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February 7, 2011

Mingle Monday - Blog Hop!

Greetings gorgeous gals!
It has been quite the delightful morning here in the office, but I need a quick mental break! I thought you would too, which is why Mingle Monday is here to save the day!

{ Hurray Mingle Monday! }

Whether you are a Mingle vetran or a wonderful newbie, let me personally welcome you to Mingle Monday, my weekly hosted blog hop. I couldn't be more happy that you stopped by to hang out on this fabulous Monday morning!

Who's excited to Mingle it up? Let's get YOUR blog growing!


Let's let everyone know how much fun we're having! Please pay it forward by using the button below in one of your posts today. I can't tell you how much it MAKES MY DAY when I see posts with the Mingle Monday button in it... you guys are seriously the BEST!

Mingle 240


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter your blog.

3) Go visit 2 other blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the blogs you visited!!

5) Feel free to answer the weekly question...

** What is your favorite sweet treat? **


** MINGLE FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **


Wishing You Warm Monday Fuzzies!


  1. Thanks so much for hosting this, Meg! I will definitely be back to hop when there are more entries:-)

  2. I stopped at Laugh Until your Cheeks Hurt. She posted an amazing list of some top 80s hits... loved them!!

    Next I went to Cornflake Dreams where she wrote about her weekend. It included this amazing Super Bowl spread, and she also loved the half time show like I did!

  3. Thanks for hosting again Meg! I found two new blogs today to visit: Howdy from Texas and Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt, both of which talked about sweet anniversaries.

    As for the question of the week: my ideal Valentine's Day would be just to spend it with my husband. We didn't get to spend it together while in college, so it's special to us now {though we try to celebrate our love everyday, and not just on Valentine's Day}.

    I hope you have a fantastic week Meg!


  4. Love this bog hop! Happy Monday :)

    I visited Love is Home - I love the design, and I'm more than a little jealous that she got to go to the red carpet at the Academy Awards.

    I also stopped by Laugh Unit Your Cheeks Hurt - What a cute couple, and definitely the best blog button I've ever seen!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks for another edition of MM, I visited 2 blogs today:
    "Love is Home" and she talked about the ups and downs of 2010, wishing her an even better year in 2011.
    "Dance and Dream", kind of sad to hear her friend passed away, sending her love and blessings during this time of need.

  7. stopped by 'virginia beach housewife' and she has a REALLY cute post about a little quiz she gave to her husband. the answers are hilarious. also stopped by 'a little bit of everything' (howdy from texas).. she posted about her upcoming trip to disney world (lucky) and the VW star wars commercial (LOVED this one!)

    to answer the question... my ideal valentines date would be going out to dinner with the bf (to a low-key placewe both love) followed by a movie at home and that's what we plan on doing! :) xoxo jcd

  8. I checked out Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt...the name itself is wise wisdom for life and her blog is great! I also visited A Little Bit of Everything which has...a little bit of everything and is great!

    Sadly, this V-Day, I'll be hopping on a plane at 8am to LEAVE my honey, but it will all be after spending an amazing weekend together to celebrate our birthdays! No chocolate and roses for me, just pure birthday fun!

  9. Cornflake Dreams....that girl knows fashion, and it shows. She also had a great spread at Superbowl....made me sad for missing commercials!

    VB housewife....that girl has a recipe for an amazing dip...check it out. She also gave her husband a mini quiz, and he did well.....I will be giving it to my husband tonight!!


    My husband and I celebrate St. Patrick's Day not Valentines. Always can get a reservation and a babysitter!!

  10. Yay, I went to Cornflake Dreams and Relevant Notes and commented on both posts about the Superbowl. :) As for Valentines Day, my girlfriends and I have a sleepover every year (whether we're in relationships or not) and it's so fun--complete with girly cocktails, nail polish, and lots of chocolate. ;)

  11. Stopped by Love is Home...her blog is cute!

    Also stopped by Cornflake Dreams,she has a great writing tast!

