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September 27, 2010

Mingle Monday!

Happy Monday Friends!
I hope you had such an amazing and relaxing weekend - I know I did! For those of you who are new, let me extend a very warm welcome - so happy to have you here!

{ Who's ready for some Monday fun?! }

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...keep spreading the word about Mingle Monday!

I want to make sure that it keeps growing so that everyone gets new people visiting their blogs every single week!

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How To Enter:

1) Must be a [Life of Meg] follower to participate.

2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!


How To Play:

1) Go visit 2 blogs!

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs!

4) COMMENT FUN FACT (new weekly feature!):

Question: { What's your favorite fall activity? }


** PLEASE PLAY FAIR -- all enter & runs (not commenting) will be deleted!**

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **



Feature Mingle Monday in a blog post for your chance to be featured on my Weekly Must Reads - where I choose 3 blogs of the week to endorse!

Leave a comment with the URL link to your blog's Mingle Monday post to enter.

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So happy that YOU are here!

Have a Lovely Monday!


  1. Hi! I visited "A Sorta Fairytale" which has a beautiful layout and she has the cutest baby boy! And I visited "The Juici Life" which is a really cool idea for a blog! She sums her blog up as a "neverending bucket list"!

  2. Thanks for hosting again! I visited A Sorta Fairytale. I really love her blog! She has a sweet baby boy. So cute! Then I visited a Glimpse of Our Lives. She's a newlywed and she has a really cute blog.

  3. Hi again...thanks Meg for another Mingle Monday!

    I visited Hello Kendra, I loved her whole blog from the layout to the content. Great blog! And I also stopped by Life With the Edwards. yet another cute layout and just an all around cute blog.

    And at the top of my Christmas List? Luggage!

    Also I gave you a shout out on my latest post...

  4. This is my first time participating in Mingle Monday, and so for I love it. I'm now following Jessi's blog, and can't wait to find others to follow! =]

  5. So this week I visited
    Hello Kendra, she has a great book list!Her blog is so cute as well!
    I also visited A Sorta Fairly tale, she has some great photos and is hosting a photo challenge right now!

  6. I stopped by Shut the Front Door - what a funny blog!

    I also visited Life With the Edwards - such a pretty layout!

    I posted about Mingle Monday!

  7. Today I visted:

    Kimchee Chronicles ~ wonderful blog .. check out her post on eye brows .. great tips.

    A sorta fairytale ~ well composed ... and she hosts a photo challenge

    Spirals & Spatulas ~ really sweet blog... and she lets you know whats coming for the week on her blog(well organized)!!! full of inspiring ideas and she cooking and baking.... Her Blog is 1 year old today ..pop on over and help her celebrate!!!

    Meg .. thanks for hosting this wonderful party!!! HHL

  8. Hi Meg!

    I visited the Juici Life, which was super cute... AND she just got a blog award which is fun... AND she has what seems to be a pretty awesome "bucket list" that she blogs about. So cool.

    Also I stopped by Well, Shut the Front Door! which is absolutely hilarious. Loved it.

    Also I left you a little shoutout on my newest post...

    Have a great Monday, everyone!

  9. I visited In the Line For the Real world-and she has the most gorgeous pictures!
    I also stopped by A Sorta Fairytale is magical! She has these super fun photo challenges that I am just going to LOVE!

  10. I visited Spirals and Spatulas (it's her bloggy birthday!) and Cant Google Everything (she needs to rethink her views on lace tights and thongs lmao)

    This fall i'm looking forward to wearing cut layers and eating sweet potato pies :)


  11. PS-This is my post about the mingle today :)

  12. Hi Meg - thanks for hosting again!

    I've spent some time on Starfish (Throw it back), as Emily's first post had me in stitches! The story on her choice of blog name suggests that she's both funny and deep. An excellent combo.

    Spirals and Spatulas is also super-cute (Happy blog-thday!). Katie has some fantastic (future) decorating tastes and I always like hearing about others' newlywed-ness.

