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February 10, 2011

Puppies, Picnics and Happiness

See that cute furry puppy?
Yup that one! I'm convinced she is the cutest most lovable little monster in all the world. My alarm went off at 7 a.m. and after about 5 snoozes, I rolled over to find myself nose to nose with a little furry body.

Bella Beast was all snuggled up under the covers and her head was resting on the pillow next to me...

{ Not a bad way to start my day! Too Cute! }

Welp, my friends, we're one day away from weekend freedom and I couldn't be more ready! Besides being greeted by an adorable fur ball on the pillow next to me, I woke up with lots of random thoughts and excitement...


.:: I'm Looking Forward To ::.

+ my afternoon workout
+ enjoying my cleaned up apartment
+ sending Valentine's cards
+ this weekend's amazing lovey plans
+ warmer weather on the horizon!
+ date night tonight w/ my handsome devil of a BF
{ indoor picnic complete with games and yummy s'mores! }

.:: Listening To ::.

+ Missy Higgins
+ Adele
+ Norah Jones
+ A Fine Frenzy
+ "Wonderwall" cover
by Straight No Chaser... Mmm!

.:: I'm Loving ::.

+ my Bible Study girls
+ my commitment to Weight Watchers
+ American Idol auditions - hahahaha!
+ how working out makes me feel STRONG!
+ my Valentine's date outfit and chosen pretty updo
+ Martha Stewart's Valentine's Day
craft ideas, menu plans, and yummy treats!


What makes you smile today, my friends?



  1. Pumpkin butter on yummy whole wheat toast and turkey bacon! That's making me smile today! :-)

    -The picture of Bella
    -your blog
    -my granddaughter who is home, on leave, from S.Korea
    -my very own puppy, Toby
    -and, it's NOT SNOWING!!!!!!

  3. So sweet and fun! The main thing I'm loving, is the sun! I love when it's sunny. It just makes my day so much better! I'm really thinking about starting Weight Watchers, but maybe not until March.

  4. mmmm smores! and your pup is SO cute!!

    i took a 'sick' day today... so i am enjoying my day off and staying out of the subzero temps. im also looking forward to leftover quiche for dinner! xoxo jcd

  5. You know what makes me smile? The thought of a s'more. And your blog, duh. Happy it'sthedaybeforefriday Thursday :)

  6. Your blog makes me smile as always! :) So does that picture of your sweet fur baby! My little sister's dog always cuddles up with me in the mornings too, and I love waking up next to her, it's precious!! :-D xoxo

  7. i loved that wonderwall cover!

  8. I love your blog, it makes me smile:-) And your dog= cutest thing ever!

  9. Mmm smores sound delicious! I just finished my Valentines cards. I can't wait to send them tomorrow! Happy Friday!!

  10. I gave you an award!

  11. oh my goodness.

    you blog to me = LOvE!

    i just wanted you to know that i tried your easy cheesy chicken enchiladas that you posted like FOREVER ago. AND THEY WERE GREAT!

    i write a little food blog and featured your recipe today!

  12. You post actually made me smile. :)


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