  12. Hello again!

    I visited Virginia Beach Housewife and loved her blog right away. She's craftly and full of DIY projects just like me and I can't wait to see what else she has in store.

    I also visited Laught Until Your Cheeks Hurt and adored her 80's music post. I love all those songs!

    Any day spent with my lovely BF (whether it's Vday or not) is the perfect day for me.

  13. Thanks for the mingle once again Meg!!

    Today I visited cornflake dreams!!! Her pictures of her superbowl spread made me hungry!!! We also both enjoyed Usher's part of the half time show!!

    I also visited Hockey Wife...omg her post about she and her husbands "list" made my monday so much better!!! Loved it:)

  14. I checked out Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt- it's so cute and funny! I feel like I would be really good friends with this couple if I had the privilege to meet them. And I LOVE the piggy bank idea.

    I also checked out Dance and Dream 4ever. I'm so sorry about your friend! I'll keep you and your family in my prayers! Yet, despite the sad news, she seems to still have a smile on her face. AMAZING!

  15. I visited "Dance and Dream 4Ever" who despite recently losing a friend seems to have a great disposition.

    I also visited Virgina Beach housewife, who has tackled the challenge or organizing her toiletry drawer, rather nicely I must ad.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I stopped by Hockey Wife and Happy Girl - they made my day! I was reading Hocky Wife's post about her and husband's "lists" while I was in class and almost burst out laughing. Amazing! And it was fun to get a taste of Happy Girl's California life - I'd be happy too if I had sunsets like that and 70 degree weather!

  18. I stopped by the not so simple life, and it's sooo cute! I love the pictures she posts.
    and Cornflake Dreams has an awesome blog! loved the spread, loved the collages she makes.

  19. I stopped by Happy Girl and it was so cute! I am glad I saw it, I've followed you and her both! Thanks Meg, this is a great little exercise!

  20. Hello all girls! Today I looked at:

    Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt: She is a cutie patootie! I look forward to following her blog!


    cornflake dreams: this blog is so cute! i love how organized the pictures are!!

    Favorite treat? Better than sex cake! Yum! :)

  21. Hi there! Mingling this Monday with A Little Bit of Everything (Congrats on your 3 year anniversary!) and The Simple Sweet Life. Loved to see both your blogs and the great pictures!
    My favorite sweet treat - anything with chocolate!

  22. Hello Hello friend! Today I visited...
    - Alternating Layers: Wow, mouth-watering tastiness abounds over there. I can't wait to try the pancakes
    -Tales of Hockey Wife: Such a cute and funny blog, I loved her and her husband's "lists." Glad to here I'm not the only one with Damon dreams...
    -Shout out:
    - Favorite sweet treat? This is a tough subject for me, but I think I'd have to say cupcakes. If there is a whole cake in front of me, I'll eat it all. I love the portion control on a cupcake. But it's not uncommon for me to eat more than one...:)

    Have a super week!

  23. I stopped by The Kid Can Cook - now I have great weekly recipe ideas! I'll be back.

    Then I visited Such Life in the Tropics - um, can I come live with you?! :)

    Favorite sweet - right now I'm loving Whole Fruit Sorbet - raspberry.

  24. Thank you for hosting Mingle Monday! I enjoyed reading Love is Home & 25 before 25. I loved the love/don't love list on 25 before 25 and Love is Home had a gratitude list that I was happy to read. Great reads on both!

  25. I visited bicoastally and metaphors for life! Both were really good. Metaphors for life had a post about how this one woman's ignorance motivated her to want to do better! I must say it made me feel like I should better too! Bicoastally had a post about a cool giveaway that I'm thinking about entering lol.

    To answer the question---it would have to be Wedding Cake gourmet cupcakes from Kupcake Factory! Yummy!

