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November 22, 2010

Mingle Monday!!

Mornin' my fine minglin' friends!
Did you all have a fantastic weekend?! Who's ready for some tasty turkey and black Friday shopping... this girl is!

Well, I'm super happy you're here to mingle... check out the fabulous new Mingle Monday button - please add it to a post and spread the word!

Mingle 240

So naturally, we're going to get to the mingling (of course), BUT first I have to tell you about a fun little opportunity. I have decided to host the 2010 "Mitten Mixer" holiday swap! For those of you who have never participated in an awesome blog swap, this is your chance!

Basically, I am getting a bunch of fantastic bloggers together to do a cozy, cute mitten exchange! I mean who doesn't need some fashionable winter hand accessories? I just recently participated in my first swap ever and it was SO FUN to get a package in the mail!!

After you enter your blog for Mingle Monday, come back and click on this button for Mitten Mixer details - the more the merrier!!


How To Mingle:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Go visit 2 blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs and answer the weekly fun fact:

This Week's Q:

{ Are you going Black Friday shopping? If so, what awesome deals are you hoping to snag?! }


** PLEASE PLAY FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be removed. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **


Don't forget to sign up for the Mitten Mixer! I don't want you to miss out on all the festive holiday fun!

Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving week!


  1. Thanks for participating, loves!!

    To answer my own question... YES, I am definitely going Black Friday shopping! Hoping for possibly a good TV deal, cheap DVDs, and to FINALLY find some boots (on sale!!) - woo!

    Wishing you a lovely Monday - so happy YOU are here!

  2. Yay! This is the best part of my Mondays!! The only other blogger signed up right now (besides me ) is Kimchee Chronicles. I'm not a fan of Kimchee (too strong for my taste), but this blog is a whole different story. Her post about her favorite winter things is so cute!

    I've never gone shopping on Black Friday, but I have worked in a retail store all of that weekend on several occasions. As much as I love sales I just can't deal with the crowds.

    Happy Monday everyone!


  3. I am working from 330 in the morning til noon. I will then be heading home for a nap!!

    I'm off to work, but I'll come back later and check out some blogs!

    Happy Mingle Monday y'all!

  4. Northwest Betty - OMG they got snow! I'm not jealous at all. Sorry hun! She also made Chicken Mulligatawny Soup. It looks yummy!!

    A Life of Color - She got a new roommate and it sounds like he needs to find something to do and not be such a homebody.

  5. I went and visited Life of Color, and loved her blip about Tim. That was great.

    Then I popped over to Northwest Betty and got a great idea for soup! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Hello,
    Just visited "Seeking Starbucks" and she was talking about football (unfortunately a subject I know nothing about), still her blog is nice.
    Then I visited "Embrace the Moment" where she posted pictures of her nephews sports events, it's nice that she gets to spend time with them.

    Q: Since I live on a little island in the Caribbean NO black Friday for me, buuuu! I hope you enjoy whatever you buy.

  7. I went by and visited a life of color, love her blog header, and her most recent post is about a guy we've all had around! I also stopped by faye's book I read some of her old posts and she's so funny, can't wait to read more.

    I am planning to go Black Friday Shopping but as of now I don't have a plan as to what I'm looking for!

  8. Happy Monday and Happy Thanksgiving week Meg! Today I checked out...
    -DC Dating Divas: Loved their skin care recommendations for any budget
    - I dream Loudly: I can't wait to read about her pregnancy journey! I don't have any tots in my near future, but living vicariously through blog friends is my M.O. these days
    -Black Friday shopping: I need a television, so maybe I'll look at those, but think I'd rather get one from Santa :)
    - I shouted out Mingle Monday here:

    Have a super day!

  9. I first went to Poodleism and really enjoyed her random Monday thoughts :) She is just excited about Thanksgiving food as I am!

    Then I said hi at Embrace the Moment, who posted really cute pictures of her niece & nephews playing soccer & football. Awesome layout, too :)

    I do not plan on doing Black Friday shopping... working in retail kind of burned me out on crazy shopping days...

  10. I visited Life with the Reigners. She's preggos! So exciting :)
    I also checked out embrace the moment. She has a beautiful banner!
    Both great blogs!
    I'm definitely not shopping on black friday...too crazy!! Plus driving that day to visit more family ha

  11. Hi Meg! Hope your weekend was great!

    I checked out Poodlism - love her blog!! That sweet potato has me craving some marshmallows though!!

    I also checked out The Apple doesn't fall far. I absoultely love her blog!! So glad I found it, can't wait to read more.

    And for Black Friday...I still need to get a plan together!!

  12. Also Meg, I'm selling holiday cupcakes and all Mingle Monday readers can get 4 FREE cupcakes if they mention the code HOHO4 when they order. Sharin the love xoxo

  13. Happy Mingle Monday everyone!

    This week I visited:
    Life with the Reigners: cute blog...and she's preggers! :)
    Embrace the Moment: Cute blog...loved her post when she tried on a bunch of fun hats.

    And I think I'll skip the Black Friday shopping this year for a after Turkey lunch with my family! :)


  14. Meg- Accidentally posted two times because I wanted to switch the picture....sorry :(

    I read with Life with Reigners and she is so adorable pregnant. So tiny for 23 weeks- lucky girl!

    ALso love a good life- adorable blog!

  15. Today I visited:

    A life of Color- loved her "tom" story. Don't we all have a "Tom" in our lives? Or wait.. maybe it was Tim? Either way... we all have one of those!

    A Sorta Fairytale- Great blog! She has a family and is also a photographer, so I had a lot in common with her. I'm now a follower!

