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April 1, 2013

Mingle Monday Blog Hop!

Thanks for dropping by today!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend - we sure had a good time. In fact, I'm currently eating a massive salad to get back on track after the tempting candy-fest that was yesterday.

Lots of exciting things coming your way this week, including tons of photos if the camera cord I ordered ever comes in!

If you're new to Mingle Monday, welcome from the bottom of my heart! This is a fun, positive blog hop that begins on Monday and lasts ALL WEEK! That's right, all week. So link-up, visit some great blogs, and have fun welcoming people who will be heading your way!

A Huge Thank You... advance for spreading the word! Blog post, Twitter, smoke signals... you name it, I love it! The more this continues to grow, the greater your chances to gain some wonderful new followers and find great blogs!

{ Many thanks! }

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3) Go visit other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!
4) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below...
** Favorite Easter treat... go! ** 


Here are some MUST visit blogs for you...

Katie @ The Small Change Project
Casey @ Poodleism

Kaitlyn @ Crazy Life of Kaitlyn

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  1. I am in love with the Sweet Tarts bunnies and chicks. You can only get them at Easter time, so I try and stock up. :)

  2. Reese's eggs!! They're the best! :)

  3. Reese's Eggs. I could eat them everyday!! And, I also love pastel colored M&Ms...even though I know they don't taste any different. I just love the colors!

  4. I'm a sucker for chocolate any time of the year so Cadburry, M&M's, bunnies, etc are that much more tempting around Easter!

  5. Today is my first Mingle Monday and I am so pumped! Thanks for doing such a fun blog hop :)
    My favorite Easter treat is Hershey's mini eggs!! Soo yummy, I think I have already eaten 3 bags.

  6. i LOVE Cadbury Robin's Eggs!

  7. My new favorite easter treat is the chocolate chip cookie dough balls someone made for our easter celebration yesterday...just yumminess!

  8. Peeps are my favorite!

  9. Hi Meg! I'm new to your link-up! Thanks for hosting! My FAVORITE Easter treat is a Reese's egg!!!

  10. A regular old chocolate bunny, Ears first! lol

  11. Definitely Peeps and Chocolate bunnies. And Cadbury Creme eggs....and jelly beans. Ok, there's probably not an easter candy that I DON'T like haha

  12. Thank you for hosting this hop :-)

    My favorite Easter treat are Cadbury Eggs. I intentionally don't buy many - so I don't eat them all! The 'Easter Bunny' doesn't bring any near the house until Easter night - just so I don't get tempted :-D

  13. Favorite easter treat....ANYTHING chocolate. But I also make this fruit salad in homemade whipped cream every easter that I LOVE!


  15. I love hollow easter bunnies - it is so satisfying taking the first bite!

    PS. new follower!

  16. thanks for hosting! :)
    have a happy day!

  17. favorite easter treat? I'm going to go boring and say peanut m&m's (since I ate a dish of them today.)

  18. Mini Eggs. Even though they now sell them year-round, I only buy them at Easter (and sometimes Christmas!)

  19. I thought I was going to be the only one to say sweet tarts chicks and bunnies, but apparently I'm not alone! :)

  20. Thanks for hosting! New follower and I love your blog!!

  21. I am totally back on the salads too- have drunk and eaten way too much this Easter weekend!!! Love your blog- new follower from London!

    My fave eggs are the creme eggs, yum!!!


  22. My favourite easter treats absolutely must be Cadbury's creme eggs. But now they're all gooooone!

  23. I should've adopted your philosophy and hopped on the Salad bandwagon, but instead I just had a Russel Stovers Milk Chocolate bunny afternoon snack. Yum! Then Blah!!

  24. My favorite Easter treat are anything chocolate!


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