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April 4, 2013

5 Things...

It's been a crazy busy week with minimal blogging (and still no camera cord to upload SO many photos! ugh.), but I have just a few random thoughts for today...

1) I cannot get enough of nesting.
Who am I? Seriously. I had no idea that once I had my own home, I would just want to constantly think of DIY projects and make it cozier. I tackled this one and this one last week, and it's changed our lives... or at least I like to think so! ;) Have any must DIY ideas for me?

2) Where the *beep* is spring?
Mother Nature keeps teasing me with a glimmer of sunshine and daffodils, before dumping a foot of snow on my crushed Spring dreams.

I am beyond ready for 60+ degree weather and frolicking outside. Picnics. Dog walks. Farmer's market. I want all Spring, all the time.

3) I hate writing thank you notes.
It takes all that I have to squeeze out 5 wedding thank yous a day, and that's like pulling teeth. Why on earth is something so easy as thanking our friends and family for their overwhelming generosity so hard to get motivated for? Good. Grief.

4) Back on the healthy living train.
...and full steam ahead! It's insane how much time I have to workout and meal plan now that I'm not going to taste testings and floral meetings. Completely in love with free time! Feel free to find me on MyFitnessPal so we can do this healthy living thing together.

I've also renewed my Zumba class pass and plan to shake what my mama gave me at least twice a week now! On top of that, I finally bought running shoes yesterday (thank you for an amazing deal Nordstrom Rack!). And they're neon. Look out KC, you won't be able to miss me!

5) I want another puppy.
Yup. Adam made the mistake of promising that we could get a puppy as early as April. guess who was online looking at all the shelters on April 1st? This girl.

We would love an adorable French bulldog or possible a King Charles Cavalier puppy. I mean, how cute would a bundle of cuddling puppies be? Beast needs a sibling, so I'm all over this. Sending puppy photos to hubs every single day.

And that's what you get when your promise things, Adam Evans! ;)

Don't worry, I know I've sworn it to you several times, but photos are coming.
Lots and lots of photos.

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  1. I want another puppy too!! I am trying my hardest to get my hubs to promise me too!

    I am so excited to catch up on all your wedding photos!!

  2. Oh puppy shopping is too much fun!! You are gunna give everyone puppy fever with those breeds!! I remember writing thank you notes as well and it wasn't all that much fun either!! Best of luck with that!!

  3. I grew up with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and they are the most amazing dogs (and oh, so cute!) I highly recommend them if you're looking to expand your family! Brittany @

  4. love the new blog look! and i agree about spring... it was freaking freezing today, and i hated it! im SO ready for some sunshine.

  5. I'm super ready for spring too, and starting to get back on the workout kick as well. I think my motivation depends on the sunshine! Can't wait to see pics.

  6. I'm so ready for SPRING! Please, hurry! :)

  7. I'm getting a puppy too :) Except it's our first and he'll be 150 pounds when it's all said and done (Bernese Mountain Dog)


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