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September 24, 2010

Have a Girly Weekend!

Happy Friday to you, sweet bloggeristas!
I am looking forward to a very relaxing and wonderful weekend filled with all things girly! BF is enjoying some time visitng his manfriend in FL, so I figured I would fill my lovely weekend with girlfriends and giggles!

{ Looking Forward To... }

+ Going to see "Easy A" tonight
+ Pretty-ing up my apartment
(that makes "cleaning" sound more appealing...)
+ Bargain shopping
+ Saturday morning Zumba
+ Lunching w/ my Auntie Sheryl
+ Breaking out my home decor
+ Baking
+ Crafting BF's top-secret Anniversary gift
+ Celebrating Bella Beast's 2nd B-day
(PB doggie cake included)
+ Going to see Waiting for Superman**


What fabulous things are on your list?

Bring on the girly-ness!

** Waiting for Superman is an amazing documentary that I have been looking forward to for months... see trailer here:


  1. That sounds like a fun weekend! This weekend I'm doing some shopping and getting my hair cut! Have a great weekend!

  2. omigosh! IM going to see Easy A tonight too! :-)Then, getting my haircut tomorrow and some shopping. Then watching college football!

  3. That sounds like such an amazing weekend! My list isn't so glamorous! I will be trying to catch up on some sleep!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I have a girly weekend coming up next weekend! Wee fun days ahead. My weekend consists of a retreat/bitchfest/problem solving all day tomorrow and then a bday party in the evening. Then football of course on Sunday. Not sure what tonight.


  5. Totally want to see Waiting for Superman (I'm a high school teacher)! Sadly, this weekend is all about work for me, but I'll be taking a break for some football on Sunday. :) Maybe I'll paint my toes during the game for a girly edge--ha!

  6. Easty A is SO'll love it!

  7. Hello Meg!

    You just received an award! Go grab it here:

  8. hey meg, i found your blog through courtney at "Keeping Up With Courtney". we are practically best friends. anyway, love your blog! it's cute. girlie weekends are the best! enjoy!

  9. that sounds so awesome! I'll be working most of the weekend but loving every minute of it =) I'll get all my down-time come Nov & Dec =)

  10. Fun Megs! I went on date with the hubby tonight and headin' to breakfast and the apple orchard with my mom, sis, and soon-to-be sister in law on Sunday!

  11. Thanks for visiting Inspired Design! I am now following you too! I wanted to see Easy A, it got really good reviews. Let us know how it was!! xo

  12. Stopping by from LBS Tea Party! I have enjoyed visiting your blog :)


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