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May 8, 2010

Twilight Takes Over Baby Names

Holy vampires... it's official! The Twilight phenomenon has swept the nation and has now taken over babies everywhere!

Yes, as insane as it may sound... it's true! My lovely Dad, sheer genius extraordinaire, brought this to my attention this evening as he came across a story in the local newspaper:


Isabella, Jacob are Top U.S. Baby Names.

"Mom and Dad may be looking to popular vampire books for baby names: Cullen is on the rise for boys.

Isabella is now the top baby name for girls, Jacob for boys, the Social Security Administration said Friday. Isabella's climb to the top in 2009 ends Emma's one-year reign. Jacob is on an 11-year run at the top.

Edward Cullen is one of the lead characters. Edward moved up 11 spots, to No. 137 on the list, and Cullen was the biggest riser among boys' names, up 297 spots to No. 485."
- Associated Press (via Wichita Eagle)


Isn't this funny/crazy?! I think it's so interesting how pop culture effects us!

...I love it!

So, for your pure enjoyment and to quench your overwhelming curiosity... I present the top 10 boy and girl baby names of 2009.

Boy Names

1) Jacob
2) Ethan
3) Michael
4) Alexander
5) William
6) Joshua
7) Daniel
8) Jayden
9) Noah
10) Anthony

Girl Names

1) Isabella
2) Emma
3) Olivia
4) Sophia
5) Ava
6) Emily
7) Madison
8) Abigail
9) Chloe
10) Mia

Do you know anyone who has recently turned their baby into a statistic?! If I were married and expecting, I certainly would not be opposed - especially to those cute feminine girly names!

No worries, as do most girls, I've mentally noted baby names that I love for a million bajillion years from now. No matter how popular current trends are, you simply like what you like, so we'll see how my baby names rank in the year 2073... oh lordy!

On another note, in honor of the next installment of the Twilight saga movies...

...52 days to go until Eclipse!

I hope your weekend has been nothing but wonderful!


  1. I will NEVER name my children after a name that is on one of these lists! My parents made that mistake with Lindsey. I won't do it! And I won't name them something insanely crazy either. This all being said for if I ever have kids... = )

  2. A family friend had a baby about 3 months ago and named her Isabella. They claim "it has NOTHING to do with Twilight", but I'm not so convinced :-)

    I've always liked really unique names, so hopefully those "unique" names I love won't become popular by the time I have kids!

  3. AnonymousMay 09, 2010

    Oh Lindsey, you would say that! I figured you would be the first girl on the block to name your kiddos anything Twilight or Harry Portter! ;)

    Stevie - that's so funny! They're probably right, it absolutely doesn't have anything to do with Twilight - bahaha.

  4. Heidrun will never be the number one girls' name. My dad picked it from Norse literature.Too bad I never really appreciated his choice. These days it is the name of a huge oil field! Yuk!

  5. I quite like old-fashioned names so I can see myself naming my children things like Isabella.. Surprised that Edward didn't make the top 10 though?

  6. i. am. obsessed. with. the. twilight. saga.

    Last summer was when I read all the books in like a 2 months....I NEVER, ever read a 700 page novel so fast in my life! Ugh, it just transforms you back into a tennie bopper, haha. Can't WAIT til Eclipse comes out!!!!!

    *sigh* oh, Edward...when I was a pre-teen I was obsessed with Eddie Vedder and Eddie Furlong; always said I would name my first born Edward...not too crazy about the name now (and it didn't make the list, I see).

    Emma is my #1 favorite girls name! (next to Sophia).

    My mom named me "Laury" and EVERYONE in my class was Jennifer, Jessica or Christopher or Michael...I was always the only "Laury" there were Lori's, Lauren's and Laura's...and I even never met a Laurie that spelled her name as I do, which is pretty cool I guess?


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