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November 1, 2010

Mingle Monday

Welcome back to Mingle Monday, friends!
After a week-long blog hiatus due to illness and my SF trip, I am finally back and oh how I've missed you!

Naturally, we need some added pizzazz and fun for the start of our work week, so let's get a'minglin'!

{ Happy Monday! }

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...keep spreading the word about Mingle Monday!

I want to make sure that it keeps growing so that everyone gets new people visiting their blogs every single week!

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How To Play:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Go visit 2 blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs and answer the weekly fun fact:

This Week's Q:

{ What is your all-time favorite vacation destination? }


** PLAY FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be deleted. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **



Feature Mingle Monday in a blog post for your chance to be featured on my Weekly Must Reads - where I choose 3 blogs by random raffle to endorse!

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Lovely Monday Wishes!


  1. I went and visited The Princess Diaries, and adore the pink-ness of her blog. Very girly!

    Then I went and got a great idea for what to do with all my very ripe bananas from This Life Of Ours. Perfect for a cold fall day!

    And my fav place to vacation right now would be Scotland!


  2. I visted Katie@Journalings and she has a great photo post and I also visited Northwest Betty and she posted their Halloween costumes, which were great!

    I haven't been to many places, but I want to go back to London or anywhere in Europe!
    Thanks for hosting!

  3. YAY For Mingle Monday!! My Monday was just not the same last week without it. So glad you are feeling better and had a good trip! XOXO

  4. I visited Northwest Betty, I loved her and her friends captain planet costumes.

    Also checked out The Journalings of a Julius. She has great Pictures!

    Thanks for hosting :)

  5. Glad Mingle Monday is back! I got confused last week when I couldn't find it! Hope your trip went well and you got plenty of rest!
    I visited desperately seeking starbucks - she shared about her friend Brittany that will be returning soon from Mexico on a mission trip, let's all pray for a safe return!
    I also visited This life is ours - where she shared her banana bread recipe that I just might try out this week ;)

  6. Also, I would love to vacation in Paris or Italy, for views and food :)

  7. I first looked at Simple Little Joys. Her Kari Jobe quote and beautiful picture just made me stop and think about what really matters :)

    Desperately Seeking Starbucks was my next stop, and I really like all her quotes on her sidebar. Plus, who isn't a sucker for Starbucks??

    My favorite vacation destination-- tied between Disney World and Germany.

  8. I visited A Little Bit of Everything. Loved the blog background, awesome layout. Very simple and easy to look at. And I'm jealous cause she's going to Vegas!

    Also visited Love Like Flowers. She seems really awesome, she posted about a lot of fun Halloween games she played, and she went as a baked potato for Halloween. That is hilarious!

    My all time fav. vacation destination is Cancun, MX! Love love love it!

  9. I just visited Love Like Flowers, who is more-than-fairly lovely. I'm looking forward to following this blog along with...

    A Little Bit Of Everything, who I believe holds a portion of my nerd-heart.

    Favorite vacation destination? Send me to the nation's Capitol any day.

  10. I'm so glad Mingle Monday is back! I'm excited to find some new blogs and to hopefully get a few new followers. Crazy busy day for me today but I'll be back tonight to tell share about my new finds!

  11. I just visited "a sorta fairytale." Love her photobooth pictures. Her pictures on the whole site are fabulous!

    I also visited Life with The Edwards. I love the variety of her posts and her tribute to her friend who passed away.

    Favorite vacation: Argentina or Brazil!

  12. I visited Miss Salsa and read about her fun halloween.

    Then i went to A Pretty Plethora and looked at funny pictures of her and friends jumping on a bed. LOL :D

    Favorite vacation: Italy! It was amazing.

  13. I went to Gatsby Diaries and discovered the cutest halloween costumes! Too bad I found it the day after!
    Then I popped over to Millards and the Mountains and read about her marathon adventures! Super impressive. Made me want to go running :)
    Favorite vacation? Seattle or Yellowstone!

  14. check out the gatsby diaries! that blog is so cute! same with Books n Shoes-her baby is adorable!!

  15. I visted Books N Shoes and loved her to-the-point style of blogging. My favourite entries are the ones that read like lists!

    Next I hopped over to The Gatsby Diaries where I marvelled over her Halloween costume rundown (such a creative girl!) and her lovely sense of humour (right up my alley!).

    Favourite vacation was Ireland!

  16. Hi Meg .. Happy All Saint's Day! Its great to see all the wonderful blogs that might otherwise have not been discovered, were it not for Mingle Mondays!!!

    This week:

    I visited I Dream Loudly ~ She just celebrated her fisrt anniversary ... it is a wonderfully inspiring story of marriage and friendship!

    I also visited Love Like Flowers ... wow this girl knows how to have fun ... she has been on a couple of retreats a college related one and and girls one ... if that's not enough the girl quilts ... and it looks like she is taking her readers through the quilting process ...

    Have a great week everyone..HHL

    P.S. my fav, destination ~ PARIS, can't wait to go back.

  17. Thanks for coming back, hope you are feeling better! I visited High heeled life, who has a cool pin-pal thing going on now, and Sugar and Shimmer, very cute blog!

  18. Hey Meg!

    I visited A Sorta Fairytale and LOVE the adorable layout.

    I also visited I Dream Loudly and thought her anniversary post was so cute!

  19. I visited The Simple, Sweet Life loved her list of things she's loving :)

    I also visited This Life of Ours, I loved, loved her blog header! Too cute!

    My favorite vacation destination is any where warm, and if I got there by boat it's a major bonus!

