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September 9, 2010

You Had Me From Merlot

It's official... I am headed to beautiful wine country!
Yes, I have booked a flight back to my old stomping grounds {Oh, San Francisco, how I've missed you!} for a late October trip with my fabulously fun cousins!

We are now in the exciting process of selecting what to do during our 5 day luxury vacay. I have my fingers crossed for a day trip to gorgeous Napa Valley or Sonoma for a day of yummy wine tastings - I'm such a wino!

Nothing beats sitting outside in the vineyard, watching the sunset while enjoying a delicious glass of merlot... yum!

In the spirit of pure California excitement...

{ My Current Wino Faves }


1) Relax - Riesling

- This is one of my staple go to white wines. It's nice and sweet and perfect with a yummy dessert on a girls night.

2) Sexy Wine Bomb - Red Blend

- My cousin brought this over last weekend for our dinner party and it was delicious. It's a nice full-bodied red blend with lots of delicious berry tones.

3) Ravenswood - Cabernet Sauvignon

- When I went to Sonoma 2 years ago, Ravenswood was my favorite tasting! I especially love the Vinters Blend sauvignon. I would say it's medium bodied with a tiny bit of spice perfection!


{What's your fave?}



  1. How FUN! Hope your trip is wonderful!

    I don't discriminate when it comes to wine (Wino and proud of it!), but I tend to gravitate more toward the spicier varietals - Syrah, Malbec, Zinfandel...

    And for whites, I love a really dry, oaky, buttery chardonnay.

  2. What a fun trip this will be for you, girlie!! Some nice bottles of wine sound fantastic right about now!

    I usually drink reds, but Rieslings really are delicious! When we visited the Mosel River Valley earlier this year {one of the world's most famous Riesling areas!}, I had such a great time finding this new favorite!

    It's so great living here because I can run to the little German grocery store down the street & get some delicious European wines for less than 3 euro! I will miss that when we go back to the States :)

  3. I'm not 21 yet but I am excited to enjoy a glass of wine on my birthday hopefully. I just don't want my crazy friends trying to make me drink more than I need to or Desire to. Lol. Nonetheless I prefer wine if I am going to engage in drinking. It just tastes better and when done moderately you can enjoy the presence of great friends and not end up making stupid silly choices...

    btw. I am so JeAlous of your trip!! I hope you enjoy :)

  4. Yum! I love wine! Ugh, if I wasn't off to work in a bit, I would totally go in the kitchen and have a glass of Merlot right now...

  5. You have found your calling. Wine tasting descriptions. all day. every day. your wording = beautiful!

  6. My boyfriend and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Sexy Wine Bomb! We tried it at a wine warehouse called "Total Wine" that's conveniently located near my apartment! We absolutely adored it! We just bought some this past weekend actually! :) I am so so so jealous of your trip to San Fran... even though I'm obsessed with California, I've never been north of LA! Can't wait to see pictures of your trip! :)

  7. YES! I love wine!! Sounds like a fantastic time! I know I might sound snobby but I absolutely looooove Cakebread Chardonnay! I think it's because we only drink it for very special occasions!

  8. I'm so jealous! Hope you have fun!



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