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July 10, 2015

Seattle + Portland - Any Recommendations?

We're moving and grooving people!

At the end of the summer I will be checking one state off my bucket list and finally get to see the Pacific Northwest coast with my favorite adventure buddy, Adam! For years I have been dying to channel my inner hipster as I melt into the Portland culture, and live out my Seattle adventure dream that started back in my Gray's Anatomy obsession days.

We got our little long weekend adventure fix when we ate/walked/explored our way through gorgeous Nashville over Memorial Day... and now we've been bitten by the travel bug.

Although Adam is up in Spokane for business during the fall/winter, we don't know either coastal city that well. We plan to fly into Seattle, drive down to Portland making stops along the way, exploring there for a few days, and heading back up north to see Seattle and the San Juan islands.

So I'd love to ask...
Do you have any recommendations of fun things to do? Places to stay? Restaurants? Shops? Roadtrip must see stops? Day trips or hikes? We would LOVE to hear! 

Thanks in advance for your awesome tips!

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  1. Not a thing! Never been, but I hear it is a beautiful place. Looking forward to you bringing back the adventures to this here place.

  2. Rachel JonesJuly 10, 2015

    I live in Seattle. Places to eat: Lunchbox Laboratory and Buckley's are my favorite in the downtown area. Rattlesnake ridge seems to be the place to hike, I just have not crossed it off my list yet. And if you're looking for a steal on clothes Ross Dress for Less is always a good choice.

  3. You definitely need to stop at Pike's Place in Seattle! If you're a coffee person, the original Starbucks is right across from there, along with this place that has the best mac & cheese I've ever eaten! As for Portland, it's at the top of my list to visit and I'm hoping to get there later this year too!

  4. SeattleStevieJuly 13, 2015

    Shoot me an email - I have zillions of recommendations for Seattle and the San Juans! And several in Portland, too :-)

  5. Ahhh you're the best!! Thank you - email SENT! :)

  6. Thanks Michelle! I cannot wait to explore and go crazy, so you better believe I will be bringing back some great stories & photos!

  7. Rachel - thank you so much!! Writing these down now and if you think of anything else, please let me know! Have you been out to the San Juan islands?

  8. I live in Portland! You should definitely check out some of the amazing hiking around here. Multnomah Falls is an easy one and oh so pretty. You can't really go wrong with food around here :) Lots to choose from. You will love it. It is so beautiful here. Let me know if you need specific recommendations in PDX. Would love to help out!


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