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February 28, 2011

Mingle Monday - Join the Party!

Mingle Monday is back!
It's been a long time coming, that's for sure! Unfortunately due to being rather under the weather last week we had to skip a week - *gasp!* - but that just means it's time for a big, happy Monday party, right?

I hope you girlies had such an amazing weekend! Anyone do anything overly fun and ground breaking? I've missed you guys! So happy you're here. :)

{ Let's Mingle! }


Pretty please pay it forward by using the button below in one of your posts today! That would seriously make me smile today :)

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit 2 other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Answer the weekly question...

** What spring activities are you looking forward to?


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **

Wishing you a sunshiney Monday!


  1. Weekly Question...

    I am super ready for shopping in the huge outdoor farmers market, going on runs with pup outside, frsh flowers, sundresses, picnics and long walks with BF/girlfriends! :)

    Thanks for joining me today!

  2. YAY for Mingle Monday:-) Glad you are feeling better, Meg!

    I am looking forward to spring training games, picnics, hiking, jogs and graduation in May! I love spring!

  3. I visited VB Housewife and she's planning her son's first birthday party! It sounds like it will be so cute. She has some great ideas.

    I also visited Cornflake Dreams. She and her family surprised her mom with for her 50th birthday. So fun!

    Both were lovely blogs. I'm looking forward to being able to go hiking with Dylan when it's warmer. We both want to get out and explore our area and I can't wait to do so!

  4. Thanks for hosting Mingle Monday again Meg! Today I visited the Kimchee Chronicles, who I'm super jealous of because she got tons of house stuff done this weekend...and I had a very unproductive weekend. As much as I would like to like my unproductive weekend, it's Monday now and I just feel stressed that I didn't get anything done.

    I also visited the Mean Girl Diaries, who seems to embrace her procrastination and imperfection, which I really admire in a woman.

    And as for the Spring...I'm just ready for it to be warm! Granted, I live in California, but it is 40 degrees outside right now and I am so cold it hurts. I'm literally wearing my scarf and jacket at my desk in my office right now. Ugh.

    Thanks again Meg.


  5. Monday monday! Thanks Meg!

    So looking forward to retire the big jacket and toss on shorts and ankle boots! That and enjoying longer nights and enjoying time outdoors walking along the river.

  6. Happy Monday, all!

    Spring, what do I like about spring? Less clothing and more sun!

  7. I visited Virginia Beach Housewife and I loved the tour of her home and her story of how well her furbaby and human baby interact.

    I also visited The Kimchee Chronicles. I admire her go-getter attitude, and I wish she would come organize my house- ASAP.

    I'm looking forward to just being outside again! Playing with the dogs in the back yard, gardening, running outdoors, picnics...

  8. Yea for MM being back this week!

    1. Cornflakes Dreams: all I have to say is any girl into fashion this much is my kinda gal! I caught myself loving her blog and loving her fashion pica even more! Hello pink ruffled dress!

    2. Living in that Blonde Moment: I loved her post this morning about different careers. We often fail to recognize how talented people are in general. She is witty, adorable and sounds like she knows how to enjoy life!

  9. I will be mingling after work, but it looks like there are a lot of cute blogs up already! :)

    I can't wait for picnics, sun dresses and cotton candy.

  10. I visited:
    Greer's Gossip- her blog is so cute and I got a good idea for new ear buds!
    Sassy Shoe Diary- she has posted some amaaaazingly gorgeous shoes-you have to take a look!

    weekly Q: I just can't wait for some sunshine and being able to spend an afternoon outside!

  11. I went to first and saw her ADORABLE pictures of her niece! Jenna babysat her and looks like they had fun! :)

    Then I went to Greer's Gossip where she recapped her weekend! Looks like she had a fun one, too!

    Hmm spring... I'm looking forward to graduating college and getting married! :)

  12. Hello!

    Visited Meghan's blog and encouraged by her outlook on life...

    ...and loving red heels new shoes!

  13. YAY! Monday Mingle is backkkkkk!

    I visited Seeking Starbucks, who got to see some old friends & met new ones at a camp banquet and she looked like she had fun!

    Then I visited Blonde Undercover who was rubbing in the fact that she just got back from Jamaica!

    Thanks for hosting Meg!

  14. Yay for Mingle Monday!!!
    Today I visited "Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt" and besides loving the name of her blog, she posted some funny random fact about her, some were true others I guess not so much, she has a great blog!

    Then I visited Red Heels State of Mind and she had pictures of some awesome shoes.