  20. I visited Star's Pink World and Down Time. Star's Pink World is super fun and I love her blog design. Can't wait to read more!

    Down Time is really cool as well. Love the "words to live by" page and all the design posts!


  21. Oh and my fav vacation destination has to be when I went to Africa (Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa). It changed my life!

  22. I went to Simple Little Joys and looked over Rachel's amazing weight loss journey! She is a nurse, just like me, and so I think I will enjoy her blog!

    I then went to Love Like Flowers. She was baked potato toppings for Halloween--how creative is that?!?!

    Thanks for hosting, once again!

  23. I visited Synfully Delicious and loved her blog! Her layout is too cute and I loved her weekend recap post!

    I also visited A Life of Color - I loved her Halloween costume and pictures from the weekend!

  24. Oh, and my favorite vacation destination? Well, the one I've actually been to would definitely be our honeymoon spot - Cancun! We want to go back to Mexico so badly!

    My dream vacation spots? The Maldives, Bora Bora, Italy, Spain, etc. :)

  25. Yay for Mingle Monday!
    This week I visited:
    *Embrace the Moment: her most recent post showcases quite an adorable dog costume. Love it!
    *I Dream Loudly: She is celebrating her first anniversary with her hubby...and made a really cute video.

    Oh and my ultimate vacation spot? The Italian Riviera. Vino, pasta, and beach time. Oh yes.


  26. I visited Synfully Delicious and The Gatsby Diaries and I loved both of these blogs. These ladies have very similar blogs to mine. I loved reading The Gatsby Diaries' pages at the top of her blog, she seems like an awesome lady! Syndal at Synfully Delicious is on a very similar career path as me and I can't wait to see where it takes her.

    My favorite vacation has been my most recent trip to Antigua!

  27. I think I'm to be disqualified immediately. I'm stuck in McDonalds in France trying to read the blogs and Hubby is having a wetty....says I have to log off as he needs to check his emails and share prices! Will have to check the blogs out when I get back....but I shallbe back to look. have a great Monday everyone.

  28. I visitd the Kimchee Chronicles, and I loved her post about tights (since I share this obsession)! I also visited Sugar and Shimmer, and I loved her Christmas wreath post! I want to try to make an ornament wreath this year!

    I can't pick a favorite vacation spot, so I'll say two: Portofino, Italy and Bermuda! :)

  29. Hello! Missed you last week! I checked out:

    -A life of color: I LOVER her blog's layout/design. It's so cute, but clean and fresh looking, love.
    -The Gatsby Diaries: She's so funny and had the best Halloween costume I saw this year: gnomes!
    -I posted about Mingle MOnday:
    -Favorite vacay destination: Paris. It's my favorite place I've ever been.

  30. Hey Meg! Hope you had a great Halloween.

    I visited Life of Color, which had such great Halloween photos and a lot of good content.I cant wait to read more from her.

    I also checked out A girl in the Sunshine. I love her quirky blog and her fabulous layout! I'm a new follower to her blog!

    My all time favorite vacation destination is Ashville North Carolina - it's so peaceful and relaxing - not to mention they have the BEST BBQ ever!

    I featured Mingle Monday here:

  31. Glad you are feeling better, and welcome back!

    We visited three blogs this week:

    1. The Simple Sweet Life ~ it was great to read that someone else feels they are OCD when it comes to keeping the fun in keeping life straight through fun office supplies.

    2. A Girl in the Sunshine ~ Loved her blog template! Hoping she lets us know where she got it so we can "borrow" it for ours!

    3. The Gatsby Diaries ~ such a fun blog! LOVE the gnome costumes, so original.

    Anything that involves a luxury cruise liner seems like an awesome vacation destination to me!

    Mrs. S

  32. Hello! I visited

    Embrace the moment where her adorable dog was dressed as a caterpillar and also has halloween pajamas. Oh my goodness was it cute!

    Next I visited poodleism because I have a poodle and he is the love of my life!I enjoyed reading about all her Halloween activities and how in the spirit she is with everything!

    I'm glad Mingle Monday's are back!

  33. Mingle Tuesday woooooo! Hola Meg :)

    I'm currently reading "Saying I Do" and have fallen madly in love with their Save the Dates. Now I must find a man to marry so I can use this idea for myself :) Joking, but really--they're so precious. Can't wait to read more from her!

    Next up is "Sugar and Shimmer"...she had me at hello with her Christmas post that was first up. In love. Anything Christmas grabs my heart and holds onto it, especially when ornaments or wreaths are involved. Love both of these blogs! all-time favorite destination? Somewhere in Europe. I loved everywhere I got to visit, but I desperately want to go back to Paris. Like right now.

    Happy Tuesday, honey!

  34. Happy Mingle Monday, fellow blogging peeps! This week I checked out the blogs of two very inspiring women. Synfully Delicious is pursuing her doctorate! And A Girl in the Sunshine does all the fun awesome things in life that I wish I had the courage to do. Check these two blogs out if you're feeling like you need a little inspiration in your life.

    My favorite vacation destination has got to be Hawaii. It's definitely my go-to tropical island get-away-spot. I just don't think it's possible to find any place more beautiful or welcoming!

  35. This week I visited two really cute blogs- A Life of Color and Books n Shoes. They are both really great blogs that I can't wait to read more from! A Life of Color has the most precious blog header, and a really cute signature (I'm really into signatures right now), and Books N Shoes has the cutest baby and took really cool pictures this weekend.
    My favorite vacation spot... is the beach. Anywhere warm, on the beach, I'm good with. But I long to go back to Italy and take my husband.


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