest getting a lens with a better zoom rather than the kit lens (18-55mm) that it comes with. You can often upgrade to a better lens when you buy it rather than buying a 2nd one. Let me know if you need more help with lenses. Oh, and my biggest suggestion is actually take time to learn the camera - don't just put it on auto mode! It's about the photographer, not the camera. :-) -Lindy

  9. Canon Rebel T3i all the way!!! I agree with Hannah - no need to get newest version unless you're planning to shoot lots of videos.

  10. I personally love Nikon, but that is just my preference. I started out with a Canon Rebel but switched to Nikon a few months later. I feel Nikon's menu's and buttons are easier to use and navigate. Nikon D3100 or D7000 would be my suggestion for you, and definitely pick up a 50 mm f/1.8. They're very affordable and great for everyday!


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