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November 15, 2010

Mingle Monday - Come and Get It!

Oh goodness! Monday's back again?!
Well, don't you worry friends, Mingle Monday is hear to add some fun into your work day!

From the very beginning, Mingle Monday was created in order to allow you all to publicize your blog as well as find fresh, new blogs that you may not have found otherwise.

That being said I want to hear from YOU this week! What do you like about Mingle Monday and what do you wish was different? All opinions and recommendations are welcome. Remember, I am here for you!

{ Anyway, time to mingle! }

.:: Pretty Please ::.

...keep spreading the word about Mingle Monday!

My vision for Mingle Monday is to grow it so large that there are always new blogs who found you, and of course new blogs for you to find! So yes, any help spreading the word is so very appreciated!

.:: Helping Has Rewards ::.

See end of post for details on how YOUR BLOG can be my featured Weekly Must Read!


How To Play:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Go visit 2 blogs saying hello from Mingle Monday!

4) Come back to [Life of Meg] and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs and answer the weekly fun fact:

This Week's Q:

{ What are your Mingle Monday suggestions? }


** PLAY FAIR -- all blog & runs (not commenting) will be deleted. **

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **



Feature Mingle Monday in a blog post for your chance to be chosen as my Weekly Must Read! Every week I will choose one blog at random, stop by for a visit, and then brag about you to everyone!!

Leave a comment with the URL link to your blog's Mingle Monday
post to enter the Weekly Must Reads contest!

.:: Who wants TONS of new followers?! ::.

May your Monday be merry!!


  1. Woo! Since I'm blog number 2 I'll have to come back to check out some other blogs...

    I loved the story you used to do...

  2. I stopped by Create Meaning, and loved the cute shirt she wants to buy. I love the soft colors of her blog.

    Then I went to A Sorta Fairytale, and thought her baby is too cute in his little cords!

    Having a wonderful snowy day!

  3. Hi!

    I stopped by Create Meaning, her profile is very cute (and funny!) and her blog is simple and fun to read.

    I also stopped by Facing 50, I liked all her pictures and I enjoyed reading her posts.

    Happy Monday all!

  4. Hi Meg! I've been reading all the blogs that were before me and four after me as I spnet ages trying to write comments that kept getting rejected. I think my laptop is having a grumpy Monday (bit like my husband)
    I visited Create with Meaning. Now everyone should read her post purely for the last lines. And yes she should buy that shirt. I couldn't leave a comment on her blog as computer had a dicky fit so I hope she reads this.
    Next I visited Fairweather Diver who has written about her passionate love affair with her boyfriend. It's not quite like that so go and check it out:)
    I also read I Dream Loudly and sniffed my way through her story about her fabulous horse. Just need to dry my eyes and check out some more blogs.
    I adore Mingle Mondays. I look forward to them The only way I think you could improve them is to increase the number of days so we can have Wander Wednesday and Thrash About Thusrday etc so we can mingle all week.
    As always thank you for hosting.

  5. Hello~~

    I went to A Sorta Fairytale. I loved her layout, very soft and welcoming. She has some amazing pictures on her blog of her stunning family. Loved it~

    I also stopped by Life with the Edwards. Her posts are full of wonderful tidbits about her life and I really enjoyed reading.


  6. Hello!!!
    Today I visited "I dream loudly" and she has a wonderful post/tribute to a Horse she had a loved dearly.

    Then I was off with "Facing 50" and she was talking about writing, husband, dinner and else... nice blog!

    My only suggestion about "Mingle Monday" is to KEEP IT UP! I love it and think is a wonderful way to share your blog with other wonderful bloggers out there, thanks Meg!

  7. I visited Create Meaning. I loved her latest post on Classic Disney and her banner is so cute!

    I also checked out Simple Little Joys. She's going to New York City over her Christmas break. So jealous! I'd love to go one day too :)

  8. hello! I visited
    "we the gingers"- It's her first married christmas and she is ordering the 50 free holiday cards that Shutterfly is giving away to bloggers. I LOVE the picture she chose for the card, and am looking forward to following her!

