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September 20, 2010

Mingle Monday - New Features!

Hello lovely blog friends! For those new and old, I am so very happy that you have joined me for a little blog break on your Monday! There are some fun new twists this week... keep reading!

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...keep spreading the word about Mingle Monday!

I want to make sure that it keeps growing so that everyone gets new people visiting their blogs every single week!

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2) Scroll down to the bottom of this post and click on the link to enter.

3) Add a cute picture and your blog's name.

4) Voila! You're ready to mingle!


How To Play:

1) Go visit 2 blogs!

2) Leave them a comment saying hello from Mingle Monday.

3) Come back and leave an encouraging review of the visited blogs!

4) COMMENT FUN FACT (new weekly feature!):

Question: { What is at the very top of your Christmas wish list? }


** PLAY FAIR -- all enter & runs (not commenting) will be deleted!**

** Open until Wednesday at midnight (CST) **



Feature Mingle Monday in a blog post for your chance to be featured on my Weekly Must Reads - where I choose 3 blogs of the week to endorse!

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Wishing You a Puppy Dogs & Sunshine Kind of Day!


  1. I'm the first mingler today!, Besides you of course! I feel so special :P

  2. I LOVE Mingle Mondays!! I posted about it on my blog!

  3. I went to visit Life with the Edwards. Super cute blog. I had to follow. Just too bloody adorable not too!

    Then I went to 20something single, and completely connected with her post about transitioning to having a roommate.

    I really want to be featured on Weekly Must Reads! I love Mingle Mondays!

  4. So.. this morning I visited The Fashionable Wife and The Kimchee Chronicles.

    The Fashionable Wife- So adorable and yes, fashionable! I loved the post about the raspberry sour cream cupcakes (obv.)
    And she has the most awesome dog, he wears clothes!
    I'm still dying over how cute her dog is!

    The Kimchee Chronicles, I immediately felt a blog soul sister here, because of her header, "Hopefully getting out all the crazy in my head will keep me sane"- this is sort of the same reason why I blog, hopefully this explains why my posts are less than perfect :)
    I am already in love with her blog, funny, amazing, and real!

    So let's see, something at the top of my xmas list... It's so early to think about xmas I guess it would be a stylish desk for my new apartment, but hopefully I'll get one before xmas!

  5. At the top of my Christmas Wish List would be to have my hunny come home early from Afghanistan. But realistically? I'd like an awesome new camera! Top of the line! Even more realistically...knitting supplies :)

    I visited Creative Flair & I Dream Loudly. Creative Flair's latest post is an awesome DIY on how to cute-ify your Nalgene water bottle! Love it! I Dream Loudly: a cute Navy couple! I can relate to the military thing :) Great to find another military wife blogger!

    Happy Monday! ♥

  6. What a fun group ... this is my first time participating in Mingle Mondays and will not be my last.

    I discovered 2 great blogs ...

    Faith Hope & a Little Love ~ It appears FHLL is new to the blogging world (we have all been there) ... I can't wait to see her future posts ~ her book suggestion post reminded me to pick up a copy of The Help. I'm now a follower and you should be too!

    Southern in the City: SITC - is a very well rounded blog covering from adventures, music, art and baking... don't miss this blog on your visiting or you'll miss out on a great s'mores chocolate chip cookies recipe...

    Wishing everyone a great week.. Thanks Meg for hosting us today.... Top of my Christmas wish list is a trip to Argentina!!! HHL

  7. Today I visited.....

    David and Jen: Can I just say that I left this blog sooo hungry. All the recipes looked fabulous and I'm already thinking about dinner for tonight. Plus I love all the pictures.

    Faith, Hope and A Little Love: I've been wanting to read Emily Griffin books for a while now so I'm looking forward to reading more reviews from her.

    I am not really sure what I'll want for Christmas this year but I know towards the top is going to be a new Vera Bradley wallet. Mine is a little too small for all my things now.

    Happy Monday everyone!

  8. Oh I forgot..... I mentioned Mingle Monday on my blog here.....

  9. Hey Meg! :)

    I visited 2 fun blogs today:

    Faith, Hope, and a Little Love: Love her book suggestions... I'm always on the lookout for a new read!

    Creative Flair: I enjoyed browsing her blog-- she has something for everyone. I'll definitely be back!

