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March 29, 2012

Today's Snapshot

One more day, folks! Just one more day!
I couldn't be more ready for a nice weekend in Wichita this weekend with Adam and my family. Should be filled with many of our favorite people!

In other news, I really enjoyed answering all of your questions yesterday and could relate to many of your wonderful comments - love you all! If you missed it, check it out here... so questions made me blush! :)

On to today...

{ Here's a little snapshot... }

{ Weather }
It's been completely gorgeous this week, but today the rain has set in. You won't find me complaining though, rainy day are my absolute fave!

{ Drinking }
Coffee. I am notorious for getting a hot cup of joe in the morning and sipping on it all day - I love it cold! My mom thinks that's totally gross, but I love it.

{ Listening }
Florence + the Machine. Cannot. Get. Enough.

{ Eating }
Lunch!! I'm starving already. Turkey and hummus sandwich on whole grain bread, sunchips, apple. Yummm.

{ Wearing }
Well lately the office has been freezing, even though it's in the 70s outside. So, I'm wearing my favorite dark wash skinny jeans from The Limited and my lightweight boyfriend sweater from the GAP (surpirise, surprise...). Love those stores!

{ Feeling }
Sleepy! We did a sushi bday dinner for our dear friend, Sean, last night, then saw 21 Jump Street (which was completely hilarious!!). I got home at 11:30 p.m. and crashed. Let me just say that the 7 a.m. alarm was ride awakening this morning.

{ Wanting }
I would love to have a little extra shopping money! So many cute dresses, skirts, flowy spring tops, swimsuits, and jewelry that I'm in love with. BUT, alas, I am not allowed. I have put myself on a spend free diet until all the weddings die down in the next 2 months. *sigh*

{ Needing }
I'm in desperate need of some new running shoes! My life was changed last year when I went to the custom running shoe store, where they watch you run, check out your old shoes to see where they wore down, and recommend the perfect shoe.

I felt like I was running on fluffy clouds after I bought new shoes last year, but with all the miles I've put on them... I'm well overdue for shoes that aren't broken down!

{ Thinking }
I can't wait for date night tonight! I'm heading to Zumba for a good workout, then Adam and I are going to make breakfast for dinner... brioche french toast, eggs, fruit, and bacon from the fresh farmer's market downtown. Yumm. Looking forward to snuggling and being lazy after dinner, maybe some board games will show up!? :)

{ Enjoying }
I love quiet days in the office. Not too many people here, my phone isn't ringing off the hook, and minimal e-mails. It feels good to be able to breathe and get things down in a more laid back atmosphere. Love it.


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What does your snapshot look like today?

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  1. Let me know what running shoes you get and if you like them! I have super high arches (dang dancer's feet!) so finding good running shoes seems impossible (in fact, right now I have blisters on the arches of both feet because they awkwardly only half touch the shoe when I put pressure on my foot).

    I love quiet office days too! Two weeks ago was Spring Break, and everybody was out except for me and our office assistant. I loved it because I never had to wait for the copier, I was able to get all of my work done without my (slightly annoying but well-meaning) office mate, and I could listen to Jim Dale reads Harry Potter without having to use my headphones. #Winning

    :) Happy Thursday Meg! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I just love this post. Makes me feel like we're girlfriends just chatting about our day. One day, maybe, we'll live in the same city and we'll actually get to do that :) Happy (almost) Friday, my dear!


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