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May 3, 2010

Top 10 Lovely Weekend List

Fabulous weekends deserve even more fabulous weekend recaps... that being said, the top 10 wonderful, lovely little things that made my weekend...

1) Sushi/FroYo date with Karen
- I love trying new, fabulous restaurants! We found Domo Sushi in Brookside, sat outside on the pretty patio and noshed on our delicious sushi rolls. Topped of dinner with tasty FroYo... thanks Karen!

2) Met Adorable Neighbor Friends
- Puppy and I were enjoying Friday evening watching the sunset from my patio when 2 little boys [as cute as can be!] came up and just started talking... 20 min. later we were best friends.

3) City Market Flowers
- Went down to the River District to check out the beloved City Market [a huge historical outdoor venue that hosts local produce, florists, and artists to sell their products].
- Saturday was Flower Frenzy weekend! That being said I escaped only spending $25 on a beautiful hanging flower basket with all kinds of pretty purple, pink and yellow flowers, and a huge pot of bright pink geraniums! Needless to say my patio is now a garden haven... Mmmmm.

4) Brookside Art Festival
- Great people watching, art observing, and food sample testing - yum!

5) Barley's Brewhaus
- This place is a staple for my super fun KC friends! Good beer [Anchor Steam... delish!], great music, and spontaneously running into lovely friends - love you, Paigey!

6) Spa Pampering
- I had never been introduced to the wonderful world of massages until this weekend. I cashed in my spa gift certificate that I received for Valentine's Day [Thanks BF!] and was pampered silly! Warm foot soaks, relaxing music, yummy cucumber water, 60 minute deep tissue massage and a steam shower treatment. After two relaxing hours, I left the spa feeling as limp as a spaghetti noodle.

7) NY&Co Sale Finds
- Due to my self-imposed restricted budget, I haven't "let" myself shop in months... until yesterday. I was sent an e-mail from NY&Co. cleverly reminding me that they were having their 50% off sale. I thought I would just swing by [knowing I had a gift card made it slightly justified], and I found tons of cute stuff, conveniently all in my size. Case in point: adorable brown leather gladiator wedges - $15 - Yes please! I left the store with a bag full, spending only $20 total after using my gift card.

8) Forgiveness Series
- Another amazing message in the forgiveness series at church. So happy to have found a church home and I'm looking fwd to young adult Bible study this week!

9) Homemade Pizza/Creme Brulee
- Inspired by Miss Karen, I decided to make homemade pizzas [recipes coming soon!] for Sunday date night. I made BBQ chicken bacon pizza [One of BF's faves] and a pepperoni four cheese [using the fresh ingredients purchased at City Market], and my kitchen was full of delicious aromas... pizzas = success!
- Ummm, I'm dating a culinary mastermind. After months of taunting, BF taught me how to make a delicious vanilla cinnamon creme brulee [torched sugar topping included]! I completely loved learning something new and playing with fire is soooo fun!

10) Pirate Radio
- Have you seen this movie? Absolutely wonderful. Full of great acting, wonderful music and enough brilliant humor to make your sides sore for days... definitely a must rent!

...Wow! How am I expected to recover from a weekend that was that incredible? And an even better question, how will I top it this next weekend?!

.: What did you do this weekend that made you smile? :.

Hope your weekend was all sorts of lovely and your Monday is off to a beautiful start!


  1. I'm jealous that not only do you write a new blog almost every day, but that you change the background of it too. I need serious blogging help! I guess it might help if I had internet at home huh?! = ) Miss you. Love you.

  2. First off, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You have an adorable one yourself! Sounds like you had an amazing weekend...hope you have an equally fabulous week ahead : )

  3. Isn't it awesome how little kids make friends so instantly? I wish I still had that talent....and those shoes are adorable, yay for having gift cards!


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