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March 9, 2012

Confessional Friday

Happy Friday, Y'all!
This is my first weekend back at home in several weeks and I'm looking forward to it! Although there are many fun things on the calendar, I'm looking forward to relaxing, maybe do a little cleaning and some sugar-free baking experiments (hello natural sweetners... is lent over yet? haha).

Meanwhile, I'm linking up to my dear friend Leslie's Confessional Friday over at A Blond Ambition... join the fun!

1) I am on the hunt for classy (not to be confused with cheesy) Easter/spring decor. Think Pottery Barn Easter for half the price. Granted, I haven't begun looking too hard, but you'd better believe I'll be scouring Kansas City this weekend to tranform mi casa. Help!

2) My mascara sucks. Let's just be honest here, why am I so incapable of buying a tube that will make my eye lashes lengthen, be clump-free, and goes on easily? I am desperate for suggestions, because I think I've reached my mascara serial-buying wits end here!

3) I am happy to say that I am down a whopping 5 lbs! Finally all of the clean eating and increased exercise is paying off! Going to be reaching a new "decade" soon, and I'm excited to wiggle back into my "itsy bitsy" jeans.

Join me on My Fitness Pal
- it's done wonders for me and it's free! Username: LifeofMeg

4) My apartment needs a facelift. I've been slowly working on those little chores like laundry and dishes, but this weekend, it's getting a spring cleaning/de-cluttering/spring decor overhaul! So ready... it's been a long time coming.

5) I am completely OBSESSED with The Hunger Games trilogy. I am not a girl who just picks up a book and can't put it down, but I breezed through The Hunger Games in about 2 days this week.

I was so excited about book 1, that I rushed to Barnes and Noble to pick up Catching Fire. Anyone else in my boat? If not, read it! You can write me a nice thank you card later! ;) Countdown til the movie release... 2 weeks!! Woop woop!

6) We're heading to see Ben Rector (for the second time) this weekend, and I couldn't be more excited. Adam bought us tickets months ago and I'm looking forward to an awesome date night out! Now if only I could figure out something to wear...

Not familiar with Benjamin? Let me introduce you to my favorite song of his and a special Whitney Houston tribute... love!


Wishing you lovelies a wonderful weekend! If you know any good tips/suggestions for my afore mentioned issues, please help a sista out!!

I'll be back Monday for a full weekend recap, including photos, following my Mingle Monday Weekly Blog Hop! Stay tuned...


  1. Ok, if you find the miracle mascara, please tell a sister!! I have the same problems.. Ugh!!

    And so pumped for your 5 lbs!! That app seriously works miracles.

    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  2. maybe try tjmaxx/homegoods for easter decor? i saw some there recently that wasn't cheesy.

    as for mascara... i use almay's get up and grow... i like it, but i'm not in love with it.

    good job on the 5lbs! i am trying to crack down this week... i lost 25 lbs last year, and want to lose another 20 or so... but i've plateaued and it is so much harder now!

  3. congrats on the 5 lbs! that is awesome! have a wonderful weekend meg!

  4. The best mascara ever, hands down, is Big Flirt from Kohl's. 12 bucks. It's the best makeup discovery I've ever made.
    ~ Lindy

  5. One of my fave mascaras is L'Oreal Voluminous and also Voluminous Million Lashes- love them both!

  6. Hi Meg! Thanks for commenting on my blog earlier. I saw we both just go ahead and buy ourselves the monogram necklaces and chalk it up to a 'blonde moment' if need be, ha! Okay, it looks like you've got several mascara suggestions, but I will add one to the list of "to tries" in case you need more: Maybelline Full & Soft. I have used it for years! It makes lashes look so long, but natural at the same time - never spidery and gross. People always ask if I have fake lashes! I am a Pottery Barn fanatic, but like you, don't want to break the bank. Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? If so, GO THERE! If not, I agree with Lori in trying TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. You guys are SO helpful! I cannot wait to test out all of these mascaras and report back with my fave! My eyelashes are going to look MESMERIZING! :)

    Love you all!

  8. Awesome job on your weight loss!! That is great! I agree with you... CLASSY Easter decor is so hard to find, post if you find some... I may be on the hunt up here in Minnesota too! :)

    I love your blog... I just found it today... adorable! :)

  9. I am a mascara snob! The best ones I have found after many, many dollars spent are Tarte- Lights, Camera, Lashes (its all natural and good for your lashes) and Too Faced- Lashgasam! They are both so awesome, Tarte for more of an everyday look and the Too Faced is super awesome, i usually wear it when I'm going out or dressing up!!


  10. You go girl with your 5 pounds!!! I'm in KC this weekend and I'm so bummed to not see Ben Rector.....he is honestly my favorite singer ever!!! Have a great weekend!!

    Claire @ Blue Eyed Blonde

  11. Hi! found your blog via leslie! i just love the confession posts! i did one as well! i use Lash Blast Mascara from cover girl! i loveeee it!!! i just started blogging, thought i'd stop by & say hello & sign up!

    Xo Kelly

  12. ok you have to try maybelline lash stilleto-hands down my fave mascara and so affordable!

  13. Hey! Found your blog on Leslie's confessional! Try bad gal lash. The stuff is amazing! Love your blog by the way! Have a great weekend!

  14. Hi Meg! Thanks for the comment on my Confessional Friday!! Congrats on the 5 lbs! The first few are the hardest, just keep at it. I am so on board with the Hunger Games! My husband's team is in the playoffs right now but I'm reallllyyy hoping to be back Stateside for the release of the movie. Which means we lose and don't win it all (which sucks) but hey, a girl wants what she wants! ha Happy weekend!!

  15. Hey there! Personally, I still love Great Lash by Maybelline (pink and green tube) but they have this new one called Great Lash Lots o Lashes, that is my ultimate fave!

    Good luck finding one!

  16. Love your confessions!! I'm also OBSESSED with the Hunger Games and can't can't wait to see it on the big screen :)

  17. I swear by Maybelline's Falsies mascara, it's amazing. Congrats on the weight loss, that's awesome!

  18. My fave mascaras are Maybelline Full n' Soft for everyday and Benefit's BadGal for going out. The Full n' Soft lengthens well without being clump-y, and the BadGal makes my lashes look thicker for a more dramatic look. Good luck!

    Never heard of Ben Rector, but that song is awesome! Hope you have a great time!

  19. Every time I run out of mascara, I buy a different brand or style just hoping it will be "the one". Some are better than others, but I haven't found the magical one yet! Good luck!

  20. Thanks for the sweet comment on my confession! :)

    So glad you stopped by, I love your sweet blog as well! Most definitely going to follow back.

    My fav mascara is the Maybelline Falsies mascara. It is awesome!!!

  21. Thanks for stopping over at my blog. I will def look into the spray tanning. I haven't been in a tanning bed for over 5 years because of the desire to be skin cancer free. Thank you for the reminder as to why I don't :) I love your blog!


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