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March 15, 2012

Photos + Concert + Random Recap

Bonjour, my loves!
Happy Thursday to you all! As many of you who follow me on Twitter know, Thursdays are always one of my favorite days of the week. Why? DATE NIGHT!

Yes, tonight is date night, and Adam threw out a great idea to try a mom and pop Italian restaurant that we've heard nothing but great things about... so excited! Is it 5 p.m yet?

Also on my happiness list... today is the first day of the NCAA tournament. The reason why this makes me happy, is every year Adam starts growing his "winter beard" in October and it lasts until sometime in March.

Although I think he looks ruggedly handsome with his facial hair, I miss his face! He made me a deal saying as soon as K-State loses in the tourney, his sweet baby face will return! :)

On to the randomness...


{ Random Recap }

1) On Sunday afternoon I made this Strawberry Bread recipe and substituted the sugar and oil for honey and greek yogurt. It turned out to be tasty, but definitely less sweet.

{ Love my Anthro teacup measuring set! }

2) Sunday night, we had tickets for the Ben Rector/Needtobreathe concert. I have to admit that our sole reason in buying tickets was to see Ben again! That being said, we had a great time visiting The historic Midland Theater, even though it was rainy and chilly while we waited in line. Don't I look cold and a little rained upon?

{ Adam likes to make silly faces in almost every photo we have... }

3) Last winter/spring I was put on steroids to ease the symptoms of my autoimmune disease. I gained 20 lbs. in 3 months. Now that all of my medical issues have been managed without steroids, I am finally starting to lose the extra lbs!!

As of today, down 6.2 lbs!! Soooo close to being down into the next "decade"! Join me for FREE on MyFitnessPal and we can do this together!

4) Yesterday, I bought the world's best/cheapest running tights (and they are reversible! Blue waistband on the other side!) and fitted dri-fit tops from Target! I was so excited, I decided to do an awesome 4 mile run after work.

I highly recommend both to any runners out there. The tights fit like a dream, and I loved how the dri-fit shirt stayed in place my whole run and was very breatheable! I may go back for more! ;)

{ C9 by Champion Reversible Running Knee Tights }

{ C-9 by Champion Seamless Short-Sleeve Shirt }

5) Well, attempted to run the whole thing. 2 miles into my run, Bella Beast stopped, passed out in the middle of the path, and didn't want to budge another step. So I carried her all the way home... and then finished the last 2 miles!

Not sure what happened to my 6 mile running companion went, but I have a feeling I'll need to build up her fitness again! ;) Slowly on my way to half marathon status!


How's your week going? Anything fun that you're excited about?

Do share!


  1. Oh goodness I need to try your strawberry bread recipe! That looks fantastic. I fell in love with it last year while doing my student teaching internship in a high school special education class. We started teaching the kids how to do daily living tasks such as wash clothes and cook, and by the end of the year they were making their own strawberry bread :)

  2. Good job on being down 6.2 pounds!

  3. My boyfriend does the same thing.. grows facial hair around sporting events, haha. Good job on the running & weight loss girl!

  4. I added you on myfitness pal! I just started so I can use all the friends I can get :) ouashlee

  5. Awww, dogs are just like people. They need to be conditioned too!
    I love those dri-fit shirts from Target. I need to look for the tights!

  6. I've recently started running again and it's suuuuch slow going! I love love love the Target Champion clothing though, so i'll check it out those tights when i'm in Madison next weekend...

    ...which is also the same weekend I'll be seeing Ben Rector (once again haha). Im so glad you share my love for Mr. Rector! Such fun fun fun shows!

  7. that strawberry bread sounds good, and yay for losing the weight! i know thats frustrating.

  8. congrats on your weight loss! and your half marathon training! that is awesome!!!


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