  26. Hello Mingle Monday!

    Southern Girl: the name alone got me, being from south Texas and all :). Then I read her "loves" and I'd say about 90% were also loves of mine. Then I see she watches the Bachelor and thinks Michelle os psycho...and that was it. Congrats Southern have a new blog follower! Check me out at!

    Lia: I loved that another girl was as into the Super Bowl and the snacks that go along with it as much as me! Good luck in law school!

  27. Love Mingle Monday!!!!

    Today I visited Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt just because of her blog title, and it didn't disappoint (:

    I also visited Howdy from Texas, where I read about her getting spoiled by her guy for their third anniversary (:

    Thanks for hosting (: (:

  28. I love the idea of this mingling! I visited Shinguards and Tutus (adorable layout) and Bicoastally. I think Bicoastally and I have lots in common!

  29. thanks for hosting meg! (did i mention i like your name?)

    I visited poodlism which i was instantly drawn to because I call my husband is weird..he loves it...kinda..okay he is adjusting still..but i like it..her blog had nothing to do with the nickname i call my husband, thank goodness, because that would be weird...she is a great writer with great wit.

    also visited a womans haven..LOVED her dreamy photos..and the genius idea of a clothing party swap. amazing. i want to go.

  30. Thanks for hosting this wonderful hop. I visited two very sweet blogs today: The Sweet Life and The Gatsby Diaries and can't wait to visit more. :)

    My favorite sweet treat would be anything chocolate or coconut ice cream.

  31. Oh I just discovered Living Aloha and I'm so excited I did. She blogs about "29 Gifts" which is a book I was given recently and haven't had a chance to read. The author has MS and so do I so I look forward to reading all her blog posts about her journey w/ the book.

    Just one favorite sweet treat? I love them all - that is the problem!! :)

  32. I visited Thank You Ma'am where she introduced me to pajamajeans...amazing!

    And A Woman's Haven who has some Hot Chocolate that looked delish!

  33. Thanks again for hosting:) Such a pleasant distraction on a Monday!
    I visited Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt...loved her super cute piggy bank idea.
    I also visited Love is Home and couldn't agree more with her music choices.

    As for sweet treats, sadly I don't think there's many I resist, but I am a total sucker for anything chocolate-peanut butter

  34. Hi Meg! I just discovered your blog hop and joined in on the fun - thank you for hosting! I've already found two, new blogs to follow: Happy Girl and This Life of Ours.

    Of course, I can't keep it to just two...I'm off to read the others! Thanks again for hosting this!


  35. Hey there Meg. Lovin' Mingle Monday as usual. ;) hope you had a FAB weekend darling.

    I visited Relevant Notes, whose last post was about the Steelers losing the super bowl, and get this - all of her posts the title is usually the name of a song, followed by a lyric for the first line of the post. I thought it was too creative! :)

    I also visited Gatsby Diaries. I was drawn to it b/c one of my fave books is The Great Gatsby. Her latest post was about running while pregnant. I give this girl mad props! ;)

    I followed both blogs!

  36. I'm so excited that I found this blog hop. I visited southern girl and greers gossip. Both are great blogs and I'm now a follower of both. Happy monday!!

  37. I haven't been mingling in a while and it is so good to be back!! I visited 25 before 25 and I loved it, going to follow the journey. Also The Kid Can Cook. I love fellow cooking blogs!

  38. Hi Meg!
    I found 2 new blogs to follow:

    Laugh Until Your Cheeks Hurt--great title and entertaining.

    Beauty Obsession--I like reading beauty product reviews and I really like Mia's background.

  39. Hello there! This was my first Mingle Monday, and I got started after midnight, so I'm just hoping it still counts! I stopped by "Poodleism" and heard all about her ski trip and her friends got engaged on top of a snowy mountain. So cute. And I also ventured "Across The Pond" and thought that her glasses were so incredible that I just had to comment about them!

    Thanks, this was fun!

  40. Wow, 48 participated. You're doing a good job Meg! kt


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