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September 15, 2010

Paint Toes to Save Lives!

Good morning lovely friends! I've been meaning to share with you something so wonderful, near and dear to my heart! Many of you may not know, but I have the very best job in the whole world! I simply love everything about what I do.

I am so blessed to work for one of the nation's largest and most prestigious cancer non-profits. Everyday I get to work with so many amazing cancer patients and survivors, as well as coordinate patient programming for the city.

As you can imagine, one of my main focuses is to promote cancer education and awareness. So I have to spread the word!

{ September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month }


In a huge effort to spread the word about the "silent killer",
I have found the Teal Toes awareness movement... and I LOVE IT!
Their mission is to raise awareness of ovarian cancer by painting toenails teal, the ovarian cancer color.

How does this help?

Painting toes teal starts the conversation about the signs of this whispering killer. The conversation can save lives. Women diagnosed at an early stage have a much higher five-year survival rate than those diagnosed at a later stage.


Alarming Facts About Ovarian Cancer:

- 5th leading cause of death among U.S. women.

- An estimated 21,880 women will be diagnosed in 2010.

- Out of those diagnosed, 13,850 will die from the disease.

- Very few women are diagnosed in the early stages.


Needless to say, I have purchased my gorgeous teal color...

{ OPI's Yodel Me On My Cell }

Love this color from the Swiss collection! My toes are prepped and ready to be painted tonight! So I challenge you to find your perfect
teal shade
and spread the word!

Remember, knowledge is power!
Spread the word, paint your toes and save lives!


To learn more about prevention and early detection, please visit:

- American Cancer Society
- Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
- Teal Toes


  1. I love this. Thanks for making me aware. Im off to get teal polish!

  2. I will try to find the color down here and do that.


  3. Only toes? Or can we paint the fingers?


  4. I love this soooo much. What an amazing job you have, friend! Can't wait to start spreading the word. I think I may have to get the same polish :)

  5. This is awesome! I have always wanted to try one of the teal colors, but was always nervous it would look funky. Maybe I should go out and buy some to least it's a good cause!

  6. I love that ya'll are digging this awesome campaign too!

    Not to mention that teal is one of fall's "it" colors anyway!

    Look at you cancer-fighting, awareness-raising fashionistas! :)

  7. What a great way to spread awareness. I'm off to find my perfect teal for my toes. Now I can tell my husband that my pedicure isn't about being fashionable but supporting a good cause!!!

  8. I am so going to do this!! Yay for awareness!

  9. I love this!!! Definitely going to find my teal color!! :)


  10. Love it! I will be buying teal polish the next time I make it to the store!! It's my favorite color and I never thought of putting it on my toenails! Yay Meg! And boo Cancer!

  11. Love this post! I will def. be spreading the word!

  12. This is an amazing cause and I love the idea of painting your toenails in honor of the fight against Ovarian Cancer. Just about every woman on the planet paints their toenails so this gets a huge audience involved. And, wow, what a great job! It must be quite an amazing place to work.
    I am walking the 60 mile Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk in a few weeks so I certainly know what it means to fight for a cause you really believe in.
    Thank you for all you do.

  13. LOOOOOVE this, soooo very much. Thanks for posting and raising awareness. Also, it's wonderful that you work for such an amazing organization :)

    So I have decided to make a date with some gf's to get a teal-colored pedicure. Hope you're having a great week!

  14. LOVE this campaign SO much! And teal is the perfect "notice me" color, too!! Thanks for sharing, girlie!

  15. Although it is a good cause and I'm in no way bashing ovarian cancer and spreading awareness, I don't understand how painting one's toes teal is going to help in any way. How are you supposed to raise awareness if nobody sees your toes? And what are the chances of someone asking you about your nail polish color and what it stands for? It's just one in a thousand. My nails are always painted gorgeous colors, and nobody ever says anything about it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, although it is a good idea, I think it's pretty insignificant if you're trying to spread the word. Toes are toes, and are hardly noticed. The Livestrong bracelets worked better.

  16. i have given you a blog award!
    check it out!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.



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