    I also visited "northwest Betty" who just went on a wine tour and recently celebrated the anniversary of getting engaged to her husband. She also has a great pumpkin cookie recipe that I can't wait to try out!

    Lovin' Mingle Mondays!

  9. I woke up dreading this monday... but finding new blogs can always make a monday better!

    today I visited "Create Meaning", which pulled me in right away because I love the title and the banner at the top of her page. Her posts are somewhat random (which I love), and I really like the pictures that she uses with each of her posts :)

    I also checked out "Such life in the tropics" (also an awesome title). Her most recent post was about a pirate-themed festival, which sounds like SO MUCH FUN! and I am totally jealous that she got to go there, but glad that she posted pictures :)

    great blogs!!

  10. I stopped first at "We the Gingers" where she had posted an ADORABLE picture from her wedding-- her and her hubby holding their dogs. Being a dog lover, I absolutely loved it!

    Next, I went to "This Freckled Lemonade" and read up on her tips of how to successfully write an undergrad paper. I'm sure I have been guilty of those things too lol

    As for the QOTD- don't really have any suggestions-- but loving it!!

  11. I checked out A Little Bit of Everything, and she's got a super cute layout! Then I checked out We The Gingers, and she's got great pics of food! (not the best thing to look at while at work!)
    Loads of fun :)
    I love Mingle Mondays, don't know if I'd change anything about it!

  12. I checked out This Freckled Lemonade and it was very clever. Will be checking it out again.

  13. I stopped by This Freckled Lemonade, where I found the cutest blog header I've seen in a long time! Adorable! Plus she wrote a hilarious take on "how to write a college paper" that I totally related to.

    I also went to A Life of Color... another gorgeous blog header and she just found out she's graduating in six months, so that's exciting!

    Mingle Monday suggestions... hmm, I don't really know. But keep doing it! :)

  14. Happy Monday Bloggers!!

    I read "Fate of Amber" - Really cute blog - and way to go for being such an awesome single mommy!!

    I also read (and fell in love with) Belle in Bows!! Awesome blog and really cute layout.

    As for the QOTD - just keep up Mingle Mondays - it's a huge hit!

  15. First I stopped by Mei , I had fun reading her post especially her latest, loved her sense of humor!

    Then I stopped by Simple Little Joys. I love finding other blogger that I seem to have a lot in common with. She would be no exception!

    I love Mingle Mondays because I love discovering new blogs that I probably would not have otherwise, just don't stop is my only suggestion.

  16. I kind of like this linky as small as it is, I don't know about you guys but I get turned off when I see over 100 thumbnails. With this amount, I get to sort through ones I really like, and don't feel overwhelmed.

    I checked out Diary of a Fair Weather Diver...loved the illustrations in her post (they are stick-figures!) and also BelleinBows which seems to be a truly girly find!

  17. Hey everyone! I found a couple of really great blogs this week. I first went to The Juici Life. I thought it was really nice of her to promote her friend's Etsy jewelry shop in a post. And I really love her bucket list. Then I went to Diary of a Fair Weather Diver. This girl is super cool. All of her drawings are really fun and she has neat book and movie reviews, too.

    Say, does anyone know of any other cool blog hops going on the rest of the week?

  18. I checked out I Dream Loudly, and Spirals and Spatulas. They've both got great things going!

    I honestly don't have a suggestion for Mingle Monday. I like it just the way it is!

  19. Oh dear my computer has gone loopy. I couldn't see the comments on your site or my link so I linked again and now I can see everything...good excuse to go and check out some more blogs.

  20. I checked out A Belle In Bows, who posted a quick recipe for a yummy pomegranate margarita - I LOVE margaritas, so I can't wait to try it!

    Next up, Spirals and Spatulas! I read all about her beautiful cakes at her wedding - lovely, and so delicious looking! Mmm!

    I think that the Mingle Monday is working out pretty well so far - so I don't have any new suggestions!