    Top of my Christmas list? Although unrealistic and completely unattainable: A Michael Kors white ceramic watch. *sigh

  13. It is my first time here- I found you through Lady Bloggers Society. Great idea with mingle monday! IYou have a great blog, and today I also visited Dani's blog, which is a fun read! Thanks for this!

  14. This is our second week visiting Mingle Monday and it is so much fun!

    Today we stopped by

    1. Throw the Starfish Back, and her post about being a good patient was really wonderful to read...sometimes we have to be reminded that we are not the only people in the world and that we are in public!

    2. Books & Shoes, and it was so cute that she was adopting a small orange cats are very big with the Poor and Fabulous Girls!

    Favorite fall can you choose just one?!?

  15. Back again!
    Hope all is well with everyone...

    Today I checked out Hello, Kendra, and let me tell you how much I love her layout!! It's adorable. She's reading the Pretty Little Liars series which I want to try, myself. And, her daughter and pup are precious!!

    I also visited a pretty plethora, who apparently just emerged from a birthday weekend unscathed and has her readers pining for details of the events.

    My favorite fall activity is breaking out the hoodies and toe socks. Seriously. I also love bonfires even though I havent been to one in ages- sad face.

  16. Happy Monday, everyone! I just checked out Mangoes and Chutney and, boy, am I glad I did. It's a great blog for foodies and features some amazing recipes. I can't wait to try some of them out.

    I also checked out Books and Shoes. Love her new little kitty and the fact that she's a voracious reader. I, too, like to read so I think I'm gonna keep her blog on my radar so I can find a good book when I'm looking for something new to read.

  17. I visited Creative Flair and enjoyed her paintings. I am just starting this adventure so looking forward to learning and seeing many kinds of paintings.

    I visited several other blogs, too. Lots of younger bloggers that you all enjoy writing!!!!!


  18. Hi! This is my second week participating, and I love it :)

    I checked out Creative Flair - which was a truly inspiring site - she is such a talented artist.

    I also checked out Poor and Fabulous. This blog is great! Some great reminders that money can't buy happiness thrown in with great humor and some fun pictures. I really liked it1

    My favorite fall activity is baking with fall flavors like pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla bean, etc.

    "Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake" -

  19. Yay for Mingle Mondays!

    This week I visited:
    *Mangoes & Chutney: Yowza! Such delicious looking food & recipes . Can't wait to try some out!
    *Books N Shoes: Simply adorable blog that showcases her happy family!

    Looking forward to reading more from both blogs!

    And at the top of my Christmas wish list would be a trip to an exotic locale with my husband!


  20. pretty plethora: promoted MINGLE MONDAYS which is awesome and was pleasing to the eye. particularly like the glasses picture to the right of her page and she seems to have a joyful spirit so I am now following her and asking you to stop by and take a gander as well :). thank you

    Kimchee CHronicles- I love blogs that make me smile and nod or shake my head and her latest post was just that. hahah. She seems to have a witty and fun sense of humor which I LOVE although I sometimes often lack in my own blog. NOnetheless it was a joy to stop by. If it werent for Megs mingle mondays what in the world would we do??

    Btw. You will learn a lovely term BLOGGETTE on one of these blogs so go check out both to see which one I am referencing :).



  21. Well, Hi Ms. Meg!

    I found two blogs that I love this week- but call me crazy, I could not find a follow button on either. Maybe someone can help me:

    The first one I loved was "stay calm, have a cupcake"

    I will admit, I don't love baking but I'm pretty inspired to give it a go from her wonderful recipes

    Mangoes and Chutney...all I can say is yum! So excited to try out some of these recipes.

  22. Happy MOnday! Today I visited:

    -A pretty Plethora: I loved all the cute images and her quick-hitting factoids to get to know her. Also, anyone that appreciates the genius of nacho libre is pretty ok in my book
    - You just can't Google everything: I totally loved her letters to no one. I have these kinds of thoughts about idiots all around me to. Hilarious!
    -Shout out to Mingle Monday here:
    -Top of my Christmas list? Set of tires. Boring.

