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February 17, 2011

7 Tips to a Skinnier You

Greetings from gorgeous, sunny Kansas City!
How's your Thursday going? Everybody doing okay? The good news is the weekend is in sight and it's absolutely beautiful here in the big KC today - hello 68 degrees!

I'm super looking forward to my post-work walk in the park with Bella Beast.

So anyway, as we make our slow decent into March, it's a little surreal to see the upcoming dates on my calendar. Knowing that my best friend's wedding is vast approaching, I've been pretty motivated to whip my bod into shape!

Well, Lord knows I am not the only one with important dates arriving soon! Whether you are also trying to get that more sleek toned little body for your wedding cruise/high school reunion/etc. I thought I would share some helpful diet/exercise tools that have been working great for me!

After all... that's what girlfriends are for, right? I hope you share tips you've learned with me too!


{ Who is motivated for the slim down? }

1) Set Realistic Healthy Goals

Last week I sat down and wrote down my goals on paper. Now I know it's really easy to think that you don't need to write them down, because you generally have them in your head.

But let me tell you... listing your goals on paper and posting them where you can see them everyday is a visual reminder to your commitment.

Every morning when I wake up and walk into my bathroom they are there. They set the tone for the day and I'm determined to reach my goal by the date listed. It makes it way easier to turn down that donut in the break room if you are committed.

2) Schedule Your Exercise Dates

Most of us working big girls know how hard it is to find the time, motivation, and energy for a post-work sweat. I recently joined the gym a few blocks from my downtown office so that I can schedule an hour-long workout during my lunch break.

I went from working out 2 days a week to 5 and it's been easy! I'm shocked! Plus the extra time and energy I gain to finish my day, and my workout is done by 5 p.m. - hello free time!

3) Accountability is Key

Whether it's finding a workout buddy or joining a weight loss group, the accountability can really help keep you on track.

Lucky for me, I signed up for Weight Watchers last week to help me be accountable for a healthier diet (it's working!). SparkPeople is a wonderful free online tool that will help you count calories with a food journal and keep track of exercise.

I also have a wonderful friend, Karen, who just happens to be my co-worker too! We love running together and working out with me over lunch. I also have a handful of good friends who will take evening classes or go on weekend walks with me and the pup!

4) Plan Ahead

If I know that I have an evening meeting or will be traveling, I like to keep healthy snacks on hand. Whether it's fruit or protein bars, when snacks are easy to grab and readily accessible, it makes it easier to turn down the junk food temptations.

5) Ask for Help

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help. Whether I am in a fitness class or running with a gal pal, I treasure any tips I can get on exercise technique and tips!

I recently joined the gym a block away from work and with my gym membership I get 3 free consultations with a trainer. Today was my first session and it was SO helpful! I am more motivated than ever now!

Don't have a gym/trainer? Sign-up for a fitness based magazine subscription. I personally love getting SELF Magazine every month! Between the easy-to-follow work-outs and healthy {delicious!} recipes, it helps renew my motivation!

6) Glam It Up!

Whether you buy yourself some cute pink running shoes or new colored sports bras, remember that health is worth your investment. If buying new cute workout outfits gets you to the gym, go for it!

My current gym obsession: GAP Gym Bag

7) Try Something New

I have loved trying new classes and workouts. Switching tings up gets me excited and motivated. So, try out that spin class or start going on evening walks with a friend. Having something to look forward to will definitely spice it up.


So there you have it, my friends! i know the whole thought of working out and eating right can be a little overwhelming, but if I can do it I know YOU can do it too! I promise it gets much easier the more it becomes a habit!

Please share your success and tips with me!!

{ What keeps you motivated? }


  1. i stay motivated because i love the feeling i have after i have worked out for a long period of time, i feel energized and so much better then i did before i started working out!

  2. Having healthy snacks on hand is a must - I do most of my unhealthy eating when I get hungry on campus and grab a snack from the vending machine

  3. We have exercise on demand I love doing the different videos. Picking different workouts make it more exciting and keeps me motivated. I'm currently into a piloxing video (boxing and pilates)

  4. Daily Mile is great for keeping track of running/workouts, too! I post it to my twitter and facebook - then I'm accountable to the world :)

    Signing up for a race to run or walk in also helps reach for a goal. When I had a training plan to follow, I was much more motivated to keep it up.

    Good luck!

  5. I'm still kind of looking for my motivation and your post certainly helped. This week (yesterday in fact) I took up running again (with a desk job you juts need to do *something*), but the beginning is always the hardest, when you're not really fit yet. However, I have this little running plan I once got from a magazine or something which leads you in small steps to build up stamina.

  6. Great tips. And the simpler, the better. Great blog, really glad I stopped by from FTLOB!

  7. Trying something new works for me as well. I've been taking some new classes (a new yoga class, modern dance, Dailey Method classes) and it makes me excited to work out. I think a lunchtime workout sounds ideal, though it seems that with a shower in there it would take too long for me. :( Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred is great for days I don't have time to go to the gym or it's too dark to do something outside.

  8. great tips! i keep myself accountable by keeping a google doc spreadsheet of my workouts... i can see what ive done for the past few weeks and mix up my workout so my body doesnt get bored. its also good to just see that ive put in the 4 days a week min that i set as a goal.
    good luck girl and keep on going! xoxo jcd

  9. I love these! So helpful- I have especially taken the "try something new" tip to heart and I started heated yoga- its AMAZING! I love spin class too, you should try both if you haven't already!

  10. I love these! I already love WW. I want to get back into running because I used to love it, so I'm starting Couch to 5K!

  11. I love all this advice! I try to give similar advice to my friends trying to get into exercise! Keep up the great posts! :)

  12. Hubby and I have workout dates every night. Our gym has child care and we workout and talk and laugh at eachother the whole time.

  13. I have trouble drinking enough water throughout the day, but u found that having a good water bottle helps me to drink more water. I actually bought a new one at Victoria secret yesterday so I'm hoping it helps.

  14. love your blog, meg!

    I totally agree with mixing it up. that REALLY does it for me!

    aaand keeping a long of my training sessions on a page on my blog really makes me feel like I'm held accountable for my workouts. not only to do something, but to mix it up and do something substantial.

    and holy COW, I loove that gym bag. I must investigate immediately.

  15. Great advice Meg! Keep up that motivation--it's inspiring to the rest of us :D

  16. Found you on Weekend Wander!!
    Love this post...I never actually thought about writing my goals down but I have been doing my best to stay motivated for my workout times!! I've been doing Zumba like its going out of style and playing around a bit with yoga!
    Love the gym bag! I think I may need a new workout outfit to keep me going though! ;)
    Hope you had a great weekend!!


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