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September 10, 2010

FAIR-ly Exciting Weekend!

Can you smell the fluffy cotton candy in the air?
I know I can! That's right, BF and I are state fair bound this weekend and I couldn't be more excited!

We started dating a year ago and the state fair + friends was one of our first {of many!} amazing memories together.

{ Aww, I love this photo. Isn't BF so handsome? }

Last year we went with our friends and made up a bartering game that was so much fun! We looked for an awesome "outfit" (ie: extremely short/trashy, butt cheek showing, ripped jean shorts + a white sports bra... as a "top"), or a super intense mullet.

Once found, we then threw out a point offer to be accepted by the group. At the end of the night, the person with the most points wins! Prize? Year-long bragging rights.


Example: Last year I spotted a 50+ year-old lady with her face
fully painted like a tiger. The clencher?
Her shirt read: "Chubby and Dangerous".

{ Yes, I bargained for a whopping 30 pts! }


BF, friends and I can't wait to try all the crazy fair food! I've been eating oatmeal and green beans all week in order to pre-cleanse my arteries in preparation.

{ Must Try List }

1) Krispy Kreme Burger

- 2 donuts as hamburger buns. As nasty as it sounds, I am intrigued and would care for just one bite.

2) Deep Fried Oreo or Twinkie

- I've heard nothing but amazing things about both... woo!

3) Fried Coca-Cola

- Yep, thanks to the state of Texas, this fair food has been invented for the rest of the state fairs to try. Coca-Cola + batter, flash fried
(think mini Coke donuts), drizzled with Coca-Cola soda syrup and whipped cream.

4) Fried Snickers Bar

- Umm... delicious chocolate + deep fried. There is no way this could possibly go wrong, could it? Can't wait!

5) Anything On a Stick

- Pickle on a stick? Pork chop on a stick? Cheesecake on stick?
What is it about the stick that makes everything so tasty?!


Could be gross or they could be absolutely amazing?

{ I'm just too much of a curious Foodie! }

.:: What are your fair favorites? ::.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. That sounds like so much fun!! I'm jealous, I have to wait until next month to go to the fair! Fried oreos and twinkies are AWESOME :) Have fun!

  2. I love the fair. Fried Oreos (and snickers bars) are awesome!

  3. I'm going to try to talk David into going! I haven't been to the fair in so long and I've missed it! :)

  4. We've had fried Pepsi at the Indiana state fair for a few years now, I've never ventured to try it though... you'll have to let me know how the fried Coke is!

  5. Wow they can really fry everything, huh? Don't know if I'd be brave enough to try donuts with a hamburger, but good luck & have fun! :]

  6. I LOVE cotton candy. I can't go to a fair and not get it... I'm obsessed!

    Also, at the Oregon State fair the Oregon Dairy Farmer's have a booth where they serve "local" ice cream and milkshakes. OMGosh! It is SOOOOO good! The milkshakes are served in black/white "cow spot" cups. We have at least two cups from every year we've been... Hubby won't let me toss them (and he calls me a "packrat"). He says they bring back fond memories.

  7. Oh the fair! I haven't been in SOOOO long, but after reading this, I think a trip is in order! You and your BF are such a cute couple!!

    And yeah, you gotta get a fried Snickers bar...oh my Lord, they are fabulous!

  8. OK, the lady that you found at the fair...should count for the win for years to come. That is amazing!!

    And fair food is the best...and by best I mean sooo bad for you, but just too good to resist.

    Have a blast love!!

  9. That game sounds sooo awesome!

    I never go to fairs with my bf because he doesnt like them. Poo on him

    Hope you have a great time

  10. Sounds like fun! I participated in a similar game at the Calgary Stampede a few years ago...where we looked for the best mullet. There were so many to choose from! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  11. i love the face painted woman. I had a couple of friends paint their faces this past weekend and I just refuse to put paint on my fragile skin. I know I'd break out or have some type of reaction plus vanity tells me I just don't have the face to pull it off. YES I want to look cute with a painted face.

    I dodged the orange county fair this year. I usually end up spending way too much money on food that really isn't all that satisfying at the end. i either have a headache or tummy ache plus I am always over budget.

    I don't enjoy the rides so I am pretty sure I saved mucho dinero this year by opting to not go to the fair :). LoL.

    Anyways I enjoyed your post. Your boyfriend and you are quite adorable. I love it!


  12. Awe, yes he is handsome. Y'all are adorable together.

    I LOVE fairs! Have fun :)

  13. Brace yourself, me = big nerd who just went into a romantic fantasy land....

    I assume you've already considered the epic and white hot scene in the Notebook where Noah and Allie meet for the first time? If I were you I wouldn't be able to think of anything else....jealous of that precious story of yours.

    Also, I save my calories and prepare my apartment for a 3-day food coma for after the Texas state fair. It seems criminal not to indulge. Have fun!

  14. Man, I wish our fair was in the fall!!! Ours is in March...when it's WINDY...and it NEVER fails, it can be 110 degrees the week before the fair, but when the gates open suddenly it's like 40 degrees outside. INSANITY...but I also can't pass up the "food" - and I use that term verrrrry me boring, but my favorite is still the old-fashioned funnel cake buried in a pile of powdered sugar!

  15. Ooo I love your game idea!!! I think I'll try it (and try to get pictures!) and see what we can come up with. THANK YOU!

  16. Love the fair! My husband took me to the fair on our second date and it was spectacular! (Unfortunately we haven't been back since). I love funnel cakes and that real, fresh squeezed and sugary lemonade. YUM!

  17. you cant beat candy, its the best!! they sell batterd mars bars over here in UK fish and chip shops!

  18. my husband and i went to the state fair the weekend of our wedding. we took our official honeymoon months after our september wedding but spent part of our mini-honeymoon at the fair.

    and i would have to say.. crepes, cheesecake on a stick, turkey legs, funnel cake, and the list goes on.

  19. Wow, sounds like a lot of fun! I just foun your blog via the LB tea party and really like it. I surely keep hanging around here!
    I actually haven't tried any of the things on your list, but I did have deep fried Mars bars and that was really yummy. So I'd imagine the Snickers-version would be just as nice... let us know what your favourite is!

  20. YES! What a cute picture! The hubs and I are going to the Texas State Fair next month and I'm looking forward to trying fried butter! Yes, you read that right.

  21. Check out the award I gave you on my blog!


  22. Funnel cakes and mini donuts all the way baby!! I can smell them as I type ;-)


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