  23. Hey Meg! Just put a link to Mingle Mondays on my latest post!

    So, first I checked out Hello Kendra and she has a really cute layout.

    Then, I checked out Theresa's blog "In Line for the Real World" and I loved seeing all her up close and personal pics of the zoo! She's a great photographer!

    As for Fall favorites it's hard to say considering it's 105 degrees today! My favorite activities are burning fall scented candles from Bath and Body and eating pumpkin everything because that's as close to "feeling Fall-like" as it gets in L.A.!

  24. This is such a great blog hop! I stopped by LOTS of blogs, as many as I could.

    Keeping up with Courtney - She seems like a genuine sweetie, and recently won a "blog with substance" award- well deserved!

    Stopped by The Words of Me Project - Very creative and inspirational. Looking forward to reading more of her posts!

    And my Christmas list?? Hmm... I'd like a new lens for my camera!

  25. Hey Meg! I'm back for my second time at Mingle Monday. Found two new great blogs I can't wait to keep up with! :)
    The Amateur Wife (that I can relate with, only being 9 months 'in' myself...) was just adorable!! I read a charming recap of her wedding day and I felt like I was there.
    I also stopped by Twenty-Something in The City and was pleased to find out she was visiting my old stomping grounds, Minneapolis. It really is a small world. :)

    Check out my blog Houston Hurdles at
    Hope you have a great week!!

  26. Hey Meg, I am visiting from Juici Life where Jessi mentioned this fabulous idea of Mingle Monday. After I sign myself I visited "A Pretty Plethora" and now I know there other people out there that like to constantly quote movies, LOL!
    Also I visited "You just can't google everything" simply because the title is very eye catching, love both blogs.

    Visit my blog anytime where I share everything and anything about my life, family, dogs, and my life in the tropics...

  27. Happy Monday!

    I visited The Amateur Wife - who I found out she loves fall just as much as I do.


    Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake - I just found a new cupcake to try! Deeelish!

  28. Happy Monday! I visited Poodlism - which left me wishing for fall weather and Spirals and Spatulas (happy blogiversary)! Both had super cute posts and were a fun read! Love Mingle Mondays!

  29. I visited a sorta fairytale and I dream loudly. I really liked both blogs. A sorta fairytale has really cool pictures. I dream loudly is a great blogger.

  30. Hello! Today I visited:

    ♥Spirals and Spatulas: Today happens to be her blog birthday! I really like the content in her blog, it seems we are interested in similar things. I am really looking forward to reading more!
    ♥The Fashionable Wife: I really enjoyed this blog! Nikki and I have similar interest, like being dog lovers, we love traveling, fashion and reading. I can't wait to read more!

  31. I linked up both my wedding and newlywed blog, so I visited 4 blogs! :)

    First - OK, Dani is so cute! I'm a huge fan of wedding bands, and it's exciting that she's getting so close!

    Second - Houston Hurdles is an adorable blog! She and her hubby are too cute!

    Third - Star's Pink Blog is right up my alley. I love all things pink and her blog design is precious!

    Fourth - Casa de Cowan has an adorable blog layout and I'm excited to try her recipe for caramelized onions! Yum!

  32. I stopped by Twenty Something in the City. Her post was just for us Monday Minglers and it was about her carry on essentials. I loved this post because I'm always curious as to what other people carry and maybe get some new ideas.

    The second blog I stopped by was DC Dating Divas. I loved reading this blog. All I can say is "Mr. Wonder Bread: Airy and of Little Substance". Hahahaha...I will be an avid follower of reading about the dating adventures!

  33. Yay for Mingle Monday! I am so happy that I have had some new visitors today!

    I visited Poor and Fabulous, and I loved the writing style. Added them to my favorites list!

    I also checked out Northwest betty, who takes great pictures and leads a lovely life. Definitely making return visits. :)

    For fun, I also checked out You Can't Google Everything - loved the letters to no one.


