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May 25, 2010

Top 10 Travel Must-Haves

Summer is always full of wonderful adventures and new places to experience...

{ Are you ready to travel in style? }

I am headed out-of-town tomorrow afternoon for my best friend's wedding in Kentucky... bridesmaid duties call!

I first made a list of all the boring necessities - toothbrush, underoos, bridesmaid dress (CAN'T forget that!), etc. - but that's no fun! So today I made my checklist of all the things that I love and must have with me when I travel... Here we go!

My Top Ten Travel


1) iPod

- Umm... I need my jams! A playlist for every mood is a must.

2) Good Book

- Yes, I finally bought "The Carrie Diaries" & I'm excited for an amazing read!

3) Healthy Snacks

- No matter who you are, traveling always throws you off a bit and eating junk makes you feel yucky. I want to feel energized and healthy while of vacay, so snacking healthy is a must!
Personal faves: raw almonds + dried cranberries, Luna/Clif bars - YUM!

4) Sling One Strap Purse

- Let's face it, getting through security is a nightmare without a strategy. I want something small and easy to store and find my I.D. and boarding pass. My mom gave me the cutest Coach sling purse and I couldn't travel without it...
{Thanks mom!}

5) Camelback Water Bottle

- I'm a water freak. Ask BF, I take this thing everywhere! I don't want to waste money on a $4.50 plastic bottle of water and then not be able to recycle it, so I've got my handy dandy water bottle - must stay hydrated!

5) Magazines

- If you want to make me the happiest girl in the world, buy a new mag or give me one of your already read ones! InStyle, People, US, Cosmo, Elle, Southern Living, etc... absolutely LOVE them all!

6) Cozy Travel Pillow

- I bought the most amazing travel neck pillow at Brookstone a few years ago and it was the best $25 I've ever spent. It's super easy to relax and sneak in a quick nap without drooling all over your neighbor's shoulder with this little gem.

7) Easy Slip-off Sandals

- When traveling I want 2 things: comfort and ease. Teva sandals are the answer! These little hippie sandals are the essence of both.

8) Socks

- Let me just clarify: I am not a sock person. If I never ever had to wear socks again I wouldn't. BUT every single time I fly wearing my comfy little Teva sandals, my toes turn into tiny popsicles.

{ No, I do not wear my socks with my sandals!}

It's one or the other, people - gross. Flip of the sandals, wiggle on the socks just for the plane ride, and then quickly switch before landing.

9) Camera [duh.]

- How else can I document all the crazies in the airport?!
[Best people watching spot EVER!]

10) My BlackBerry

- Lifeline to everything I might need: weather, GPS, e-mail, FB, and blogging!

What's on your must-have travel list?


  1. You're so cute! Have soo much fun in Kentucky! Kels is gonna be a beauuutiful bride! :)

  2. I agree with every single thing you said to travel with. But for roadtrips a bigger pillow is a must so I can't forget to bring it with me on my trip next weekend!

  3. I need Tylenol - in case those crazies in the airport or on the plane or a little TOO crazy! Have fun.

  4. kentucky?! ohhh you lucky gal!! i'm travelling this weekend too and i'll be sure to remember all of those things as well! i hope you have a WONDERFUL time in the big ky! xo

  5. pepto...better safe than sorry cuz you don't wanna be in a bad situation in a random airport. or worse yet, 30,000 feet in the air!


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