    Oh, and at the top of my christmas list? A Nikkor 105mm f/2 lens for my camera. I know I won't get it, but that's what I want. :)

  10. I went to The fashionable Wife- I love that she includes recipes, and stories about her doggie and family.
    I also went to Simple, Sweet Life. She has the most adorable puppy ever and she just won a blog award! So cool.
    I am already getting excited about the hoiday season. On the top of my Christmas list this year is going to be some new attachments for my kitchen-aid mixer. I would like the grinder and ravioli maker!

  11. I visited Simple, Sweet Life and realized she'd given me a blog award! :) Her, her blog, and her puppy are just so darn cute! I can't wait to start following.

    I also visited Creative Flair and loved her first post - I'm a big fan of little craft projects! :)

  12. And at the top of my Christmas list this year? Definitely a dSLR camera! I want one SO badly!

  13. Hello!

    I am new to blogging, and I am so happy that I found Mingle Mondays (thanks Meg!). It is such a great way to interact with others!

    I visited "The Simple Sweet Life" and absolutely adored her posting from her adorable puppy's perspective! So creative!

    I also visited "Southern in the City" and I just loved the Dali event that she blogged about. Great photos, looked like a ton of fun - I am totally jealous! :)

    The top of my Christmas wish contains an automatic car starter! I am not looking forward to the freezing Michigan winters!

  14. This is the first time we have participated in Mingle Mondays, but it was fun!

    We visited Southern in the City and Simple, Sweet Life because their titles were both so cute, how could we resist? Both of those girls look like they are really sweet and lots of fun!

    On top of my Christmas list? That my January-to-be baby grows up healthy and happy (will probably be my wish for the rest of my life), and next in line would definitely be any jewelry from Alexis Bittar. Love that designer.

    I'm not quite sure what Mrs. H would want, but I'm guessing boots, sweaters, and high heels would be a safe bet!

    ~ Mrs. S & Mrs. H

  15. Wow Its Monday again, when did that happen?
    Today I visited
    Amanda & Don
    She had an older post about how her and her husband do/did the long distance thing before they were married. It was really sweet and a good read. Her blog is full of awesome post and pictures! She also has pictures of an adorable knitting project.
    Life with the Edwards
    She has a weekend update up with pictures of a super cute table she repainted! Oh and she also has her own burrito bowl recipe I have to try, since I’m addicted to chipotle!

    Top of my christmas wish list.... Canon 100mm L series macro :) its a wish list right !

  16. I've visited Poor and Fabulous - Such great stuff! I'm a queen of bargain shopping so this is right up my alley.

    Also visited Southern in the city and I like what I see! I like all the pictures and I love getting glimpses into other cities around the country.

  17. Today I visited The Kimchee Chronicles and Creative Flair.

    The Kimchee Chronicles is such a cute blog! I loved her latest post about baking and burning the bread, it was cracking me up! And I love her style of writing very fun and down-to-earth!

    Creative Flair just posted about a nalgene diy up-do project and I love it! I drink out of a nalgene everyday at work and this would be something fun to try. I also LOVED the martini painting she recently painted. Very cool blog!

    I would definitely recommend checking out both of these blogs!!

    As for what's top on my christmas list... upgrading my iphone to the new one! :)

  18. Luckiest in Love was cute and she includes lots of pics which is always fun!

    Poor and Fabulous had amazing clothes, with expensive and less-expensive options.

  19. Yay! I love mingle parties! I am about to leave work, but will visit everyone when I get home!

    Fun Fact Answer: a new computer is what I want for Christmas!!!

    Wait, did I do this right?

  20. I also visited Down Time because I discovered that she lives in my neck of the woods! And as always, I love finding local bloggers. :-) It sounds like we have lots in common and I've already added her to my reader.

    Forgot to answer the question: Haven't thought much about Christmas yet, but I do wish I could spend the holidays with my brother, sister-in-law, niece and nephew who live back East. I'll see them next month for my birthday, but would love to be with them for Christmas, too!

  21. Hey everyone! I found two really great blogs today. I have so much in common with Seattle Stevie. Maybe it's because we live so close to each other, I don't know. But I enjoyed reading her thoughts and seeing pics of her road trip to California.

    And the Poor and Fabulous ladies totally have it going on. They are a great fashion resource for those of us who are currently lacking in the shopping funds department.

    I am now following both of these terrific blogs!

  22. Hey everybody! First I visited You Can't Google Everything, where I found an awesome Kahlua cake recipe and a super-impressive list of Summer Goals!

    Then I stopped by The Amateur Wife, and I was absolutely amazed by her garden transformation! Nothing "amateur" about that!

