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July 19, 2013

Weekend Outlook (excuse the rant!)

Just in case you were wondering...

...this is how you will find me this weekend.

// Weekend Outlook //

Friday//  Beating rush hour traffic home. Adam is making beer butt chicken on the grill with some fresh veggies, and then you can find us in our sweats indulging in episode after episode of Friday Night Lights. Oh yeah, wine consumption will be in full swing, which means early bedtime!

Saturday//  I plan to hit up a super intense Zumba class in the morning, or go on a walk with hubs and Beast on our gorgeous route through the neighborhood full of trees. Then we have a marathon all-day wedding (ugh). Ceremony at 1 p.m., reception at 6 p.m. 

Just in case anyone was wondering, we're not fans of the massive 4 hour gap that consumes our entire weekend. Anyone with me? I mean, what do you do? Movie? Go out for drinks? Dress all up and then go home for some quality time with your yoga pants and DVR, to get back in your dress and drive 30 minutes away to the reception? Sigh.

Rant over. 
Good thing we love our friends who are in the same grumpy boat with us! :)

Sunday//  Chillin' with my precious 3rd grade Sunday schoolers, and then cleaning our entire kitchen before the final phase of our kitchen renovation begins on Monday (woop woop!). So pumped to show you  photos next week! Perhaps a dip in the in the pool? Sunday evening will be 5 p.m. church with our posse and then dinner/drinks on our lovely porch listening to tunes.

So stinking ready.


What are your wild weekend plans? 
Marathon wedding too?

(okay I seriously need an attitude check - ha!)

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  1. I've never been a fan of large gaps between wedding festivities either! In MN all weddings are "marathon weddings"- starting around 2pm and ending around midnight.

    I broke from the mold and my wedding had pretty much no down-time... ain't nobody got time for that! :)

    Happy weekend, Meg!

  2. Oh man, our wedding day was totally a marathon wedding, same schedule too, ceremony at 1 reception at 6. Sheesh. I had a blast, but then again it was my wedding day. Ha! We're headed to the pool today with a bbq tomorrow. I looove the weekends!

    Have a wonderful weekend yourself!

  3. I went to one of those weddings last weekend, and I loved it! It was kind of nice to have a break in between.
    One thing I did wish I did though... which MOST people did, was wear a more simple dress to the wedding then got dressed up for the night time. Everyone was looking fresh in their formal attire and I'd been in mine since 1pm. I guess I missed the memo.

    I suggest to go for a nice lunch in between and grab a few drinks. You'll be surprised how quickly 6 rolls around - you can always show at 5:30 too... most people chilled outside mingling.

    I plan to have a cocktail wedding. Get married at nighttime after dinner and then just party.

  4. I always get annoyed at that big time gap too. I've used it as a time to relax, maybe get something light to eat (or go out for coffee with friends). I've even heard of people going bowling in between in their fancy clothes!

  5. What! I've never been to a ceremony/reception like that. That would be frustrating!

  6. That time gap is annoying. We usually go get a few drinks with friends...which always seems to make the time pass! :) Good luck with the kitchen remodel!! We are busy cleaning the house this weekend and simplifying things...we just put our house on the market! Eeek!

  7. I've heard of receptions being a little bit later but, 4 hrs is a bit much! I would be a little frustrated about that also! I say take your group of friends & get to drinking! HAHA! Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  8. I hate those longggg "layovers" between ceremony and reception. I can handle the little break, to grab a coffee or go to the reception for a cocktail hour but four hours? Not cool.

  9. oh I totally agree with you! Marathon weddings are the worst! Once I attended a wedding when the ceremony was at 11am and the reception at 7pm! Seriously what is that? Enjoy with a few drinks with friends that are attending with you! :) Enjoy Meg!

  10. I have never heard of the reception being that much longer after the ceremony! Weird! I would have no idea what to do either.. haha

  11. I had NEVER heard of a gap at all! Around here, if the couple chooses to wait and see each other after the ceremony then they are just a few minutes late to the reception! I hope it surprises you and y'all have a fantastic time :)

  12. That's a normal wedding here in the UK! Ceremonies tend to take place any time from 11.30am to 2pm, then you have drinks and the wedding breakfast, and then the evening reception usually starts 7-7.30pm and goes on til midnight. It's always a full day affair in these lands!

  13. ohhh Friday Night Lights, best show ever!

  14. I had two friends who got married last year who had 4 hour gaps, too. I don't understand why people do that, it makes it so awkward for the guests. Well, I hope you had a great time nonetheless! It sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  15. I hate the long gaps too which is why when we got married we didn't do that. Knowing our ceremony was only 1/2 hour, we got married then the reception started an hour and a half later, just enough time to drive to it and have drinks. Perfect!


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