  15. This is my first time doing Mingle Monday and I love it so far :-) All the girls have such awesome blogs!

    I visited ''A little bit of everything" and I'm so excited that she's getting married in a couple months!! It gave me wedding fever :-)
    I also visited "A red heel state of mind" and instantly fell in love with the glitter pumps she has up right now! they're soooo cute! I might have to take a trip to NYC to buy some of those :-)

    This Spring I'm looking forward to celebrating my 23rd birthday with my loved ones and the beau <3 Plus, I've been counting down the days that the sun shines so bright that I can go out and tan!!

    Thanks for hosting Meg x0

  16. I swung by Greer's Gossip, and I loved her pic in the sidebar with her wearing a NKOTB shirt! Oh, memories! I also got a good idea for new iPod ear buds.

    I also went to The Apple Doesn't Fall Far, and checked out her options for Rent the Runway dresses...she definitely has awesome fashion taste!!

  17. stopped by 25 before 25...SO impressed that she signed up for a marathon! what a great goal :)

    also stopped by a red heel state of mind, she posted about some ahhhmazing heels! just wish i could walk in them :)

    thanks for hosting meg! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  18. Woo Hoo! I went to "The APple Doesn't Fall Far" and "Our Neu Life" and found two people who run! I love finding blogs about running!

  19. Hi Meg - thanks so much for hosting! I tried to visit the links earlier but I think the LinkyTool thingamabob was down. Anyway, I came back and was finally able to check out a few blogs!

    I visited and am now following Life in the Tropics (I can't resist another beach-life blog!), Kendall at Neu Life (woot! Found myself another runner blog buddy!) and Words by Katie. I've seen Katie's link in so many friend's sidebars, I figured it was about time I clicked over and checked out her blog!

    Off to peruse more...

  20. I visited Synfully Delicious today and became very jealous of the fact she was able to sleep in! Then visited life in the tropics and had to envy her location a little. :) Two very cute blogs I am so glad I found.

    I can't wait to be able to go on long walks in nice weather and maybe visit the park for a picnic.

  21. Hey Meg glad you are feeling better!!!
    Today I visited The Apple doesn't fall far...she has picked some super cute dresses for a upcoming wedding and needs help making a decision on which to wear!! Also visited Fayes Book where she had her friends video up of her birthday song. Then stopped over at Sassy Shoe Diaries omg love all the shoes she got on sale!! So jealous!!!! Have a good week:)

  22. Glad you're feeling better Meg. I stopped by 25 before 25...her blog always inspires me to want to train for a marathon. I will one day. I also stopped by Greer's Gossip. She gave a pretty great review for Just Go With It so as much as I love movies, I must go see it. Happy Mingle Monday!!

  23. I checked out The Mean Girl Diaries, and her daughter is way too cute. Adorbs. No joke. Plus, her hubs seems funny, with a random comment about ranch covered fruit bouquet.

    I also stopped by The Sweet Life where i heard yet again that Water for Elephants is a great book... making me more eager to read it- especially before the movie comes out! And she's on vacay with fun in the sun, and I'm so jealous!!

    have a great week all!

  24. yay for Mingle Monday!
    I stopped by The Sweet Life and was totally jealous that she is in a sunny, warm place!
    Also stopped by The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...loved her dress options and the whole rental concept. I may have to try it myself

    Aaah spring...what is there not to look forward to. My favorite is the first day when it's warm enough to go to the beach, especially before all the tourists have arrived!

  25. this is my first mingle monday im still browsing al the site but so far i am loving. I am so stoked for the heat...yeah for driving with the top down on the jeep

  26. Stopped by Elle is Love and Greers Gossip! Love both the blogs and am now follower of both!

    I am so looking foward to tank tops, tanning , and cute toes to paint and allways be seen! :)

  27. I stopped by Guinn and Bare it...her dog is adorable! And Fit Crafty English Teacher...she's a runner just like me so of course I'm hooked!

  28. I visited An Inner Voice. She posted wedding pictures - she looks gorgeous and super happy!

    I also visited She seems like a great aunt - she posted some super cute pictures of her niece!

    I'm looking forward to running more, tennis and GOLF!

  29. Glad Mingle Monday is back. I like this hop the best :)

    Today I checked out Desperately Seeking Starbucks and They Call Her Meghan.

    Both girls blog about their faith.

    Starbucks wrote about an evening she got to dress up and hang out with her camp crew. She posted some fun pics :)

    Meghan posted some very cute pictures of her puppy and wrote about how an insensitive comment did not get her down! I have the feeling she is a very strong girl.

    The spring activity I am looking forward to is running outside again!

  30. I can't believe I missed Mingle Monday! I'm so glad it was still open :)

    elle is for love - I love her title, and I can totally relate to the pains of a long distance relationship! - I love her cute and simple blog design!


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