    What I want for Christmas: ALL of the cardigans that just arrived at Target. All of them. Haha.

  23. Love me some Mingle Mondays!!!

    Today I went to visit:
    You just can't Google Everything: which I find hilarious because I do try and google everything. Her posts crack me up, very real, very funny and so down to earth.

    Southern in the City: are you flippin' kidding me, with her s'mores chocolate chip cookies. I made the mistake of looking at this at work and now all I can think about is going home and making them! Very cute blog and she talks about everything which I love!

    What do I want for Christmas, hmmm... A new car! I think mine needs to be put out of service. Soon.

  24. This is a REALLY nice Monday we have here isn't it ladies?? Sorry if there are guys on the blogroll I didn't catch you guys!!

    So Today I started my mingle Monday by hopping over to:


    this blog was adorable from the about me section to the post about her newest read and what got her to start it! I look forward to following her and am always excited to meet another young woman of faith with a blog. She has a few book recommendations as well for anyone who is looking for a new read to start!! I definitely recommend you scurry on over to her page and get your fill of what I enjoyed so much :).

    Next I headed over to;

    Spirals and Spatulas:
    I received some great tips on what to maybe include in my wedding someday, God willing. lol I felt like I was there at the guestbook while reading this post and I really loved the idea of including pictures of the parents and granparents wedding photos by the guestbook! So creative and traditional. I just love this idea

    My christmas wishlist would have to be: some spare cash to revamp my closet a little. Other than that I really can't say what I want just yet. Maybe my car note could magically be paid off??


  25. The only 2 good things about Mondays are
    1. Mingle Mondays and 2. Gossip Girls!

    This week I have read (so far)
    Just Peachy: If you like to cook, read this blog! She made these stuffed shells that look fantastic! I love blogs with good recipes!

    The Kimchee Chronicles: Ahh, the trials of baking... I completely feel her pain having trouble with baking. I haven't set anything on fire recently, but I make my share of baking blunders, just like her!

    Can't Google Everything: She made me feel bad about myself because she has accomplished WAY more from her summer to do list than I ever could. And I love the header of her blog! Super cute

    And then I visited JH Photography: Quite an amazing photographer!!! And she has the cutest wedding up on her most recent post! Love it!

  26. Hi Meg!

    I stopped by Spirals and Spatulas - such a pretty wedding blog :)

    I also stopped by Coast and Prospect. This is such a smart and interesting blog to read!

    I mentioned you in my latest post...

    It seems like there are a ton of new participants this week! :)

    Top of my Christmas list is MONEY. I have so many things I want to buy for myself that I don't trust anyone else to buy for me (aka clothes) :)

  27. Hi Ms. Meg!

    I visited Starfish and thought her blog was pretty funny. I was definitely laughing at her 25 list.

    I also really enjoyed Life with the Edwards- loved her furniture a redo. A girl after my own heart :)

    I posted about Mingle Monday in my post today as well!

  28. Hello everyone!!

    I visited Throw the Starfish Back and loved her post from today! I'm totally a shopping addict too! :)

    I also went to Spirals and Spatulas. Her blog is so adorable!! LOVE the layout and background!


  29. Oh and my top-of-the-christmas-list gift is.... a Garmin running watch!! My BF has one and its so awesome! Love how you can see where you ran and all the stats!


  30. I mentioned Life of Meg @

  31. Yay!! I love that you do these parties! Here is the link to my blog post about Mingle Mondays!


  32. I love Mingle Mondays! I visited Southern in the City and I loved seeing pictures from the things she did with her friends. So fun!

    Then I visited Spirals and Spatulas. I love what she did for her wedding! It was a great idea.

    I can't wait for Christmas! My Christmas wish list consists of things for our home! I'm in the process of (trying to) decorating!

  33. So, I guess at the top of my Christmas list this year would be: to spend as much fun, stress-free time with my husband and family as possible!

    So many great blogs again! Couldn't just check out two. Here are the ones I've visited so far:
    -Starfish: Great blog…Loved her obligatory fall favorites list (since she's a summer girl at heart!).
    -Spirals & Spatulas: adorable blog. Her most recent post involves a great family photo idea for a wedding reception!
    -Can't Google Everything: funny blog filled with exclamation points! :)
    -Just Peachy: Yumm! Her food posts look delicious, especially the most recent tomato sauce!

    Have a great week everyone!

  34. Tomorrow's Dust-her Carr's cracker story totally resonated with me as I live in L.A. which is the land of crazies!

    Poor and Fabulous-they love fashion as much as I do and have made a great site for themselves! I loved looking through all their finds!