  21. First I stopped by Books & Shoes. This blog is so cute and girly! I'll definitely be adding it to my weekly reading.

    Next I headed over to A Pretty Plethora. I really love the simplicity of her blog design!

    I don't have any suggestions for Mingle Monday except that it would be great if more bloggers would join. I think this is a great opportunity to discover new blogs, and it would be wonderful if more blogger knew about it. Next week I'm thinking of doing a post on it to help out!


  22. I visited Spirals & Spatulas. Not only did she have an amazing wedding cake, but I love her paisley blog design and colors!

    I also dropped by Down Time and read about her fun trip to Seattle Art Museum and Pike's Place! This is a city that I would love to visit!

  23. I love looking at new blogs and making new friends.

  24. Hi everyone .. I'm a little late getting to the party today. But I did get to mingle my way over to:

    Kimchee Chronicles , where I discovered a wonderfully written corner of blogland. She may not care for pumpkin pie (pop over to read about it) .. but Karen loves nude shoes, and the 3 pairs she is lusting for are amazingly eas on the eyes!!

    The Juici Life ~ another well executed blog; discovered a new jewelry designer ~ there is a link there to the etsy shop. and while there be sure to read her post Year of the Tiger -..

    Meg, Mingle Mondays s great ... like a baby MM will roll about - sometimes you may not thing MM is developing ... but like a baby it will be evolving from birth to crawling before you know it. You are a fabulous hostess!! HHL

  25. I visted Life on a Stick - she's having twins! (Congrats!) She announced it in the cutest post about her favorite duos!

    I also checked out a Belle in Bows. She has a super cute layout and seems really genuine. Loved the pomegrante martini recipe!

    I don't have any suggestions. I like how it is!

  26. This week I visited:
    *We the Gingers: An adorable blog with fabulous pictures!
    *Stories from Meg: Great stories...and her most recent one is quite heartbreaking.

    I love Mingle Mondays...just keep doing what you're doing! :)

  27. Falling off a high heeled life has some awesome giveaways going on!
    This Freckled Lemonade is such a cute blog! She uses comics to help her blog.

  28. I visited A Belle in Bows and thought her blog was too cute! She also had some yummy drink recipes that I want to try!

    I also visited down time - Her posts have so many pictures! I love it!

  29. Hi! I blogged about Mingle Monday!

    One thing I love about MM's are all the new blogs I get to read! I would love it if there was something that allowed the later arriving participants to get some more blog love though.

    I visited Life on a Stock and The Luckiest in Love. Both are very cute blogs. Life on a stick just announced she is pregnant with twins, holy moly what a handful, but so cool!! She also posted a video of military reunions on Veteran's day that had me bawling my eyes out.
    The luckiest in Love just got married 5 months ago, (Congrats!) and is hosting some super cute blog swaps for ornaments and kitty and doggy presents. I'm thinking of participating!

  30. I stopped by Hair by Adrian and read about her journey to becoming an egg donor. AMAZING! Go read about it if you haven't already!

    I also went to This Freckled Lemonade and read her hilarious story about ordering at a drive-thru. She has a great blog and great writing style, go check it out!

    As for suggestions--I have zero. I love Mingle Monday and the size of it is perfect! :) Keep up the good work!

  31. I feel so sad when I get to Mingle Monday on TUESDAY! All the fun has been had :(

    I have 0 Mingle Monday suggestions - I like it how it is! So fun!

    I posted about you:

    I went to High School Blogger - such a cute girl! She's pretty funny :)

    I also went to We the Gingers (love the name) and her picture on her most recent post alone is worth stopping by her blog! So cute!

  32. So far I've visited Awkward Sex and the City. How have I not read this blog before?! LOVE the humor and the storytelling. So great.

  33. Currently reading the Business of Creating, and her post from Sunday is SO INSPIRING! I love it. Exactly what I needed to hear today.

    My second one is Ellie-Town, her button totally drew me in! Such a precious picture. I can't wait to read more on hers! She seems like a super sweet, fun girl!

    Love Mingle Monday with all of my heart :)


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