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July 22, 2013

Favorite Things Party - Help Needed!

Hey gal pals...

I need your help! Have you ever participated in a favorite things party?
If so, how many gifts were you asked to bring and what was your price range?

I am wanting to gather up the ladies for a FTP soon and can't decided on the quantity/price! I would love for everyone to get things they LOVE and not a whole bunch of little "junky" things they aren't excited about.

Will you help me out by chiming in below?

Also, what were some cute gift ideas or your personal favorites?

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  1. I filled out the survey! Good luck with find the perfect items:)

  2. Because I'm so makeup obsessed, I would include the wet n wild eyeshadow trios! They're $3 and amazing!

  3. It's definitely a hard thing figuring out the price point -- make it too low and you are getting dollar store lotions that you won't ever use, make it too high and it is out of budget for people. Horror story for you: I had a friend attend a favorite thing party where each person brought 1 $50 item that they were currently obsessed with. People brought things like tory burch jewelry, michael kors wristlets, the naked palette, etc. She was so excited and do you know what she randomly got? A giant bottle of makers mark bourbon. Just goes to show you, no matter the price point ya never know what you're going to get! With that said, I LOVE favorite things parties and the majority of the time they are always lovely!

  4. I would probably go with 3 things for $10 because you can usually get some of favourites for that price rang for makeup.

    I think I would definitely be bringing nail polish!

  5. I do this with my girlfriends every December for our Christmas get together. It's a smaller group of 5, so we all just purchase 5 of each item, with a $10 limit.

    It's so much fun- you'll love it!

  6. I'm going to attempt this in December for our yearly GNI christmas party. Right now my thoughts are for each person to bring the amount for the people we have (usually each month we have 7-8 ppl) and any price they want. I'm going to pay close attention to what you end up doing, as I've never done one, to tweak my thoughts perhaps.

  7. I never comment, but I have to pipe in! I recently hosted my own FTP (you can read about it if you want: and had the same debate with my sister before doing so. I ended up doing the four things around $7 with the logic that some people may spend more if they wanted (which some did), but people wouldn't feel forced to spend too much...and some people spent less than that. People brought great things in that price range! Have's such a great girls' night!

  8. Target dollar spot has adorable wrapping paper right now and maybe a nail polish? I chimed in on the survey but I think a $7-$10 range is good!

  9. I hope to do this with my girlfriends soon!


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