  35. - I always enjoy I Dream Loudly as she likes food, cats, and leaves awesome comments on my blog.
    - Starfish. I'm impressed. I have a really hard time making lists on blogs. 25 things is crazy.
    -Fleece and performance underwear can be made from recycled materials. yay.

  36. Ps- here is the link to my mingle Monday post:

  37. Yet again, one of my favorite blog hops...Mingle Monday!!!

    Let's I visited A Girl in the Sunshine. SO CUTE. And hello--her first few posts are about makeup, fall, and the perfect fall nail shade...TOTALLY perfect for me. I have a feeling I'm going to LOVE reading anything and everything from her!

    Second, I checked out Southern in the City, mainly for the fabulous Southern name. Her design is SO chic and simple...which I'm totally loving. And you gotta be kidding me...s'more cookies?! How did I not know there was such a thing?! I'm in love.

    Lastly...what's at the top of my Christmas list?? Hmmm...either a new, nice camera (a real one, not a crappy Wal-Mart one like the one I own already) or spending money for my upcoming trip to NYC at the beginning of Dec...but of course, those would need to be early Christmas gifts :)

    Happy Monday, Meg. You are precious.

  38. I love Mingle Mondays! Thanks for hosting it Meg! :) 2 blogs I visited:

    Just Peachy: Great Blog! she shares recipes, which I love because I'm trying to become a better cook! hehe and shares her and her husbands fun adventures.

    Tomorrows Dust: a wonderful collection of happy and beautiful things! :)

    I also posted about Mingle Monday's on my blog today too!

    Happy Monday Everyone!!

  39. I forgot to say what I want for Christmas-a flat screen TV!

  40. I am new to this follow, and came to you by a girl in the sunshine :) She's adorable, and just had to come check you out!

    Already I follow a few of the girls that linked up, but I stopped by quite a few!

    My reviews on a couple:
    The Fashionable wife had such a great post about upcycling a desk! I loved the changes she made, and she totaly inspired me to get going on mine! :) so cute!

    I already love Rebekah she makes me smile with all her posts! :)

    Southern in the City was a fabulous blog. The author is down right gorgeous, and I loved all the pictures of the art! I wish I could have tagged along!

    Twenty something in the city was an interesting read! I can relate on the roomate situation, but it makes me SO happy that I dont have to deal with it :))

    I wish I could go for dinner over david and jens (just peachy)! The yummy tomato sauce looks delish!

    I found enjoy yourself to be seriously adorable! We have so much in common!

    okay I keep going.. EVERYONE is just incredible!

    Thank you for hosting this!! I'll have to link up because this is too much fun!

  41. For Christmas I would love all the seasons of gossip girl, a new camera (I just bought a canon, but I want to upgrade!) and a cone curling iron!

  42. blogged about this :)

  43. Hi again Meg.

    Today I checked out You Can't Google Everything..I loved her blog and her summer goals.

    And The Fashionable Wife - loved the recipes and her dog is super cute!

    At the top of my Christmas list would be luggage. I plan on doing lots of traveling next year!

  44. i checked out 'in line for the real world' and enjoyed the scavenger sunday pics she has posted. It was interesting to see her photos and what she picked for each category.

    i also checked out 'you just cant google everything!' and she talked about how her goals for the summer panned out. Sounds like about how my goals for the summer ended up!

  45. I visited Jen over at David and Jen and Katie at Spirals and Spatulas. I'll definitely be following both. They're both newlyweds and I love Katie's unique, diy wedding decor and Jen's delicious recipes! Mingle Monday rocks!

    Oh, and the top of my Christmas list--a new coat. I don't need many of them in Mississippi, but when they wear out you can tell.

  46. I am so glad I found your blog - I seriously LOVE it!!! Can't wait to read all of your posts. If you're looking for any cupcake recipes, feel free to stop by my blog "Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake" Keep up the great blogging!

  47. MEG! This is my first time participating in any kind of Mingling on any kind of blog. In fact, I'm a relatively new follower of yours to begin with. Thanks for hosting this. I followed along with a ton of people who joined it! What a treat! :)

  48. Oh, and here is my blog:

    I would love to be featured!

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. I had a total typo in my other comment---ha!! Let's get it right this time! I just found you through Brittany at Unexpected Surprises...lovvve Brittany!

    Here's my lowdown: I loved Betty's blog (but her name is not really Betty, it's a nickname!) and I think we have grad school in common. My hubby has always dreamed of living in the NW so I can live it through her blog.

