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July 31, 2013

Life Lately - Photo Overload

Well, boy howdy, do I have some catching up to do in the photo department!

I meant to share half of these last week and time got away from me.
So today's the day... lucky you! ;)

Now that's called irony. Hahahaha.

Absolutely LOVING our weather lately!

Did some doggie sitting. Beast loved supervising the neighborhood with that big monster!

Sleepless in Seattle. Wine. Me time at it's finest.
(yes, I realize I am a walking girly cliche.)

I made this decadent chocolate beauty this weekend in our new kitchen! 
Recipe coming this afternoon!

Don't worry, I didn't let the extra chocolate go to waste! ;)

Speaking of new kitchens... I spent Saturday organizing and creating this cute little coffee station. I love how it turned out! Kitchen renovation reveal TOMORROW!

Did anyone watch The Bachelorette? Galley Bay Antigua was where we honeymooned! 
Isn't it gorgeous? Take me back!

Ice cream and beach reads in bed is totally permissible for a good time.

Sleepy puppies and furry paws make my heart happy.

Found my sister just "lounging" like this in our kitchen... because that's totally normal. #weirdo

So we went to a wedding. I had the most handsome date!

And had fun being silly with my friends...

...and successfully accomplished the poofy half up/half down!

I have been on a boxed wine kick lately. And yes, I use frozen grapes to keep my Pinot chilled! ;)

And last but not least, my husband loves his grill. And I don't mind not cooking dinner. :)

Yup, that is pretty much life in a very random nut shell! But stay tuned... kitchen renovation coming tomorrow, and updates on my big girls night party coming Friday!!

Happy Hump Day, y'all!

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  1. oooohhhhh I'm so looking forward to that recipe! It looks sooooo good and lately I've been having a sweet tooth :)

  2. Gah! That Bay on the Bachelorette was amazing! So beautiful. So what did you think about Brooks leaving?!

  3. I love your little coffee stand! I have been looking for a similar looking shelf or baker's rack or whatever you would like to call it! Where did you find that one?!

  4. The coffee stand is so cute! Like a splash of sunshine, which who are we kidding, that's exactly what coffee is. ;) And HELLO awesome tshirt your hubby has! How is he/you connected to UofA??

  5. Love the frozen grapes idea!! I never thought of that!!


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