  34. Happy Monday Mingle!!!

  35. I visited DC Dating Divas - This reminded me a bit of Sex & The City! Clever phrasing, funny comments, dating in a big city! Great blog!

    I also visited Such Life In The Tropics - She just posted about a trip to the beach with her doggies! So cute!

    Happy Mingle Monday! ♥

  36. Thanks for hosting such a fun hop! :)

    "Well, shut the front door!" - What a fun blog! The author is hilarious and I look forward to seeing what other great entries she writes.

    "Throw the starfish back" - Brilliantly sarcastic and honest! :) I enjoyed her article about the people that come through her office. Plus, her blog design is super cute!!

  37. I linked up my wedding (Classic Puppy Love) and personal blog (Just Another Smith), so I visited four!

    1) I stopped by My Semi-Charmed Life. I love her honesty as she writes about the 30 Days of Truth.
    2) Amanda & Don. What a beautiful blog layout! And I just love her two "horses"!
    3)Spirals and Spatulas--Happy Blogiversary! Lol. We have so much in common, and her blog is super cute!
    4)The Amateur Wife. She's starting her wedding recaps (squeeeeee!)

    Thanks for hosting this Meg! And my favorite fall activity would have to be going pumpkin picking!

  38. New Mingle Monday'er a day late :( I had a busy yesterday. I visited Can't Google Everything which I loved her funny little letters :) Laughed about the phone books cuz I got one last week and had no idea what to do with it.
    Also visited Books 'N Shoes and her kitty is adorable! Can't wait to see it again!
    This is such an adorable idea! Will def post it on my blog for next week!

  39. Love me some Mingle Mondays!!!

    This week I have two more amazing blogs!

    Such life in the Tropics... First of all she lives in the tropics so logically I should be all over green with envy. She loves life and her puppy!

    Falling Off a High-Heeled Life She does a "New You Tuesdays" very inspirational and upbeat love it!

  40. I love Mingle Mondays! I read some fantastic blogs this week!

    First I read Theresa's "In Line for the Real World" OMG she is an amazing photographer. She took these amazing pictures at the zoo. The one of the giraffe could be the cover of a magazine. It was incredible.

    Then I read Such Life in the Tropics. First of all, I am totally jealous that she lives in the Caymens. Need I say more? She has the cutest pup and has a great blog.

    I read one more... Classic Puppy Love. I already follow Just Another Smith, and I had no idea Smitty had a second blog! Too cute!

  41. thanks for hosting this!!

    So firstly I visited Amber from "the Fate of Amber".. I totally respect your admiration and love of Hanson.. But that's totally a side note haha. Her blog is really cute and she's doing a 30 day truth challenge and that was really interesting to read.

    My second blog was Northwest Betty and I loved this blog- especially her last post. I love bloggers that incorporate pictures and she had some really cute/original ideas. Definitely a follower now!!

    See you ladies next Monday!!

    xx, dee

  42. Yay for Mingle Monday! It's so fun to check out new blogs. I visited Case De Cowan, which I loved--they're a happily married couple and reading about married life is one of my fav. things! I also checked out my Semi-Charmed Life. Janet is just out of school and trying to find her way in "the real world," and I totally relate to that!

  43. Stay Calm Cupcake is KILLING me with how yummy everything looks. I love it!! Plus, she's super creative.

  44. You Just Can't Google Everything is an awesome name for a blog AND she loves Harry Potter! MAJOR WIN!

  45. I visited Spirals and Spatulas and Poor and Fabulous, both blog names totally drew me in!! I love all things weddings, so S&S is so the blog I need to get my wedding fix, and Poor and Fabulous is pretty near and dear to my heart, meaning I too am trying to live cheaply haha I love the posts I have read so far on P&F, especially the book related ones :)

  46. did a second run of blogs and loved stay calm, have a cupcake! and you can't google everything. Amazing! Love both the blogs concepts.

    Also posted about Mingle Monday here:



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