    Tutus and Trucks---her little gal Brooklyn is such a sweetie pie! I can always relate to a good momma blog---thanks for hosting the blog hop so we can find all these cute blogs!!

  51. Top of my Christmas list: Canon Rebel camera! I won't get my hopes up too high though!

    I posted about your Mingle Monday---don't be scared about the content of the rest of that post. It's Blogger....really!

  52. The top of my Christmas list is HDTV and AppleTV.

    For this week's Mingle Monday, I stopped by Jessica Hester Photography - nice photos!

    Falling off High-Heeled Life
    Follow her journey to recovery from an accident three-and-a-half years ago. Cute puppy photos.

    Stef @

  53. I stopped by JH photography and fell in love with her pictures!

    I also visited unexpected surprises and love her style.

    I'm following both now!

  54. This is fantastic!!i am now a follower of your blog and i am ready to mingle:)


  55. Loves it. Visited "Grow Old With Me" and loved the pics of her beautiful daughter and her parent's old wedding pic, 28 happy years of marriage is quite a feat! Go them!

  56. I visited "Twenty-Something in the City" and immediately was drawn to her life--a 20 something in LA?! My dream!
    I also visited "Southern in the City" and was immediately drawn to the graphic she had posted that was so much like Sex and the City!

  57. Happy Monday Friend! Today I Visited...

    -Tomorrow's Dust: She had some amazing quotes, one in particular that really picked me up on a dreary Tuesday morning. Of course, better than quotes, some super fall outfits from a fellow Texan. Loved.

    -Life on a Stick: First of all, freaking precious baby. I love her writing and hilarious take on the mystery that is Google/blogger stats!

    -I blogged about Mingle Monday here:

    -Top of my Christmas list: IPHONE. I'm a verizon customer and have held out this whole time. Rumor is we'll have it by Christmas....

  58. just found Mingle Monday!! (I do realize it's Tuesday...)

    I got a little carried away visiting blogs and finally remembered to post a comment. :)

    Today I visited Sexy Little Things and LOVE her humor! Can't wait to hear how her birthday goes. I remember my first 21st birthday...(sigh...) those were the days.

    I also checked out Amanda and Don--her deployment stories are entertaining and make my heart sad for her. I know it's what I have to look forward to, as a new Air Force wife. Can't wait to hear more!

    The top of my Christmas list? Oh boy...a fun anniversary trip. :)

    I blogged about Mingle Monday here--

  59. At the top of my Christmas list is a Yorkie! Hubby says 3 dogs is too many, but I want a Yorkie so badly!! :)

    This is my first time at your site, and I love the Mingle Monday idea. What a creative way to find new and interesting blogs.

    First I visited Life With The Edwards - This one called out to me because I love the Twilight saga, and anytime I hear the work "Edward" I've just gotta check it out. Even though her blog has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight, lol, I still loved it. It makes me want to go buy some old furniture and try out some refurbishing.

    Next I went to Life On A Stick - She's got a great sense of humor! Does searching for "headless sex" make you curious? It isn't a dirty blog, but check it out. I'm sure you'll laugh as hard as I did.

  60. I know I'm very late to the game, but I found Monday Mingle through one of my favs - Brittany at Unexpected Surprises.

    I think giveaways are great, but I don't want to read product reviews all day. I like blogs that are about something - even insignificant somethings - & I found a bunch here!

    My first find was Northwest Betty, who had great recipes & tips for removing ink stains!

    Then there's 20 Something Girl, with her tales of trying to be more grown up & not leaving dinner dishes for the next morning (something I'm also guilty of).

    I learned that teal is the color of Ovarian Cancer awareness, & this is in fact Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month from Sweet, Simple Life.

    And, last but not least, I got to be follower number 1 for new bloggy lady Chasing the Extraordinary! Love it!

  61. I'll be honest - I haven't even started thinking of a Christmas wish list yet. My birthday is on Halloween, so I'm trying to come up with a wish list for that first.

    My number 1 request is to have our deck stained, & my boyfriend is going to hire someone to do it. What a lame wish, huh? Being a grown-up isn't all it's all it's cracked up to be. : )

  62. Yay!!! Mingle Monday..I just visited SIMPLE LITTLE JOYS and read her post about LOVE..I will surely be going back to read more later!!! Off now to church, but will come back to visit some more later:)

    Oh I'll come back to answer the Christmas thingy too!!


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