    Black Friday shopping is a MUST. 3 a.m. never felt so good! lol

  16. I am going black friday shopping and I can't wait. My mom and I have been going for as long as I remember.

    I visited DC Dating Diva and there were some great beauty tips on there today1
    I also visited This Life is Ours where there is a delicious chili recipe I am gonna have to try!

  17. This week I visited: Life with Reigners and got to see an adorable progression of a pregnancy!! and A Good Life with cutie pie baby Parker :)

    Oh, and I will be skipping black friday shopping this year..i hate the crowds!

  18. Hi there .. what fabulous participants!!! Today I visited Stories from Meg; this gal has incredible strength and a wonderful corner of BlogLand.

    I also visited Embrace the Moment... during my visit I discovered a gal who is devoted to her family and very supportive of her your cousin's sport activities... For those with Pets she psoted about a great Pet gift swap ... xo HHL

  19. No way do I go Black Friday shopping! I don't have the patience! But I always check out the craft fair at Century II on Black Friday - still shopping but it's NORMAL crowds!

    I posted about you HERE:

    I stopped by Amber's Adventures and her latest post is so sweet! Congrats to her brother and new SIL!

    I also went to Stories From Meg - this girl keeps it real!

  20. i stopped by this life of ours (great bathroom before and after) and sorta fairytale (cute baby shower pics). i would love to go shopping on black friday but unfortunately have to work, boo. happy thanksgiving!

  21. I visited A Good Life and loved her sweet little family and all of her pictures! Too cute!

    I also stopped by A Sorta Fairytale - I loved her sweet pictures of her friend's baby shower!

    I'm definitely going shopping on Black Friday and reeeally want to find a good deal on a dSLR camera!

  22. I visited As it Happens. She has a super cute blog design and had the sweetest post about her brother and new sister-in-law.

    I also visited This Life of Ours. They've been busy remodeling. Their kitchen looks great and remodeling a bathroom under $500 is very impressive!

    I don't shop at Black Friday. I should because I'm a shopaholic. I need to save my pennies though for an upcoming trip to NYC!

  23. This is so cute! I'm so glad I found this blog!

    My sister and I are going to try out Black Friday shopping on our own (without our Mom that is) so it should be an adventure!

    I checked out Craving Cupcakes and The Kimchee Chronicles.

    Craving Cupcakes had some amazing recipes that I am already looking forward to trying out!! Maybe I'll do a test run tonight with my roommates and see if one of them would be good for Thanksgiving!

    The Kimchee Chronicles got me really excited about winter! I'm from Texas so it's STILL warm here... but hopefully I'll get to pull out my sweaters soon and enjoy some hot chocolate from starbucks red cups! :)

    Love your blog! It's so fun!

  24. I'm definitely not going Black Friday shopping this year...I think I'm going to take the day to cozy up with some tea and good movies and books! I'll participate in Cyber Monday, but Black Friday is out for me!

    I visited A Red Heel State of Mind who wrote a really inspiring post about a Marathon Relay she just did. I also visited Her Own Eden who wrote an awesome post about being thankful for her siblings!

  25. Husbie is doing the black Friday shopping this year! (What a stud, I know ;) ) We have a couple of BIG things on the list that are way on sale, so he's goin to brave the crowd of moms at Toys'R'Us.

    This week I visited:

    Virginia Beach Housewife
    Michelle's ABC's of thankfulness are hilarious! Oh, and it helps that she is a Steelers fan. STEELERS! :) I'm looking forward to following her blog.

    Stories from Meg
    Megan shared a really touching story about loss this week that reminded me that we never know when the last time we see someone is going to be, so make it count. On a lighter note, she's in cosmetology school and posts great hair pictures! I am looking forward to following her blog, too.

  26. I'm new to this whole mingling thing and think it's a great idea! Thanks for doing it:)
    Visited DC Dating Divas and can't wait to try some of the products they highlighted.
    Also, visited her sense of humor:) It was a really fun read.
    As for Black Friday shopping, my sister and I go every year; it's one of our things! We don't necessarily buy that much, but we have a great sisterly bonding day over shopping and lunch

  27. Hi Minglers! I'm definitely gonna pass on going out shopping for Black Friday. I find the crowds to be very overwhelming!

    I first visited This Life of Ours and really enjoyed seeing their bathroom remodel. Next I visited Virginia Beach Housewife. She had something to be thankful for for every letter of the alphabet!

    Hope everybody has a Happy Thanksgiving!

  28. Darn I'm late again to the mingle no wonder I have no friends! I'm off to mingle and love the new button Meg. No Black Friday here in the UK everyday is black....well shades of grey. Happy Thanksgiving

  29. I love Mingle Mondays!!!

    This week I visited:
    A Sorta Fairytale-such a cute blog, and since I love snow I loved her snow day post!

    As It Happens-I love life blogs and hers is so cute all decked out in holiday gear :)

  30. I have never been Black Friday shopping! I don't like waking up early on a day off or battling the crowds. :)

    I stopped by Sassy Shoe Diary- she just ran a marathon relay in honor of a dear friend.

    Also stopped by Synfully Delicious- she had a sweet/funny post about her grandma.

  31. I'm a little late, but here I am! I stopped by:

    This Life of Ours: such a cute blog. even cuter family.

    2 Dogs & a Blog: precious holiday crafts. adorable pups. love the blog.

    Black Friday...I never go. I'm not big on crowds. But lucky me, my sister is a night-shift nurse and will be working Thursday night and sleeping she's made me a list and I'm going for her. Wish me luck.


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