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November 17, 2010

Mitten Mixer - Don't Miss Out!

Wooooaaahhh Nelly! Get ready for some fun!
After having been completed excited and inspired by my dear friend Laura's recent ornament swap, I have decided to create a little magical, fun swap myself!


.:: About Mitten Mixer ::.

Sign-up, get matched w/ a buddy, shop for cute mittens, and swap via mail!

1) Interested? Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to be elligible. Leave a comment below that includes your
first name and e-mail address.

2) Once the sign-up closes on November 30th, I will match each
one of you up with a buddy.

3) I will send your buddy's e-mail address to you via your provided e-mail address. You then can exchange mailing address information.

4) Shop for some adorable mittens to send!
{Price limit max: $10}

5) Send the mittens to your buddy on or before December 5th.

6) Wait for your own new mittens to arrive!


.:: Pretty Please ::.

Spread the word about the [Life of Meg] Mitten Mixer! We want as many people as possible to join us in this cozy, holiday cheer! The picture above or the button below is for your use in a post or on your sidebar. Please add a link directly to this blog post so that your friends can easily join us in the fun!


So who's totally excited?!
I know I am! I already have a vision of the absolutely adorable mittens that I want to buy/send to the buddy I get matched up with! I hope this Mitten Mixer will be a cute way for all of us to spread some holiday jolliness!

Lots o' Love!


  1. Oo so fun!!! I love mittens (and hats and scarves...and anything warm and fuzzy, lol) My name's Renae and my email's

  2. YES!!! Totally want to join!

    name is Joanna and email is

  3. So excited!


  4. Count me in... this is way too fun to not participate!!! xo HHL

  5. Yes! So fun!

    Emily -

  6. This one is fun! You can never have too many swaps! Sign me up!

    Ashlee - ouashlee @

  7. Love it!

  8. So fun!


  9. I so want in on this. Sounds like a blast (and I could use new mittens)!

  10. This is too cute!

    Rachel ... :)

  11. Sign me up Please!

  12. I could use new mittens too and I saw a pair while I was out the other day that I'd love to send out! Cheryl,

    Thanks!! What a fun swap idea!

  13. I am in! :) The Canadian in the mix! :)

  14. Sounds like a lot of fun!
    I'm Canadian too, like the person above me :p



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