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March 23, 2012

Confessional Friday...

Happy weekend, friends! Can I get a big amen?!
Couldn't be more excited that it's Friday. All week long I kept thinking it was Thursday and in one day the weekend would arrive. Imagine my disappointment and utter bewilderment when it turned out to be Monday afternoon.

Well, this is going to be a fun weekend full of bachelorette parties (tonight), birthday festivities (tomorrow)and relaxation... and let's just be honest, a few glasses of vino!

So let's kick off Friday by linking up with Leslie's Confessional Friday over at A Blond Ambition... join the fun!

1) Lately, all I want to do is shop. Shorts, jewelry, work outfits, dresses for weddings (not to be confused with wedding dresses), etc. However, I am reminded that my next bajillion paychecks are going to baby showers, wedding gifts, and wedding travel.

I saw this little number on Pink Lou Lou's blog this week and it took everything I had not to pull out my trusty debit card. Perhaps I can carve out a little fun money to share with my good friend Target? ;)

2) I need to take a moment to confess my lent shortcomings. I'm weak!! I originally gave up all sugar and this week I've been so naughty! I'm sure baking copious ooey gooey sweet treats for Adam's b-day didn't help. When they're not in front of me, I do so well, but I can't keep sweets at my house!! Ahh! From here on out... back to behaving!

3) I'm pretty sure I have blow dried and styled my hair approximately zero times this week. Yes, I know, my mother is shaking her head somewhere. I just love how healthy my long blonde locks feel when I air dry... however, this is probably a cop out and it's due to extreme morning sleepiness/laziness. I vow to be much more styled and polished this next week/weekend.

4) Somehow, I have managed to drop no less than three (yes, three) glasswhere items in my kitchen this week. Glass shards everywhere! What is my deal... maybe I need those grippy gloves NFL receivers wear?

Well, I am currently nursing a yucky cut on my big toe due to my butterfinger problem, but I think my Dora the Explorer bandaid is causing my quality of life to improve significantly! ;)

5) Y'all, I can't live without my planner. I know, I know, a tad bit OCD, but I misplaced it for a solid week and seriously thought my life was going to spontaneously combust. I need my colored tabs!! Where are my colored tabs?!

6) This morning is my bi-monthly payday Starbucks (yes, I only allow myself to go twice a month.. waa waaaa). I woke up super tired (due to The Hunger Games premier last night!), but excited for the promise of a tall skinny mocha to help me wake up! Drove to Starbucks ASAP...

...where I managed to justify waiting in a drive-thru lane of 15 cars instead of parking to go inside. I blame my ridiculous lack of motivation on the fact that I was up til 3 a.m. at The Hunger Games premier. Justifiable?

7) Dear goodness, I am so thankful that BF loves me unconditionally. I've been a hot mess on and off this week, and he always knows the right thing to say and how to make me feel special. God bless that man for dealing with my emotionally unsound moments. I even wrote him this mushy gushy love letter this week. He's the best.

7) When I need a morning pick-me-up, I just watch this video and die laughing. Like pee your pants/I can barely hold it/I should be wearing Depends uncontrollagble laughter. Click on it, and try to not even smirk... I dare you. Impossible.


What confessions do you have, loves?

Looking forward to jumping around to all the blogs today! Wishing all of you a weekend of fabulousness! After all, we working girls deserve it, right? Word.


  1. That video is AWESOME! New fave!

  2. April - Haha, isn't it adorbs? Absolutely love it and glad it made you smile!! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Oh my goooodness! Love the video! Just sent it to my mom and bf. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I am 100% with you regarding my planner, I HATE missplacing it. I need it to keep me sane!

    Isn't it great when BFs are amazing! I <3 my too!

    Happy friday! xoxo

  5. That video was suuuuper cute! Definitely put a smile on my face.....and it reminds me of me dancing when that song comes on too lol

  6. That baby is hilarious! The small things in life.

  7. I love that baby video. I found it a few months ago and it reminds me of how carefree life should be...whenever I'm feeling down at work I just put on my headphones and dance along!

  8. i LOVE that lacey top from PLL's page... i think you should get it ;)

  9. That video is hilarious! I just forwarded to all of my friends! Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  10. I loved that top PLL showed too, so pretty! I, too, have been embracing my messy hair lately. I just got it done though, so maybe that'll encourage me to do it more! :)

  11. SO glad you're embracing messy hair! work it girl! and all i want to do these days is SHOP too..such a sickness haha!

    xx Kelly


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