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May 11, 2010

Guilty As Charged...

We all have them, so don't you try to deny it. Those little things that we secretly love to love, but feel slightly bad for enjoying them so much...

{ Guilty pleasures. }

I would like to say that I only have a few, but that would be called lying. Like... big time lying. I have handfuls of things that I enjoy, so I plead...

...guilty as charged.

{ My Guilty List }

1) People/US Magazine

-What's worse is I never buy them, I read for free at B&N!

2) Kardashians

-Beautiful and hilarious, I can't get enough of Keeping Up!

3) No Make-up

-Weekend. Wake up. Wash face. Dab on moisturizer. Lip balm. Go!

4) Messy FB Statuses

-This is sick. Why must I find people's FB drama interesting?

5) The Hills/The City

-How much more "Pam Anderson" can Heidi go?

6) Justin Bieber

-Go right ahead and make fun of me. His songs are addictive.

7) Sweatpants

-Ummm... yes please. Right now.

8) SATC on DVD

-I could watch for hours on end. Countdown until SATC 2... 16 days!

9) Dessert [instead of dinner]

-Give me a bowl of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Fro Yo over din-din any day!

10) Blogging

-I absolutely love writing about things I love... thanks for reading!

What are your favorite guilty pleasures?


  1. I share so many of your guilty pleasures :) I think many of mine include reality TV. I know I'm too old to enjoy MTV, but I can't keep myself from watching The Real World (and all the spin offs)...they've been one of my "guilty pleasures" since the 90s!

  2. Blogging for sure! No make up YUP! Justin B...nope! Dessert before supper YUP! PJ pants from La Senza beat out sweats! Yup we are guilty! Like your ideas!!!

  3. Celebrity gossip of any kind. All of it. I'm like a sponge for that garbage and I LOVE IT.

    And wine.

  4. Let's see here where to begin ... Originally it was Girls Next Door, but now it's just Kendra's show. Cheeze-Its in bed every night while watching HGTV. Spending hours going through decorating blogs. And doing serious damage when shopping (budget? what's a budget?). I think that's the worst of 'em : )

    Let's read some trashy celeb gossip mags together next weekend!


  5. Hi. My name is Leanne. And I am (sigh) addicted to (pause) Real Housewives of New York and New Jersey. I realize that there are a million + one things I can do with those 2 hours in the week that I waste on these programs (did I just call them "programs"? Am I 80?!?!) Still, I just can't get enough of them. The drama, the money, the scandals, the all out chaos. It calls to me! ;) GREAT POST!!! Another one I'll have to borrow! wooo hoo!

  6. Hi new blog friend! Um, I majorly heart your blog!

    My guilty pleasures list is almost EXACTLY the same. Swap the Real Housewives (NY or NJ) with the HIlls/City and that is my perfect recipe for complete and blissful non-productiveness!


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