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February 1, 2011

Let the Magic Begin!

Why Good Mornin'!!
I woke up so unbelievably happy this morning. Why you ask? Well my alarm went off and I reached my hand out of my super cozy bed, grabbed my phone, and found a message from my super sweet co-worker friend that read:

"No work... SNOW DAY!! :)"

Instant smile.

So naturally I sent a text to BF, Mom and Dad, and all my fave friends. This girl has a snow day and I am ready to do something FUN to celebrate! WOOP WOOP!

With a predicted 15-20 inches of snow, I might be here awhile! I thought I would share my snow day plans with you via these fabulous photos.

.:: Right now I am... ::.

+ in my PJs
+ snuggling with Bella Beast
+ getting ready to watch The Bachelor (Go DVR!)

.:: I am looking forward to... ::.

+ trekking to BF's house
+ making cinnamon rolls for him and his roomies
+ hanging with my friends all day
+ watching movies

.:: Today I want to... ::.

+ start my new crochet project
(did you see those headwraps up there? ;) yay!)
+ drink yummy hot chocolate
+ play in the snow
+ relax
+ enjoy my magical snow day

I am even so excited right now I can't go back to sleep, which make my little puppy monster happy! Just snuggling together in my bed!

{ Did anyone else get a snow day?! }

Have a Magical Day!


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  1. And a good morning to you!
    Just finished shoveling 9 inches of new snow off the sidewalk. I stood there after I finished watching the path fill up AGAIN! Mannnn, I USED TO love snow!

    Toby, jumped down from the side of the porch, disappeared in the snow, worked his way back to the steps, and peed on the porch. Gawd! kt

  2. Enjoy your snow day!! Kind of wish we had one here as well.

  3. ahhh I'm so jealous! We were supposed to get a lot of ice, but its so warm that it ended up just being rain. Boo :( off to class I go... enjoy your day! :)

  4. We had a snow day yesterday and today here in MN. Probably a delay tomorrow with wind chills to -45! Enjoy your snow day--sounds like so much fun! Oh, and I have a head wrap like the one you are going to crochet.... love it!

  5. yah!! i think im taking a sick/snow day tomorrow... its suppose to snow 20 inches tonight. enjoy your day off!! xoxo jcd

    ps be sure to stop by and enter in my Vamoose Jewelry giveaway::

  6. Hello Meg,

    No snow day for me as I'm in the Caribbean, gorgeous weather out there today!

    Please visit my blog and participate on my very first giveaway, I'm giving away a hand made little gift, 100% made by me!

    Enjoy your snow day and stay warm!

  7. I WISH I got a snow day :( Sadly are office is on the same propety were we live..we have snow...but I am in the office!
    Oh,,and if that project works me happy to test one for you! HAHA!

  8. Enjoy every minute! Snow days are the absolute best. :)

  9. aaah what a lovely way to wake up! you know what's also fun to wake up to? looking at your alarm and thinking it's time to rise and shine, then realizing it's like 2:00 in the morning and you still have many hours of delicious sleep left. i love that:) enjoy your snow day!

  10. I am SO jealous! We have a 30% chance of snow this week, but let's face it. It's south Texas. Not gonna happen.

  11. This sounds like the best day ever and so relaxing! Very jealous since our snow day isn't supposed to be until tomorrow! Enjoy the lovely day :)

  12. Snow day here too! I think we're in the same storm. We're under a blizzard warning for the first time in my life!

  13. I want those cinnamon rolls! Yum!

  14. SO Jealous!!!! All we have is rain. Its the biggest snowstorm in US record with 33 states being affected and we are getting nothing. Sadness. Enjoy your snow day!!

  15. Wow!! Enjoy your snow day! All we had was an "unscheduled leave" day! You are adorable, love your photos!

  16. I work from home, so I never get snow days! But, I would love some of those cinnamin buns please! yummm!

  17. Have fun on your snow day!! :) Those headbands are so cute!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  18. lucky you, I had to trek in to work in an ice storm... hopefully tomorrow will be my snow day, a girl can only dream right! enjoy the day, looks like you have a lot planed! Yum Cinnamon rolls!

  19. I got a snow day too! :) I hope you enjoy yours sweet girl!

    That crochet project looks SO much fun. My best friend's cousin recently made her one of those, and it is adorable!!

  20. i love those crochet headbands with the flowers! i have 2.

    I'm praying for no work tomorrow. ahh!

  21. So jealous. Lucky you. Hope you had a great day. I don't get snow days b/c I work at a hospital and they NEVER close! :)

  22. Dallas, TX is on our second "snow" day in a row -- what can I say? We have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH ALL THIS ICE. :)

  23. Well, gall I am so jealous! I don't think Mesa AZ has seen a snowday like...ever! Cute crochet project!

  24. We've gotten quite a bit of snow this season too, but I am happy to say there is no snow now...I am SO ready for Spring!!

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    Have a blessed Thursday!

  25. you could come ice skate on my driveway if you wanted. We ran out of ice melt, and evidently in february, it's more important to sell seeds than ice melt.

    New follower from the hop, give me a follow back at

  26. I had snow days the last two days but today I'm back at work. boo!
    Your snow day sounds fun.
    I'm happily following from the blog hop.
    I'd love a follow back at

  27. I LOVE SNOW DAYS!!! I am originally from Minnesota and although it snowed all the time we NEVER had a snow day! Now I live in NorCal and when it snows this place is CLOSED!! Enjoy the day!

  28. This sounds amazing!!!! I'm have a blog giveaway for one of those crochet handbands right now!

  29. Yay snow day! Nice blog you have here! I'm your newest follower from "Buzz on By Thursday"! Come and visit me at
    See you soon :)

  30. please follow me back im new

  31. Oh how fun! Sounds like you had a great day. I still had to report to work, despite all the ice we got so I am super jealous. Can't wait to see how your projet turns out!

  32. You have a nice blog. I am now following you from I hope you'll come by and check it out! ♥ BJ

  33. I hope you had a wonderful snow day!!!

    I've had a snow week with the kids home from school every day -- not very relaxing but we've muddled through :-)

    I'm a new follower.

  34. I love the mood those pics create! Hi~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and followed back :) (My name links directly to my blog!)


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