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September 26, 2010

European Experiences & Travel Tips!

Happy Sunday, lovelies!
I have quite the treat for you this morning. So grab a yummy cup of coffee, pull up a chair, and get ready to let your inner travel goddess loose!

Today my dear friend Amanda @ Don & Amanda is here to share her exciting European life and amazing travel tips with all of you! If you haven't visited her gorgeous blog, you absolutely need to go visit ASAP, I promise you'll love it... I know I do!

{ Without further delay.... here's Amanda! }


I'm an Army wife living a fabulous European life & loving all the incredible opportunities that it brings! Right now, travel is right at the top of that list, & so I'd love to share some of my travel tips & experiences with all of you! After visiting 10 countries here, I've learned a thing or two!  And whether you're taking a trip across the State, the Country, or the World, you can always have a fabulous time exploring new places!  ♥

I didn't used to like traveling. In fact, my Dad loves to tell the story of a family trip from Colorado to Missouri when I was a baby...I cried halfway across Kansas! When I was older, I couldn't even manage a few days at Church Camp, & slumber parties made me nervous! But then, off I went to college in Oklahoma where I didn't know a soul. Then, I married my sweetie & moved to Germany! Here I am, happy as a clam, traveling around Europe!  So when I say I was born to travel, well, I believe it!  It just took me a while to get started :)

Amanda's Travel Tip #1: Leave room in your suitcase for pretty purchases! 
When we fly here in Europe, we usually use the cheap-o airlines like Ryan Air.  Their prices are amazing, but the amount of luggage they allow is not.  I've learned to pack sparingly so that I can shop without hesitation!

Amanda's Travel Tip #2: Travel with an open mind, no expectations. 
Ah, Europe.  Romantic cities & so much history!  But not every city is actually what you see in the movies!  London is like a huge New York {but the people aren't as nice!}, Paris is filthy, & Rome is busy busy busy!  So when you travel, make sure that you arrive ready to see whatever it is that you see, excited about the possibilities & not ready to be disappointed if it isn't what you imagined!

Amanda's Travel Tip #3: Try the local flavor! 
Sardines in Cinque Terre, fish & chips in Dublin, Swedish meatballs in Stockholm, & {this is a stretch, but a fun one I had to include!} even a beer spa in PragueAlways eat what's famous in the area you're visiting!  Mmm!

Amanda's Travel Tip #4: If you see something you'd love to have, buy it without a second thought! 
The first time we visited Salzburg, Austria, I found a beautiful amber ring.  Don told me he would get it for me, but I said I didn't really need it...  And then I thought about that ring for the next year!  I went back with my brother recently & Don told me I'd better buy my amber ring this time :)

Amanda's Travel Tip #5: Don't be afraid to go off the beaten path.  On our trip to Croatia, we stayed on a tiny island that had only two hotels!  We were a boat ride from Dubrovnik, the area's major city, but the peace & quite of this remote little island was perfect!  Be adventurous; don't just stay in the typical places!

Amanda's Travel Tip #6: Wing it! 
Schedules are boring!  Make a quick list of your must-see places, & then wing it!  Traveling is more fun when you don't have an agenda!

Amanda's Travel Tip #7: Travel with the one you love! 
Whether you travel with your family, a best friend, or your sweetheart, this tip is certain to make any trip absolutely fabulous!  ♥

Next up, my sweetie & I will be traveling to the gorgeous southern coast of Portugal!  You can be sure that we'll taste the local flavor & that I'll leave room in my bag to bring back some of that beautiful Portuguese pottery!  Where will your next trip take you?!  Wherever it may be, smile that pretty smile & make memories, my dears!

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  1. Those are some great tips!


  2. Wonderful tips and post .. Ah Portugal .. my birth country!!! You will have a fabulous time.. can't wait about your adventures .. I'm popping over to to your blog for a visit..HHL

  3. Definitely these tips are really helpful for all travelers and yes I also agree with you that Portugal is wonderful country. It is one of the oldest in Europe where outstanding monuments, castle and churches, new buildings and technologies which really attract tourist.
    I also wait for your feedback about tour to Portugal.

  4. great post! Love the tips! I used to travel all the time and then I grew up and had to pay for the tickets and the overseas trips had to stop!! Traveling is what I miss most about now being a "grown up"! My dream is to live in London so we will see where I end up after FL!! :) Happy Monday!


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