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April 25, 2013

Antsy for Order

So, life lately has just been slightly chaotic.

We've been going, going, going every weekend this past month, and almost every night this week. Work for me has been super stinking busy (and stressful at times), and by the time we get home each night we're too exhausted to do much besides eat and sleep, let alone clean/organize our house.

It's to the point where tolerating it isn't cutting it anymore. You know, when the normal out of place items start to be a HUGE deal. Where you about lose it every time you open the hall closet (avalanche!).

Ever been in that spot before?
Just me?

So this weekend, I am about to go nutzo on The Evans estate.

Well, I am majorly looking forward to getting our house (and life?) in order this weekend. And for the first time in a LONG time, I'm motivated and just ready.

Plus, I think it's about time to unpack my boxes of things that are collecting dust in our basement storage since I moved in after our wedding... 6 weeks ago. Ya think?

My OCD inspiration...

And once everything has a spot, I am ready to tackle some home decor and DIY projects...

So ready to get organized, have a fresh home, and pretty it up a bit! We are hosting a baby shower for our dear friends this weekend, so it will be nice to enjoy a clean house, pretty decor, and a super cute patio when our friends are over

Spring cleaning.
So ready.

Who's with me?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean - my roommate is so messy and while I love her, it drives me crazy! That indoor herb garden looks so cool!

  2. We do a good job of keeping things in order around here, but when we're busy busy like that, it falls by the wayside.
    We recently added a pot lid holding to one of our cabinet doors to help organize the pots and pans we had cuz they were OUT OF CONTROL unorganized. It's helped SO much!
    Good luck with your organization! I'm sure you'll feel good after :)

  3. Oh man, I feel ya here! Something about spring really makes me want to get everything organized and clean! And this includes landscaping - ah!

  4. I so know what you mean! My cleaning OCD gets a lot worse in the spring. I have been organizing this and that over a past few weekends, and that will continue ..... as well as I have a list other to-do's such as paining downstairs bathroom, fixing small things here and there in the house. Maybe even paint the guest bedroom if I get really motivated.

  5. I hear ya about the going going going all the time...I feel like every weekend is booked already this year! haha... Glad you have a down weekend to get some stuff in order...I used my days off this week to give our house a much needed scrub!

  6. Can some of your OCD rub off on me? My apartment and my office need it! lol

  7. I wish I could be with you! I'll be heading out to do my sister's prom this weekend so my house wont get any attention. :( Organizing is my favorite...the cleaning not so much. lol


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